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Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 Review – As Versatile As It Can get!

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Are you ready to have your mind and target blown? Then let’s check out Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 Review.

Brace yourselves, because this scope is going to make your dream shot come true. Well, there is not much of a surprise here since Vortex has within it the power to exceed our expectations. Vortex does have the reputation of being an efficient, affordable, and trustworthy scope producer.

My association with Vortex was initially spearheaded by its cost-effective nature. But with time, I have come to realize that this brand offers a lot more than what most of us have been able to tap. Though they do not aim at providing the high-end advanced features, Vortex provides this perfect mix of efficiency in performance and cost-effectiveness. I think that is enough of beating around the bush. Let us look specifically at what this Strike Eagle has to offer to the ammo world.

This particular model is aptly named after an eagle. Once you experience the speed and accuracy of this scope, you won’t ever doubt as to why it is named so. The model is a must-have for professional hunters as well as sportsmen who wish to tackle down that fast-moving target and maybe bag a few trophies and medals for oneself. It is lightweight, accurate, fast, and highly efficient.

Vortex has also made sure to emphasize more on versatility through the Strike Eagle. So, this one scope will fulfill a lot of needs for you. It is definitely an all-rounder. Let us move on to a detailed review.

In a Nutshell

In a rush? Just brush through this section for an overall idea.

Smile Wide! Cause this scope is definitely a dream come true. What attracts most people to the Vortex Strike Eagle is its clear lens, sharp reticles, and overall efficient optics. The 50mm lens with fully multi-coating and XD features along with the EBR 4 MOA reticle with illumination and glass etched readings are what I am talking about.
The strength, durability, fast-focus eyepiece, tactical-style turrets, and VIP warranty are merely added features. An equally attractive feature is the affordability or what I would like to call as cost-effectiveness.

Watch Out! Cause this scope might be a tad bit bulkier than you imagine it to be. Further, the eye relief could have been better in comparison to other models.

Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 Review

Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 Review

The model we are in to look into is the Strike Eagle 4-24×50 scope. This is one model that checks most of the must-have categories in your wishlist. And it isn’t overpriced. I wouldn’t say cheap but it is definitely cost-effective. This scope has a clear optics, versatile range, quick target acquisition, remarkable precision, and is also durable in terms of strength. Dont believe me? Read on for a detailed dissection of Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 mm Riflescope. Thank me later!


The first thing you must look for in any scope is the optics. This will determine – to a large extend – the clarity, sharpness, and accuracy of your shot. On these grounds, we are really lucky because this Vortex Strike Eagle has an optical lens of diameter 50mm. This is not just good but legendary. A big lens would mean better light transmission prowess. So, a lens of 50mm would mean that you can shoot with a clear target even if it is a dimly lit surrounding.

The lens will ensure that maximum light rays are absorbed into the device. Beyond that, the scope has features to ensure that the light transmitted in is utilized and put to good use. One such feature is the lens coating.

The scope we have here has a fully multi-coated lens. This means that the scope is fully coated with multiple layers in order to ensure that the light rays are intact and hence utilized to its optimum. The lens is also provided with XD lens features – meaning low light dispersion features. Here, the lens ensures better light dispersion, color fidelity, and also higher resolution of images.

So the image you get will be clear and sharp. That is undoubtedly the first step towards getting that perfect shot you have always dreamt of. In fact, most customers of this product have appreciated the ‘clear glass and low light shooting’ feature so much so that this scope is often known on the basis of its optical prowess.

The second significant step is the accuracy and precision of your shot which is intensified by your reticle features. I am not saying that your shot completely depends on the reticle – but yes, it does have a huge say in it. The scope we have has an EBR 4 MOA reticle. This is essentially designed to improve long-range shots. These EBR or Enhanced Battle Reticles gives primary priority to range estimation and windage and elevation corrections.

Also, these scopes make it easier for you to track moving targets. Within the EBR feature, there are four models and the one we are dealing with is the fourth variant of it. The EBR 4 MOA is bestowed with hash marks. The sub-tension lines are efficiently manipulated to take over ranging, windage, and holdover revisions. An advantage of this reticle is that the hash marks are etched on the glass.

