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Vortex Crossfire II vs Diamondback

Vortex Crossfire II Vs Diamondback

Have you ever thought why Vortex is so popular? Be it any model within the manufacturer’s arcade, Vortex has never failed its customers. This is only because of their ability to beautifully combine affordability and performance. Vortex will never leave a hole in your pocket, but it does guarantee a hole in your target. These scopes are user-friendly, efficient and most of all cost-effective. Not every model might be cheap. But all of them are worth the money being invested – or even more.

So, if all scopes are excellent then why are we even doing this comparison? Cause your needs and expectations of a shoot is different from any other hunters’. And also because each scope provides a different set of traits. You need to have your priorities sorted before selecting a scope that is the best fit for you.

Amidst all the comparisons that have been asked and answered, this one – Crossfire ii vs Diamondback – is the most popular. This might be mostly because the two are almost similar, except for a few features. And they are priced almost in the same range. Knowing that, let’s see which one is suited for your needs. Read on.

In A Nutshell

No time to spare? Just brush through this section and you are good to go.

Why Crossfire ii is made for you – It is cheap, efficient, and definitely a better choice for a beginner. The spectacular eye relief and the brightness enhanced optics make it an optimum choice for a beginner or an amateur. The only defect here is that the scope is not designed for effective heavy-duty, long-range shots.

Why Diamondback is made for you – It is cost-efficient, effective, and meant for heavy-duty hunting. The scope’s features like the advanced reticle, strength, and effective ranging make it suitable for professional on-the-go hunters.

What’s What?

So what are we dealing with here? Crossfire ii and Diamondback are similar yet customized for different kinds of hunters. But to know which is meant for you, we will have to take a small dip into the basic features of each one of them. Read on to know what Vortex Crossfire ii and Vortex Diamondback essentially offers to their users.

Vortex Crossfire ii

Vortex Crossfire ii is definitely the most popular as well as versatile model range. The fully multi-coated optics coupled with a fast-focus eyepiece will never give you worry about clear and crisp target acquisition. Crossfire ii is also known for its improved and advanced MOA turrets. Hence, precision and ease of use will never be a question. To add to the comfort, you et a convenient eye box and a really long eye relief.


  • Versatile ranging options
  • Better quality lens for better target viewing
  • A fully multi-coated feature which allows better light transmission
  • Fast-focus
  • Eyepiece for better target acquisition
  • Comfortable eye box with a really long eye relief
  • Effective adjustable features
  • Cheap – especially in comparison with other scopes of the same performance
  • Unlimited and Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Hash marks are not clear at all magnifications
  • Not fit for long-ranging

Vortex Diamondback

The first thing about Diamondback is that it promises much more durability and strength than any other scopes within the same range. Diamondback costs a tad bit more than Crossfire but it is definitely cost-effective if you consider other scopes within the given performance and price range. Diamondback has a high-quality lens with a fully multi-coated feature. The quality aluminum alloy and weatherproofing features along with a shockproof performance make the scope optimum for high power shots.


  • Promised strength and durability
  • Weatherproofing
  • Shockproof for high power shots
  • Quality optics with fully multi-coated feature
  • Effective ranging
  • Zoom and reticle features make it optimum for long-range
  • Cost-effective
  • Unlimited and Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


  • Short eye-relief
  • A bit complex for beginners to learn

Vortex Crossfire ii vs Diamondback Comparison

Let us now call both the champions into the battling arena. Read on for a detailed debate on what makes Crossfire distinct from Diamondback. Also, keep an eye out for the features that you need in a scope. Let us find out if you are a Crossfire person or a Diamondback person.


The first thing about optics that anyone looks for is definitely the size of the lens. A bigger lens guarantees better light transmission. If you compare the range of products within Vortex Crossfire ii and Vortex Daimbondback, it is evident that Crossfire ii offers more versatility with respect to objective lens size. In fact, we can also say that Crossfire gives better-sized lenses and hence better brightness for your image.

But Diamondback catches up with Crossfire in terms of clarity. Though both Crossfire ii and Daimnondbcak has a fully-multi coated feature, the reflective layers and clarity are a tad bit more advanced for Diamondback. So while Crossfire ii gets the medal for brightness, Diamondback grabs the medal for clarity.

Further, Diamondback has the upper hand of owning a better field of view in comparison to the Crossfire ii. But again, Crossfire proves itself by owning a fast-focus eyepiece. While the former is for ranging target acquisition, the latter is for quick target acquisition.

In essence, clarity and wide field of view go to Daimnondback while brightness and quick target acquisition go to Crossfire ii. Crossfire has one more added advantage – the longer eye relief. This is a plus point if you are looking for shots that require high recoil. So a comfortable eye box is something that Crossfire ii has an advantage with when compared to Diamondback.

