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Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 review: Your new favorite shooting scope is here!

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If you have been keeping up with my reviews then you know that I have reviewed a number of Vortex scopes over time. So let’s check out the Vortex Viper HS 4-16×44 Review.

All of these scopes have managed to fair well and rate pretty high in my books. I think that is because of Vortex’s commitment to producing the best quality products at an affordable and pocket-friendly price. It would be an understatement if I said that their optics have not been garnering some of the best reviews among the shooting community. If you have been using a Vortex product then I am sure you can attest to this.

In this review, we are going to be discussing the Vortex Viper HS 4-16×44 mm rifle scope. This is an all-new line of scopes and has some of the best shooting and hunting scopes. Once you get a Vortex you can not go back to something else. The scope is excellent and gives you quality performance. The features on this device and it’s retail price make this a virtually perfect purchase!

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile Wide! The Viper HS is a tactical, quick and precise hunting scope. It has a VMR-1 reticle, etched in the second focal plane. The device is completely multicoated and is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. It has a variable magnification of 4x to 16x and a parallax adjustment of 50 yards to infinity.

Watch Out! The device is virtually very good but can be a little heavy for those who are used to shooting with lighter scopes.

Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 Review

Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 Review


One of the most fundamental features of a scope is the reticle and the optics. I have reviewed a lot of scopes by now and we’ve seen some good reticles and we’ve seen some bad ones. But I have always said that good glass quality can take a long way. If everything on your device is great but not the eye piece, then it defeats the purpose of your purchase.

Vortex has been known to produce consistently good eyepieces. The Viper HS-T has some amazing glass clarity and clear image. Like in all Vortex optics, the glass in this optic is also fully multicoated. Now, the perk of having a multicoated lens is that it enhances your vision and the light transmission inside the scope. This also gives your optic low light dispersion, which is perfect considering that the reticle on the device is non – illuminated.

Talking about the reticle, the device features a second focal plane VMR-1 reticle. Although most hunting devices have a BDC reticle, the Vortex Viper HS-T has a VMR-1 reticle which is made to maximize your long-range hunting experience. It also enhances ranging abilities. The reticle helps you pick out an animal in heavy light or shadows which is what a good hunting scope does.

It also helps you to effectively find accurate holdovers, range, windage and elevation corrections and targets. The reticle has an amazing edge to edge clarity which is essential for any good long-range scope. The Viper HS-T also has a “no-frills” hashmark which is perfect.

The reticle also makes it very easy for you to track your target even when it’s moving. But this can vary on different magnifications. This does not mean that the scope is difficult to use or not good enough, it is. Tracking back to the illumination, the 50 mm objective lens in the scope is also instrumental in providing increased light transmission. The reticle also helps in the same.

It features good reflective quality and also increases visibility. The device gives you a 4-inch eye relief which is sufficient to withstand most guns’ recoil. The eye box is also more than enough for almost all shooting purposes.

Magnification & Range

As long as your rifle is in good shape, you throw the scope up, look through it, put it on a target and it is going to go show up everytime. The scope has a variable magnification of 4x to 16x zoom. If you ask me, this is perfect for a long-distance scope. The reticle in the scope also aids in closing in your game even if it’s moving.

The range of this cope is 800 yards but can be pushed to 1000 yards. Although it can be pushed ahead, the image clarity can also be seen to degrade. Like you would expect in a good hunting scope,the side focus parallax adjustment ranges from 50 yards to infinity.


If you have a Vortex scope then you probably know that these products have some of the best and easy to use adjustments. The turrets are tactical and bigger in size, so it’s easy for you to grab them and adjust. The turret adjustments on this scope use a precision-force spring system, making the adjustment settings predictable and smooth.

All you need to do is dial in the elevation setting and the CRS Zero Stop makes it extremely convenient for you to return the dial to zero. To make sure the turrets are tactile and easy to view, the settings have Radius Bar Fiberoptic roations indicator. All the turret adjustments are very smooth and simple. The elevation and windage adjustments are at 50 MOA each and each click is at 1/4 MOA.

The parallax adjustment ranges from 50 yards up to infinity and is on the left side of the scope. It also has marks on the dial. There is knurling on the knod which makes it easier for you to get a good grip without having to put a lot pf pressure. Like I said, the adjustments are smooth and this also applies to the parallax. The magnification dial is behind and is tactical. It is important for the settings to be precise so that you don’t experience any issues when you are on field. Overall this scope is short, light, crystal clear and bright.

User Friendliness

Let’s start with the build of this scope. Like any other Vortex scope, this one too has a 30 mm tube. The tube is argon filled and hard anodised with multicoated paint. This makes the aircraft grade aluminium even more durable. The device retails in a beautiful matte black with a wonderful finish. The finishing on the lenses maximize your vision clarity and decreases glare. The device is durable and pretty difficult to scratch. The product is also protected with Armortek protective coating. All the adjustments and lens overs have O rings seals on them. Making the product waterproof, fog proof, shock proof and scratch reistant.

The product weighs 20.8 ounces , which is a little heavy but for a scope of this stature, it’s not bad. The scope has an objective lens of 50 m and is etched on the second focal plane. The reticle on the scope is a VMR-1 reticle. Although it is not an illuminated scope, the large nature of the objective lens and the reticle make up for it. The light transmission in the scope is very good and works very well in daylight . Even in low light conditions the scope performs pretty well. The scope ranges up to 800 yards is perfect for your hunting needs.

Lastly, the iconic VIP warranty. Under this warranty, your product is covered for lifetime foe any repairs, malfunctions or defects. The warranty is also transferable so you don’t have to worry about it if you sell your scope.


The Viper HS is compatible with a variety os hunting and shooting rifles. Mounting the scope is also easy and does not require any struggle. You can also use a sunshade with the scope. The Vortex website will offer you more insight into the products that you can attach to the device and use.


  • Excellent Glass Quality
  • Good Clarity
  • High Variable Magnification
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Fog Proof
  • Highly Durable
  • Fast Focus Eye Piece
  • Smooth Turrets


  • The Weight Can Be a Little Heavy for Some Users
  • The Clarity of The Reticle May Degrade at Higher Magnification


Where are Vortex scopes mades?

Vortex scopes are designed in America but manufactured in Philippines.

Can this scope withstand recoil?

Yes, the scope can withstand recoil. It also gives you a generous eye relief of 4 inches.

What is an appropriate mounting system for this device?

You could utilize Picatinny rails to ount this scope. You could also use the Vortex Pro rings in medium size. Do check out this video about How to select riflescope rings and mounts to know more.


The device is an all rounder, to say the least. It caters to all your shooting applications and will not disappoint you. If you’re in search for a good, affordable scope, then you’ve found your fit. To say the least, the features in this product are all really well engineered and constructed. If you’re looking for something different, why don’t you check out our in-depth review on Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50, you’ll love it. Durability and reliability, are synonymous with the Vortex promise. If I had to rate this product, I would give it a solid 10/10.