This way, the aimings will be much more accurate and easier to attain even in low light situations. The reticle has another added advantage – illumination. If you think that the lens size, coating, and glass etched markings were enough to ensure low light shooting, then you are in store for some surprise. This Vortex Strike Eagle is bestowed with an illuminated reticle thereby making it possible for you to shoot in low lighting. So, this EBR 4 MOA reticle will make dawn, dusk, and night your faithful companions. Note that this efficient reticle is placed in the Second Focal Plane – meaning, reading your reticle will become much easier and less of a professional-oriented task. Cheers on that.

Range and Magnification:

Another feature often praised is the range. This Vortex Strike Eagle has a versatile range. The scope has a magnification span of 4-24x. It is quite evident what this means. If not, let me spell it out for you all. This scope can efficiently tackle short, mid, and long-range shooting. The second focal plane reticle is a specialty for short-range shots. That is, the scope will ensure efficiency and ease at low magnification for close-range target acquisition.

Yet, the reticle is keenly constructed for long-range shots, as evident from the features of the EBR 4 MOA reticle. Well, that is what I would like to call a good deal. The reticle is further good for ranging estimations. So, in short, what more do you even need?


If you think optics are the only basic elements of scope then you are clearly wrong. The adjustments that maintain the reticle and ranging features are as essential to the scope as any other.

To start with, let me add a feature that will make you drool all over – a fast-focus eyepiece. I know, I know! Fast focus eyepieces are quite common now. So what is the big deal here? Well, have you tried mixing a reticle and lens (as potent as the one mentioned here) with a fast focus feature? Trust me when I say that you are in for some big surprise. A fast-focus eyepiece will essentially allow you to have a quick rip over the reticle focusing thereby making the whole act easier to deal with.

The next feature is the tactical style turrets. These capped turrets are highly efficient when it comes to re-indexing the windage and elevation turrets to zero. The scope zeroes in perfectly well. Also, the capped turret helps in locking the device. This way you need not worry about accidentally pushing your turrets and changing the measurements. Neat! These tactical style turrets will ensure the ease of changing target in the midst of a shooting expedition.


The structure of scope is what determines, to a large extent, the durability and longevity of a scope. To start with, our Vortex Eagle is made of aircraft-grade Aluminium. This ensures strength and rigidity. This structure is in the form of a single 30mm tube. While the single tube structure provides the utmost strength, the 30mm diameter of the rube makes sure that there is more than enough space for internal adjustments. In essence, the scope becomes more and more efficient and strong. Further, the scope has a hard-anodized finish. Such a matte layer helps in keeping you camouflaged since no additional surface glare is produced by the scope.

The scope is nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed. The former makes it fog proof and the latter waterproof. In essence, the scope becomes weather resistant and hence guarantees much more reliable performance. The scope is also shockproof. The 3.5-inch eye relief adds to the reliability and safety of the scope. This way you need not worry about accidentally gifting yourself a scope eye. Also, makes it easier for you to use high-caliber rifles.

Further, Vortex has bestowed this Strike Eagle scope with its VIP Warranty. This Very Important Promise that Vortex assures includes repair and replacement options on structural and workmanship defects. If a company is giving you promises rather than clauses, then I will place my trust upon their integrity – no doubts asked.


This Vortex Strike Eagle has had multiple strategic uses and benefits – of which one is its versatility. The scope can handle high and low-end rifles and maintain its rigidity even at the hand of hard recoil. Hence, it is compatible with most rings and rails. Nevertheless, in terms of use, this scope has become quite popular within competition arenas. The long-range prowess does add a lot to this recognition.


  • 50mm objective lens for better light absorption
  • Fully Multi-coated lens for light retention
  • XD features for color fidelity and high-resolution images
  • EBR 4 MOA reticle specially designed for long-range estimations
  • Illuminated reticle
  • glass etched hash marks
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Tactical style turrets
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Shockproof
  • VIP Warranty
  • Affordable


  • Can have better eye relief
  • Is a bit bulky


What kind of battery is used for Vortex Strike Eagle?

Usually, a CR2032 battery is used for this scope. This is mostly available as an additional accessory with this Vortex scope.

To see the accuracy and turret test click here


There does my review of this remarkable scope. Well, what are you waiting for now? It is definitely time for you to head to Amazon and check the best deals on this scope. I promise you that this beast of a scope won’t let you down, Off you go now. Do check our in-depth review about Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24, some may find it more enticing.

Happy Hunting!