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Vortex Optics SPARC Gen 2 VS Sig Sauer SOR52001

Vortex Optics SPARC Gen – 2 VS. Sig Sauer SOR52001

If you are into the sport of hunting, this article might prove to be a boon for you. It is no secret that hunting is a clever sport. It requires a handful of patience and skill, along with good quality tools. Optics play a major role in enhancing your hunting experience. Choosing the right optic accessories will instantly elevate the hunting experience. The question lies, out of hundreds of products and accessories available in the market, which one you can choose to get the best results. Here, we compare every little nitty-gritty of two good quality optic accessories that are quite similar. Both of the dot sights are quite similar to each other at first glance. But let’s look into the details like magnification, structure, adjustments, and much more. Comparing important features will help to decide on which one you can consider buying. 

Overall – Vortex Optics SPARC Gen 2

Vortex Optics SPARC Gen – 2 brings a lot of exciting features that attribute to its highly functional nature in the hunting realm. The impressive settings and features of this red dot sight like durability and flexibility will not disappoint you. 

It is quite compact yet packed with incredible features that allow you to focus on nearby objects. The 2 MOA of Vortex Optics SPARC Gen 2 allows you to pinpoint of in close proximity and also gives accuracy for farsighted objects. 

With regards to the performance of the red dot, it allows 12 different illumination settings that can be used as per convenience and suitable conditions. This attributes to its adaptability in every situation and versatility for accomplishing multiple needs. 

The mounting options can be changed by removing 4 screws with the help of a screwdriver which is a very easy and simple task to carry out. Reinstall the base clam and the dot sight without installing the shim to change the mounting option.  

The co-witness of Vortex Optics Sparc Gen 2 is ever so slightly higher than Sig Sauer SOR52001. 

In terms of the look and durability, it is highly sleek and camouflaging. Just as an ideal red dot sight, it has a low-gloss surface and a highly durable hard coat for protection during extreme conditions and compromising the environment. 

Overall – Sig Sauer SOR52001

Now that we have covered the main points of Vortex Optics SPARC Gen – 2, It is time to weight out its competitor – Sig Sauer SOR52001. The Sig Sauer is a renowned company that has a top-notch range of optics. It keeps on improving the existing technologies to set a higher benchmark each time. 

The Sig Sauer SOR52001 has many noteworthy features. It is used for multiple purposes like military, hunting, airsoft, and tactical. The wide range of features it provides makes it fit for multiple niches. 

 SOR52001 almost has similar properties when compared with Vortex Optics SPARC Gen – 2. This red dot sight has MOTAC. MOTAC  refers to Motion Activated Illumination that illuminates when it senses any motion and switches off when there is none. This one notable feature that helps in retaining the battery for a long time. 

The impressive and sleek-looking trapezoid structure not only provides an edge to the look but also serves a great purpose. This can be found in all Sig Sauer electro-optics. 

It is important to note that when comparing Vortex Optics SPARC Gen – 2 and Sig Sauer SOR52001, both have 2 MOA red dot. 

If you are looking for specific comparisons in terms of optic details, weight, and other features, let’s dig in to find which one wins the battle. 

Both Sig Romeo 5 and Vortex SPARC are neck to neck when it comes to specificity. However, some minute details and adjustments will play a key role in deciding which one is better than the other. 

Optics Comparison 

Optics are a crucial part of red dot sight. It becomes extremely crucial to assess the optics before buying any dot sight. The lens clarity of Sig Romeo 5 meets the satisfactory par and is good in terms of attaining a clear picture. It does not create a greenish tinted reflection which makes it very clear for the hunter to look into the dot sight. 

The reticle is 2 MOA and the reticle color or dot color is red. Red dot color with a balanced reticle size of 2 MOA is a perfect combination to aim at any target. It is not too large to distract the viewer, or even too small to not make any difference. Sig Romeo 5 passes the test very well. 

Now, Let’s compare Vortex SPARC with Sig Romeo 5 with regards to optics. This apple doesn’t fall too far either. Vortex SPARC has similar optic fundamentals to Sig Romeo 5. It becomes a tough competitor of Sig Romeo 5 with the same specifications like 2 MOA and red reticle color.

Range and Magnification

Range and Magnification are the two virtues to look at in detail while buying a dot sight. 

Both Vortex SPARC and Sig Romeo 5 have excellent optics that are almost similar concerning magnification. Both possess 1X magnification which is quite impressive and useful. 

However, one little detail where Vortex SPARC excels is the range. Vortex SPARC is adorned with a 22mm objective lens diameter whereas the Sig Romeo 5 has a 20mm objective lens diameter. 

From these observations, we can infer that the Vortex SPARC provides a slightly enhanced range as compared to the Sig Romeo 5. 

Now that we have covered the very crucial optics section, let us move on to the other specifications which are equally important. 


While delving into the other specifications you will spot some minute differences. Needless, to say you will get many options and accompanying adjustments in both the dot sights. 