Range and Manification:

Without a doubt, Diamondback is a better fit for versatile ranging. Dont get me wrong – both the models have ample versatility when it comes to ranging options. But if you look at the performance on the ground, Diamondback has an upper hand. This is because of the efficient turrets and zooming systems of the scope. Further, even the hash marks on Diamondback are better suited for pushing the range to its furthest. Hence, accuracy is promised, even at the highest magnifications.


At first look, Crossfire ii and Diamondback looks identical. In fact, in terms of the basic structural component and finest, they are identical. Both of them are made of a single tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. This is the strongest alloy you can et and hence both are equally efficient here. Both of them have an anodized finish for better protection. So there is very little to compare here.

Moving on to size and weight, Daimnondback is more preferred by most hunters. This is mostly because of the fact that Vortex Diamondback scopes are smaller and lighter than Vortex Crossfire ii. Crossfire ii comes at 13 inches while Daimomdback comes at 12 inches. It may be just an inch but for some serious hunters, this does make a difference. In terms of weight, Crossfire weighs around 17 oz while Diamondback does weigh only around 14 oz. This is a huge advantage for Daimndback because a heavier scope would affect not just the size and capacity of the rifle but also your speed in the shooting.


Before diving into durability, you must know that both these scopes are guaranteed by Vortex’s LifetimeWarranty. What does this mean? To start with you get unlimited and unconditional support for your Vortex products. This VIP Warranty is what Vortex defines as a ‘Very Important Promise’. This essentially means that Vortex will look after any repairs or replacements to your product – be it for structural or workmanship defects. Very few companies give you a promise in place of a condition. So trust these guys.

Nevertheless, the question is, will you be prompted to use the Warranty any time soon? Are these two models durable? In one word – yes! Both the scopes are weatherproofed as well as shock proofed. Crossfire ii is filled with Nitrogen and is O-ring sealed while Diamondback is filled with Argon as is O-ring sealed. Argon is a tad bit more efficient when it comes to weatherproofing. Nevertheless, both models are water, fog, and shockproof.

Moreover, both the scope are made of strong Aluminum and have an anodized finish. So there are no worries of breakage or damage to the structure.


There are three factors to consider here – the type of rifle that scope is suited for, the kind of hunting the scope will effectively function in and the experience of a hunter. Based on the aforementioned features, it is quite clear that though Crossfire ii and Diamondback have a lot of features in common. Their usage is quite specific to the conditions at hand.

If you take Crossfire ii, the long eye relief and the bigger lens makes the scopes the best fit for an amateur. Here, the scope cannot clearly handle high recoils as efficiently as Diamondback. Nor can it provide the utmost clarity at long ranges. But it does have good eye relief. Hence, the scope is suited for rifles that have a hard recoil – like maybe a sniper. So in terms of shooting scenario, Crossfire is the best fit for indoor or urban sniper shootings where the longer eye relief and better brightness will give you an upper hand at target acquisition.

Diamondback on the other hand is more fitted for an experienced hunter who has his priorities set right. Diamondback has an exceptionally good ability to handle the recoil. And it not much bulky. So it is best compatible with heavy-duty rifles. In terms of kind of hunting, you must remember that this model has a wider field of view and a better ranging quality. Further, the comparatively less weight and size make it more adaptable for carrying around. Hence, this scope can be effectively used by hunters who are on the go.


At one look, both the scopes might seem somewhat the same. In fact, many people would just look at the price and say that it is almost around the same range and hence the more priced one would work better. Remember that this is not the case. Each scope has features that make it suitable for certain kinds of situations. This is why this Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback is a must-read.

Essentially, Vortex Crossfire is a must-have if you are new to hunting or if you want to improve your sniper shooting skills. The big lens, unlimited brightness, fast-focus eyepiece, and long eye relief are its most celebrated features. No more worries about a hard recoil with this guy. And in comparison, Crossfire ii is priced lower than Diamondback – even if it is by a bit. But, if you are in search of the utmost clarity and a wider field of view for better ranging, then this scope is not for you. Neither should you look for comfort in terms of weight and size while buying this scope.

Moving on to Daimbondnack, it is a must-have for any on-the-go hunters who have their heavy-duty rifles ready to smash that target. The effective clarity, wider field of view, and better compatibility with heavy-duty rifles are what attract most hunters to this scope. But, the shorter eye-relief is a without a doubt a limitation.

I hope you got what you wanted to form this Vortex Crossfire vs Daimonndback battle. No, don’t just declare a winner and sit idle. Head over to Amazon and bag the best deals in the market. Be careful while choosing the range, magnification, and reticle that you require. Happy Hunting to you!