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Vortex Golden Eagle Review: A grade for this F Class Scope!

If you are a seasoned shooter, then you probably know how challenging it can get to choose a suitable scope. If you are a novice, then choosing a scope is nothing less than a tedious task. You get a whole variety of scopes in different magnifications, illumination, reticles, durability, and quality. The brand associated with the scope also determines the quality of it. Now, we all know that one such company that fits the affordable and reliable category in Vortex.

Vortex was established and started in 2002 by an entrepreneurial couple. Today, the company has customers all across the globe and over 200 employees working for them. The company is often found synonymous with reliability, durability, and high quality. They have proved themselves over and over again with their assorted range of products.

In this Vortex Golden Eagle Review, we will be talking about the long-awaited and first of its kind Vortex Golden Eagle Riflescope. This is a premium Hd, target shooting scope meant for competitive shooting. The vortex golden eagle reviews since it’s release have been outstanding. Not only is this scope durable and precise, but it is also highly reliable and budget-friendly. Scopes of such high magnification and potential are often very expensive. Vortex has brought a scope that falls in an affordable price range and caters to all your needs.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile Wide! The Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60×52 mm riflescope is a fine target scope. The ECR-1 and SCR-1 reticles are etched in the second focal place. You get a 52 mm objective lens and a 30mm tube. There is generous eye relief, windage and elevation adjustment. The eagle HD lens is top-notch and perfect for long-distance shooting.

Watch Out! The image can get a little hazy at higher magnification because of lower light transmission.

Vortex Golden Eagle Review

vortex golden eagle review

In this review, we will be delving deeper into the features of this scope.


Talking about the optics, the Vortex Golden Eagle 60 x 52 riflescope is a target scope. This is Vortex’s first major target scope. Most Vortex scopes are tactical scopes. This scope has a 52 mm APO (apochromatic) objective lens. The bigger the objective lens, the better the light transmission. A larger objective lens also makes higher magnifications more useful. Now you must be wondering what an apochromatic lens is; an apochromatic lens is essentially a photographic lens. It has a better correction of chromatic and aberrations spheres and gives you a more vivid image.

The APO lens comes along with index-matched lenses. That is a substance that has a refraction close to that of the lens. The lenses are premium HD, giving you the sharpest image out there. The glass is also extra-low dispersion, ensuring you get that crisp sight of your field of view. The lenses are also XPR multicoated for maximum light transmission.

The large APO objective lens, HD clarity and XPR multicoating is all essential because this optic does not come with an illuminated lens. Most F class rifle scopes don’t come with illumination. Although those features make up for the lack thereof. The golden eagle has a crosshair reticle etched in the second focal plane (SFP). The second focal plane is particularly great for this target shooting scope because the reticle remains the same size and focused throughout magnifications. You don’t have to worry about losing your aim.

You also get a hashmark reticle option but most F class shooters opt for the crosshair reticle. The hashmark reticle is really thin on the reticle and not the most desirable ones.

Magnification & Range

Now, the best part of this scope is its magnification. As I said before this is the first Vortex target shooting optic and it has a vast magnification range. It has a very high magnification. The vortex golden eagle is a 200 metres comp scope. It gives you a power range of 15x to 60x. Throughout magnifications, the image remains clear and crisp. You also get to adjust the parallax according to your preferences. The parallax setting is at approximately 500 metres. The field of view of this scope is pretty vast, around 600 – 700 yards.

It is perfect for long-range shooting. The objective lens and all the other features of the optics aid in the magnification and range of this scope. This scope is meant for long-range shooting and won’t let you down on the field. All the other adjustment features also complement each other really well. The focus and precision of the scope is something that every F class shooter would want to have.


The vortex golden eagle not only has great optics and high magnification but also some sweet adjustments. The scope has target turrets, unlike the Vortex standard open tactical turret. These turrets also have a turn indicator on the bottom. The change in turrets changes nothing. The scope is still up to Vortex standards. You can set the parallax from the side turrets all the way from 20 yards to infinity. There is a lot of travel on the side of the scope for the parallax. This is important for F class shooters because they get to minimize parallax error completely.