Vortex SPARC has unlimited eye relief along with 12 extensive illumination settings. This will help you to adjust your optic performance in any kind of environment and surroundings. It gives you the liberty of hunting anywhere without being held back by any limitations. 

On the other hand, Sig Romeo 5 lacks a bit as compared to Vortex SPARC. Sig Romeo 5 has the same unlimited eye relief, but it just provides 10 illumination settings. Out of 10 illumination settings, 8 are for daylight, and 2 are for night vision. Similarly, Vortex SPARC has 10 daylight settings and 2 for night vision. 

What Sig Romeo 5 lacks in illumination settings, it compensates it with other impressive features. It bears the MOTAC feature which means Motion Activated Illumination. This feature enables the dot sight to automatically turn off after 120 seconds of inactivity. 

This feature may seem simple but it reduces your need to push buttons every time you do not use your dot sight. It greatly impacts the battery life of Sig Romeo 5 by reducing unnecessary battery drainage when not in use. 

When we compare Vortex SPARC features to Sig Romeo 5 in terms of such features, the latter tips the barrel to its side with amazing features like MOTAC.

Windage Adjustment, Impact point correction, and Elevation adjustment. 

Vortex SPARC excels Sig Romeo 5 in all the three aspects above. It has 90 MOA windage adjustment, 90 MOA elevation adjustment, and 1 MOA impact correction point. Whereas, Sig Romeo 5 has ½ MOA impact correction point, 80 MOA windage adjustment, and 80 MOA elevation adjustment.  

Battery Life 

Further on digging some more specifications, we discovered that both the variants ie., Vortex SPARC and Sig Romeo 5  have decent battery longevity. Vortex SPARC has 50,000 hours on the highest settings and 700 hours on the lowest setting, which is not bad. 

The Sig Romeo 5 has 40,000 hours with no specifications about the settings. However, we assume that it is the average battery longevity in both settings. In that case, Sig Romeo 5 does not differ much from Vortex SPARC with regards to battery longevity. 

Sig Romeo 5 has a CR2032 battery and Vortex SPARC has a AAA battery. If you are a person who wants minimum hassle for battery replacement, Vortex SPARC will be your best bet.

 AAA batteries that Vortex SPARC uses are easily available in the market as compared to the CR2032 batteries of Sig Romeo 5. 

But if you are someone who wants to have a light weighted dot sight, CR2302 can be your option. It is less bulky and heavy than the AAA batteries. 


At first glance, a novice would feel there is not much difference in both the dot sights. Hence, here is a simple guide for you to differentiate between Vector SPARC and Sig Romeo 5. 

The Sig Romeo 5 has a trapezoid shape, which the company terms as  Stealth Id. It is inspired by the firearms range of the company. When it comes to strength and durability, you can easily rely on the Sig Romeo 5 because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that imparts utmost safety. Apart from the physical wear and tear which is taken care of by the aircraft-grade aluminum, the chemical degradation is avoided from its anodized coating. 

Vortex SPARC has more or less the same durability. Both the dot sights are fog-proof, shockproof, and water-resistant. You can best believe that both these dot sights can withstand any adverse climates and weather conditions during your hunting expedition. 


The compatibility of Sig Romeo 5 and Vortex SPARC has the same mounting compatibility which is Picatinny/ weaver. They do not differ at all when it comes to the mounting type. Picatinny mount is also known as Pic rail popularly. 


Now that we have discussed every specification in detail, it is time to weigh out the better option for each category. 

This summary will help you choose the best dot sight that suits your requirements. 

  • Foremost, the optic specifications of Vortex SPARC and Sig Romeo 5 are almost similar to each other. Both the variants have 2MOA and red color reticle. 
  • The Vortex SPARC has a slightly greater range than the Sig Romeo 5. However, the magnification is the same which is 1X. 
  • When it comes to structuring, both the variants share the same properties that are fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof. 
  • The Vortex SPARC comes with a lens cap to protect the red dot sight from scratches and damage. A protective lens cap can also be bought to protect the lens. 
  • Vortex SPARC HAS 12 illumination settings and the Sig Romeo 5 has 10 illumination settings. 
  • Sig Romeo 5 has an additional MOTAC feature which is really cool. It eliminates the need of pressing buttons and fidgeting on the gadget to turn it off. It also helps in conserving the battery.
  • Vortex SPARC has better sight adjustments than Sig Romeo 5 The difference is not. However, the magnitude of the difference is not much and can be negated. 
  • The Sig Romeo 5 as CR 2032 batteries which are less bulky. Vortex SPARC has AAA batteries which are heavier in comparison to CR2032 batteries. 
  • The overall weight of Sig Romeo 5 is just 5.1 ounce. Whereas, the Vortex SPARC weighs 7.5 ounces. 

These important points should help you decide the best option that is suitable according to your requirements. Both the dot sights are quite similar to each other in multiple aspects. You can choose to buy the dot sight which suits your usage the best.