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Vortex Strike Eagle vs Primary Arms 1-6

Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6

Vortex Strike Eagle vs Primary Arms 1-6

Vortex is one of leading fabricators to pivot the selection of most reliable and high-in-quality products that pave in tough competition for the fellow manufacturers out there. There are some superior products from Vortex that propose competition with each other, including the strike eagle and primary arms. In this section, you will come across the distinction between Vortex strike eagle and primary arms 1-6. While you are going to spot multiple differences in there, the purpose of using them plays a major role in determining which one you should pick. 

Overall: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6

vortex strike eagle vs primary arms 1-6

Made from the stiff aluminium and finished with anodized chisels, this one is easy on weight and possesses a promise of durability along. When it comes to no hunch of fuss and a persona that offers you resilience, Vortex Eagle makes sure it appears on the list and strikes your mind. 

This scope is well-bathed in the ruggedness if you come to the way it is infrastructured. It is housed in the qualities like shockproofing, so you don’t have to pass through second thoughts in case of vibrations. When you want to index it to zero, it makes sure to get the task done fastly with capped turrets which also brings the relief of protection. 

Eagle Strike scope comes with a fast-paced and determined field of view and it has got your back with the comfort of your eyes. It helps with an unbothered targeting and allows you to commence operations, standing tall during opposing weather conditions. 

Standing tall on versatile nature and incredible speeds, Vortex Strike Eagle comes with multi-coated optics and the second focal plane reticle which helps in target acquisition.


  • Vortex Strike Eagle scope features multiple coatings. 
  • It offers waterproof capability along with resistance against shock and fog.
  • The capped turrets ensure easy resetting. 
  • This scope is made from strong aluminium and is hard-anodized, checking off the resilience factor.
  • The resticle can be lighted for low-light settings.
  • It features a second focal plane reticle that helps in fast targeting.
  • It makes a great option in light of versatile features and amazing speeds.


  • It comes at high cost.
  • It certainly is one of the heavier ones in the selection of best scopes.

Overall: Primary Arms 1-6

The Primary Arms 1 6 scope is made from hard-anodized aluminum alloy and is adorned with a matt finish. It comes with a second focal plane reticle which offers precise scaling and accurate targeting in the range of up to 300 yards. 

You will find the lenses enhanced with multi-coating which powers it to resist any stresses and scratches.The comforting part about this scope is that it is studded with 11 options in brightness settings. This option expands the realm of using this scope for its ability to work up to different hours of the day. 


  • This scope has capped turrets, providing ease.
  • It offers 11 options in brightness settings that make it convenient to work through any hour of the day.
  • It is waterproof and works by one CR3032 battery. 
  • The lenses in this one are multi-coated.
  • It is capable of combating foggy stress. 
  • Made from high-grade aluminum, this one is injected with robustness.
  • This low-profile scope comes with the warranty for lifetime and offers features  affordable cost.


  • Users may not be able to have satisfaction with accuracy with reticle.

Comparison: Vortex Strike Eagle VS Primary Arms 1-6


Realizing the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Primary Arms scopes identical is far easier a task than comparing them. When it comes to the first-impression factor, it is safe to say that Primary Arms scope appears to be less appealing as compared to the Vortex Strike Eagle scope and it is far behind in the terms of pricing as well which explains everything. So, if you are looking for a scope to function under your budget and of course, by keeping up with the super quality then Primary Arms is the one made for you. 


Okay, adjustment part is something to definitely watch out for if you are into comparing the Vortex Strike Eagle and Primary Arms scopes. You will find the elevation adjustments in the Vortex Strike Eagle slightly different than Primary Arms and there is certainly the difference in eye-relief as well. 

You will experience consistency in the comfort that Vortex Strike Eagle provides which thus, eliminates the requirement of frequently adjusting the settings. If you are expecting this in the Primary Arms, there will be a pang of disappointment as it does not feature this offer. Moreover, you will have to jiggle here and there to have the vision.

Apart from that, you will find the goodness of quality in terms of wind and elevation adjustments in the feature-packed Strike Eagle scope which prevails slightly less in amount when it comes to the elevation and windage in the Primary Arms. 

Weight and Size

For some users, the weight and size factor can be the prominent one to impact the decision. In the light of which, we have the Vortex Strike Eagle comes with a 0.1 mm length and 1.50z weight that gives a bulkier and longer body. 


It is always interesting to see what any scope has got in its store when it comes to the reticle. Comparing the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Primary Arms 1 6 scopes, there is a glint of difference to look at. The Strike Eagle comes with an AR-BDC reticle while the Primary Arms scope carries ACSS which gives some space for differences in the type of shooting. 