These adjustments are easy to be done with extended travel. The 20 to infinity parallax setting is not marked so that you can set the focus by yourself when observing the image. The adjustment graduation is 1/8 MOA for both reticles. 10 MOA travel per rotation. A maximum of 55 MOA and 45 MOA elevation and windage adjustments.

User Friendliness

Beginning with the build of this scope. It’s not news that Vortex is one of the best in the market in terms of their product quality. Like other Vortex scopes, this scope is also f ultra quality and durability. The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminium and is multi-coated. The scope comes in a beautiful matte-finished black The scope is 16.1 inches in length and has a 30 mm tube which is filled with argon gas. This makes the scope fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. Overall, increases the durability of the scope.

This scope has a 52 mm APO (apochromatic) objective lens. The APO lens comes along with index-matched lenses. The lenses are also XPR multicoated for maximum light transmission. It comes with two reticle options: ECR- 1 MOA and SCR-1 MOA. Both reticles are top-notch in quality and clarity. This is ideal for competition shooters. You get an eye relief of 3.9 inches at maximum power.

The field of view is 6.3′ – 1.7′ at 100 yards. The weight of the scope is 29.7 oz. The lack of illumination and all the other features have been ingeniously put together to ensure that the scope is not very heavy. The Vortex Golden Eagle is lighter than majority F class shooting scopes. It has to be light because F class rifles are heavy. You don’t want a bulky and heavy set up, it’s not going o be a best fit on the field. Additionally, illumination is not required in these scopes.

The scope is designed to fit your needs while holding true to the Vortex promise. You get a set of metallic caps with the scope. These are made out of aluminium and are easily screwable because of the threads on this inside. You also get a small filter like aperture that you can attach to your lens. A sunshade comes along with these. It helps for when you are shooting in bright sunlight or under bright lights by filtering the light transmission. You also get a spare turret and an instruction manual. The manual contains some really useful information that will make your experience better.

To conclude, I certainly can not forget to mention the Vortex VIP unlimited unconditional lifetime warranty. Every firearm enthusiast knows that Vortex has probably the best warranty on the market. They’re unbeatable. Under this warranty, your scope is covered under any and all circumstances; a scratch, a broken lever or even a factory defect. No questions asked and no receipts or cards needed. Vortex has always prioritized their customers and that’s exactly what makes them stand apart from the rest.

This warranty is also transferrable, so if you were to ever sell it then you don’t have to worry about endless hassles, paperwork or having to spend an extra buck on the same. You get to enjoy all the amazing features of the long-range Vortex Golden Eagle with the ECR 1 reticle, worry-free!


The Golden Eagle HD scope is compatible with a whole range of F class rifles. You can also use this on long-distance shooting scopes. The rings you use to mount the scope depends solely on the rifle you are using and what is comfortable for you. You need to be able to line up when you place your head to the stock and take that clean shot.


  • Clear reticle with 2 options
  • Quality Optics
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Great construction and performance
  • Magnification
  • Price is lower than most other scopes of this type


  • The light transmission at higher transmission can get a little hazy sometimes.
  • Non F class users might not be comfortable with the lack of illumination.


Does the scope come with a sunshade?

Yes, the golden eagle HD comes with a sunshade and a lot of other useful additive features.

Is this an FFP scope?

No, this scope is a second focal plane (SFP) scope. The SFP perfectly complements the features of this scope and gives you the best possible experience.

Where is this scope made?

The vortex golden eagle HD scope is made in Japan.


The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 mm riflescope is an excellent target shooting scope. It has some incredible features and adjustments. Vortex has lived up to its name and delivered a good product, yet again. The features of this scope paired with the Vortex warranty is nothing short of a successful product. If you are an F class shooter looking for an affordable yet dynamic scope, your search ends here.