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Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Review – Worth the Extra Mile

Yet another Vortex to make your head turn. Well, to be frank, your pockets will turn a sleeve too. When has a Vortex scope been described as costly – never! That’s doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. Vortex scopes are what you can call as cost-efficient – less money, better performance. Moreover, Vortex has the upper hand of being owned by a veteran himself. They obviously know their way in this ammo world. The mere fact that they are extremely popular is enough proof of this.

Moving on, the model we are going to dive into today is the Viper. Disclaimer: Vortex Viper isn’t cheap. It definitely will cost you a few bucks as it is priced even above the Diamondback. But trust me, it is worth a lot more than it is packaged for. That is what I mean by cost-effectiveness. Viper is a scope any professional hunter must shoot with at least once.

It has been custom made for high power rifles as well as to stretch a shot to a long-range. Further, it is a lot more evolved than other Vortex models – be it in terms of optical prowess or mechanical features. Viper has got it all. I guess that’s enough of beating around the bush. Now let’s dive deep in to the Vortex Viper hs-t 6-24×50 Review.

In a Nutshell

No time to spare? Don’t worry. Just brush through this section and you are good to go!

Smile Wide! Cause if you are in search of a high-end long-range scope then this Vortex Viper HST 6 24×50 is your guy! What attracts most buyers to this scope is its high-quality lens and accurate reticle. This optics is further powered and enhanced by features like Precision Glide Erector System, Precision Force Spring System, MAG-View Fiber Optics, Radius Bar, fast-focus eyepiece, and a side focus system. Further, the scope is strong, durable, and has a VIP warranty.

Watch Out! This scope is not what you can call as cheap. It is cost-efficient but is still priced at the higher end. Further, it does not have a First Focal Plane reticle.

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Review

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Review

Vortex Viper HS-T is the most versatile range you will ever come across. And I mean versatile in many mannerisms. To shart with, Vortex has efficiently combined the features of the Viper HS and Viper PST and thereby producing the Viper HS T. Yup, this is a Hunting Shooting Tactical scope. The best of the best in the market. Let us take a peek into what makes this scope worthy of all the spectacular reviews it has been receiving. Read on.


There are two factors which you must keenly look into when it comes to purchasing a good optics. These are – quality lens and precision reticle. Let us see how well our Vortex Viper HS T 6-24×50 ranks in these scenarios.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the working of scope would know that a big lens will add a lot of quality to the image viewing process. A big lens essentially means better light being transmitted into the lens. Better the light, better the brightness and sharpness of an image. On these terms, you are extremely lucky. This Viper is bestowed with an objective lens of diameter 50mm. This is as big as big can get.

Simply size isn’t enough. You need to have features that will ascertain that this light is efficiently used inside the device. This is where the coatings become important to the scope. The lens has XR lens coatings, meaning that the lens is fully-multi coated. These layers of extra coating act as an anti-reflective medium that interfaces the glass and the air. Hence, the light ray is utilized to its maximum.

Another component is the XD lens element. This adheres to low dispersion properties in a lens. Hence it contributes to better color fidelity and higher resolution upon viewing. For protection, the lens has a coating of ArmorTek. This is basically an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating that acts as insurance to your good quality lens. In essence, this lens is perfect in terms of brightness, clarity, and sharpness. That is great to start with!

Moving on, the next matter to consider is the reticle. This Viper scope has a VMR-1 MOA reticle. VMR-1 reticles are custom-designed for range estimations and better bullet drop compensation. In essence, a VMR-1 reticle will help you in keeping better track of your shot and hence improve your target aiming. Add to this MOA sub-tensions and you are good to go. MOA is generally considered as the standard unit or to be more clear – the easier one. MOA requires lesser effort and math homework in comparison to MRAD.

Thus the reticle is ideal for accurate target acquisition at even extended ranges of the shot. Further, this reticle is placed in the Second Focal Plane. This means that the image of the target does not alter following zooming. In essence, you get ideal sized images with perfect holdover and wind drift corrections. Perfect huh?