On one side we have the Strike Eagle scope with the capability of allowing you to fulfill tactical purposes and distance shots. On the other hand, the Primary Arms scope makes a perfect option if you are willing for some close shooting and speedy target acquisition. 


Then there comes the sector of the amount of power each holds. Both scopes, the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Primary Arms are powered by a single CR2032 battery, powering the illumination in both. In Strike Eagle you will find a storage space under the windage which can be used for a spare battery and the power in Strike Eagle comes with the power that can last up to 150 hours alongside the lifetime warranty. So, that just sounds like a bonus to count on. 

Lens Coating

Both, the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Primary Arms 1 6 come with lenses that are protected with multi-coating features. To be real, there is nothing precise on details when it comes to making of the Primary Arms scopes. But thankfully, the Vortex Strike Eagle lays down some words in concern with its multi-coated lens and the anti-reflection functionality. 

When it comes to the objective lens diameter in both these scopes, the superior-grade Vortex Strike Eagle scope outperforms the Primary Arms. However, both scopes feature 30mm tubes and 24mm objective lens which makes them appear to be similar without any argument.

Performance and Quality

If you are someone who’s looking for the best scope among the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Farm Arms scopes, you would certainly not skip the part where the calculation of quality life these two provide is made. Both scopes come with their own prowess when it comes to usability, but how reliable and durable of promises do these two scopes make matters a lot. 

The Vortex Strike Eagle comes with a speedy re-indexing and you get to enjoy the fast focus eyepiece in this scope which is simply comforting to know when it comes to setting the focus and quickening the shoot. Then there is the Primary Arms scope that does offer comfy features like windage, target acquisition and bullet drops that make operations easy, but the fast re-indexing part in Strike Eagle goes a mile or two ahead of the Primary Arms.


While scopes the Strike Eagle and the Primary Arm 1-6 are almost similar in terms of sizes, length, weight, tube size and lens diameter and not to mention, both low-profile scopes are engineered powerfully enough to go on a long run with you, there is nothing really detailed on the construction of the Primary Arms. 

Well, both figures give a clear idea on the construction department. Whether there is dust or snow, or the conditions look deluged, you need not to fret about the tolerance the Vortex Strike Eagle and Primary Arms 1-6 hold. Yes, they both have a wand of waterproofing and the ability to have a face-off with fog as well. 

While that is a wonderful aspect of using either of these scopes, the Eagle Strike has its steps slightly ahead. The recoil, here, remains safe with shock proofing which makes it possible to not be influenced by any uninvited movement or stress on the units.  

Apart from that the anodized aluminum body handles the glare with grace. Thus, users can easily count on it when it comes to the comforts of eyes and focus whole-heartedly on hunting practices. 

Optical Comparison

There is denying in the fact that there is definitely an experience to call worthwhile when it comes to optics. Take any scope, the Vortex Strike Eagle or the Primary Arms 1-6, both offer a relief of amazing optics experience with six zoom levels. 

But again, we have Strike Eagle with, again, its steps way ahead of the Primary Arms. If compared to its fellows out there, Vortex Strike Eagle comes with a higher vision range standing between the lowest and the highest settings. 

While both scopes feature a reticle that makes a solid companion to help in precise targeting for the user, the Strike Eagle has an reticle with etched glass. This feature has an impression of elaborated design. 

Above anything else in terms of optics, the lenses come with an unwavering assurance. Both of the scopes feature multi-coating on their lenses which allows a path for a calculated amount of light to hit your eyes. Making things easier for targeting. However, Strike Eagle has a stiffer lens, decent enough to combat the fuss. 

In a Nutshell

Yes, it is evident that both scopes offer super qualities but there still is some say in fibble chances of the Primary Arms 1-6 facing off the Vortex Strike Eagle. It is interesting to see where the actual distinguishment hides.
The Primary Arms 1-6 is easy to use, precise, robust along with an enhanced performance and thus it makes a perfect option for tactical use. So, to fulfill just about the hunting practices, the Primary Arms make a good option.

But when it comes to the war-grade purposes then the Strike Eagle is way better a choice, hands down. For that, you can count on its sturdy and efficient characteristics and the reliability it works up to.

You, yet, are not to be blamed if you are still rampaging around confusion. It is a bit complicated to finalize one and this is where, hops in the major difference between these two scopes- price.

Defining the contrast between the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Primary Arms 1-6 scopes, the pricing is something to watch out for. The Primary Arms come at a cheaper cost as compared to the Strike Eagle. Period. 

Final Words

Summing up, our final words remain by the purpose you are going to use these scopes for. If you are looking for more to add to your cart, then buying Primary Arms will certainly help in saving up for that. But if you are looking for a featured-in-details scope, then the durable and the reliable Vortex Strike Eagle is the one for you. Take your call.