Range and Magnification

As evident as it is, this Vortex 6 24×50 Viper scope is versatile in terms of its range. The scope will let you shoot down targets in the medium and long-range. In fact, the 6-24x magnification will let you take your short farther than you would have imagined. The advanced reticle and lens keep the quality of such a long-range shot intact. So, you can extend your shots even yards further without any external worries,


Adjustments are not mere adjustments. They are features that keep the precision, accuracy, and functionality of your scope on top-notch. The first factor we have to mention here is the fast-focus eyepiece. I know, most scope these days have a fast-focus eyepiece for easier and advanced target acquisition of moving objects. But in this Vortex scope, you get to combine a fast-focus eyepiece with a MAG-View Fiber Optics and a Radius Bar. MAG View Fiber Optics is dedicated to the easy function of magnification. It gives reference points for our convenience of use.

The Radius Bar is dedicated to the functioning of the turret. These capped turrets are meant for fast and efficient windage and elevation adjustments. The Radius Bar adds to this by giving better tactile qualities to turret rotation.

In terms of maintaining precision, the Vortex Viper HST 6 24×50 has a Precision Glide Erector System and Precision Force Spring System. The former is concerned with the smooth functioning of the zoom/ magnification while the latter looks to ease of repetition of adjustments. The Zero Stop and Side Focus are also features of convenience.

The CRS orCustomisavle Rotation Stop helps to retrace to zero efficiencies and hold zero perfectly. The side focus turret on the left side of the reticle housing gives you the comfort of changing reading without having to take an eye off the target.


This Vortex Viper 6 24×50 HST is made of aircraft-grade Aluminium. Hence, there is no question of strength arising. The structure is basically a single piece tube of 30mm diameter. A tube of 30mm diameter means that there will be an ideal space for advanced internal adjustments. Further, a single piece tube enhances the alignment of these internal features thereby providing better strength, accuracy, and added waterproof quality.

The tube is purged with Argon as and is O-ring sealed. The former helps in making the scope fog proof while the latter makes it waterproof. In essence, the scope is weather resistant. Add to this the shockproof nature guaranteed by the strength and internal adjustments of the tube. Hence, you can use the scope for high power rifles with high recoil or force.

The scope has a hard-anodized finish. This acts as an extra layer of protection for the scope. Also, this matte finish helps in a glare-less existence thereby camouflaging the scope with the surrounding at the time of a shoot.

The scope weighs around 22 oz, which isn’t lightweight to start with. Well, it isn’t bulky either. It is a perfectly handy scope for any real-life hunting expedition. Further, the scope has an eye relief of 4 inches which is remarkable. With this eye relief, you can be well assured that no recoil force can hit you and burn your skin. Further, the scope is protected by Vortex’s VIP warranty.


Like most Vortex scopes, this one is also versatile in terms of its compatibility with rifles and mounting devices. The scope’s weight is ideal enough to make it compatible with both rings and rails. Further, the strength and shockproof nature make it compatible with low as well as high power rifles.


  • Big lens, better light
  • Fully Multi-coated with low dispersion
  • ArmorTek protection
  • VMR 1 MOA reticle for better range estimation and accuracy
  • Second Focal Plane reticle for ideal sized image
  • Versatile range
  • Precision Glide Erector System
  • Precision Force Spring System
  • MAG-View Fiber Optics
  • Radius Bar
  • Exemplary eye relief
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Side focus
  • Strong and Durable
  • VIP warranty
  • Water, Fog, and Shockproof


  • Not cheap
  • Not First Focal Plane

Vortex Viper PST or HST?

PST is slightly bulky in comparison to HST. PST weighs around 28 oz while HST lowers down to around 20 oz. Further, PST is available in both First and Second Focal Plane reticles. This is a crucial difference since most hunters would prefer First Focal Plane for long-range shooting. HST is available only with a Second Focal Plane reticle.


That’s it for the review of this versatile scope. If you are in search of an exquisite scope for your high power rifle and if you are dying to take your shot even farther than before, then please don’t hesitate. Rush to Amazon and get hold of the biggest deal. Bag the scope and you can thank me later. Well, what are you waiting for? Off you go now. Happy Hunting to you!

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