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Vortex Crossfire II 1-4×24 Review: Quality and Warranty: It does not get better than this!

When it comes to buying a suitable optic, the firearms market has a lot of different options. Let’s check out Vortex Crossfire II 1-4×24 Review.

You have scopes of different magnifications, reticles, illuminations and even price ranges. In these situations, it becomes imperative for you to make the right choice. You also have an array of brands. For good quality, reliability and durability you should choose an optic manufactured by a trusted company.

One such company is Vortex. Established in 2002, this optics company was based out of Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. Vortex was originally started by a dynamic husband-wife team and now, they have somewhere close to 200 employees, working with them. They have built a reputation for themselves and are highly respected in the optical business. The Vortex mantra is based around 3 Ps: People, Product, Promises.

In this review, we are going to talk about the Vortex Crossfire ii 1-4×24 out of their Vortex Crossfire ii range. This rifle scope, like other vortex optics, is virtually indestructible and highly reliable. As we delve deeper into this review, you will see how the brand values those 3 commitments and delivers on every front.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile Wide! The Vortex Crossfire 1-4×24 is a tactical and robust scope. The reticle is V-Brite illuminated and etched in SFP. The crosshairs are well defined and have a red dot in the centre. The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminium and is nitrogen and gas purged. Along with the numerous brilliant features, you also get Vortex’s VIP unlimited lifetimes warranty.

Watch Out! The optic is a little on the heavier side, 16 oz and on her magnification, the image definition becomes relatively lower.

Vortex Crossfire ii 1-4×24 Review

vortex crossfire ii 1-4x24 review

Out of the various magnification options available in the crossfire ii range, in this review we shall be specifically focusing on the 1-4×24 optic and dig deeper into its amazing features.


Beginning with the optics, the vortex crossfire ii 1-4×24 riflescope uses a Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticle. Meaning, the reticle remains constant throughout magnifications. The scope has a V-Brite, illuminated reticle. Now, you must be wondering what the V-Brite reticle does. The V-Brite MOA aiming reticle helps you to accurately achieve the desired holdover and windage. You don’t have to do any calculations or guessing, the reticle does it all for you. The illuminated reticle is precisely etched with laser technology.

The crosshairs are well defined and help you to achieve your aim quickly and in an agile manner. The centre of these duplex crosshairs is an illuminated red dot. The reticle has a very bright and clear red dot sight. This dot aids in your aim and gives you balance even in low visibility conditions. This is great for reflex shooting.

You also get 11 brightness settings that you can use according to your preference. The lens and reticle are clear, crisp and precise. With clean edges and a generous field of view, this scope offers it all. Good and sufficient eye relief and field of view are two essential aspects of an optic. The crossfire ii 1-4×24 gives you a field of view of 96.12 mm at 100 yards. The eye relief is of 4 inches which is great for all the different kinds of rifles you could fit this onto.

You also get a 24 mm objective lens. This gives you adequate light transmission, enhancing the overall effect of the scope. The eye box is also pretty adequate and forgiving. All of these optical features will certainly help you hold aim and target well. This is a great scope if you are looking for quick target acquisition. All in all, the optics on this scope are pretty impressive.

Magnification & Range

The vortex 1-4×24 crossfire ii has a variable magnification between 1x to 4x. The magnification paired with the feature-loaded reticle, is a killer combination. I’m sure you are going to have a blast taking this scope out on a trip. The parallax fixed at 100 yards, which is pretty generous. The scope ranges around 100 yards to 400 yards and performs wonderfully throughout.


This scope has some smooth adjustments. Beginning with the optics, you get a focus ring in the scope. The ring is in the back and easily accessible. So you can move it around while in the field and get a crisper image and aim. I think the ring is located in an area where you won’t have to struggle or you won’t end up accidentally changing some other settings. The knob on the top of the scope is for turning on B-Brite reticle; the star feature of the optics.

The windage and turret adjustments give you 0.5 MOA at 100 yards. This is pretty generous for a scope of this size. They are also capped tactical turrets. You get control over the turrets easily and get accurate, fast and smooth adjustments. The turrets are lockable, thanks to the locking mechanism in the scope.

This eliminates any scope of accidental adjustments or mishaps. You also get a fast-focus eyepiece which makes finding your centre easy and brings your eye into the target. The adjustments have a pronounced and tactile click. The caps screw on easily because of the threads on the inside.

User Friendliness

The Vortex Crossfire ii 1-4×24 is a tactical, rigid and excellent scope. It has a 30 mm tube and 24 mm objective lens; perfect for this kind of scope. The body of this scope is built out of a single piece of solid, aircraft-grade aluminium. It is anodized and multi-coated with paint and comes in a beautiful matte black shade.

The various layers and coatings on the scope paired with the high-quality aluminium make it very durable. The device is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. Vortex scopes are rugged and known for their durability. So, don’t worry, the scope won’t shatter into a million pieces because of some rough usage.

The lenses on the optic are fully multi-coated with anti-reflection substances to make sure that there is maximum light transmission. This is also done to reduce glare on air – to – glass surfaces. Making your experience that much better. You can take this scope out to hunt or shoot in bright sunlight and not worry about the glare hurting your eyes and distracting your aim.

The lens provides high contrast, clearer image and high light transmission. The reticle is etched on the second focal plane precisely with laser technology. The ample amount of eye relief and a forgiving eye box are added features. This scope is designed for low light condition usage. You get lens covers included in the box with your scope.

Apart from the anti-reflective and fully multi-coated lens, the scope is also highly durable. This is an added and crucial addition to the quality of the product. The device is robust and rugged, exactly what you would expect from a Vortex scope. The capped turrets are easy to use and easily resettable with your fingers. You can set them to zero once you have sight in.

It is well known that Vortex Optics offers excellent customer service. They put their customer first, as a priority. They truly give attention to their customers which is an integral part of a consumer’s experience with a brand and their product. They provide an unlimited lifetime warranty, isn’t that great? with the whole range of product and this warranty you just can’t go wrong. Say you want to sell this scope to a friend in a couple of years, can you transfer this warranty to them? You totally can! Vortex also allows for transferrable warranty.

They have committed to replacing or repairing any factory defect or damage on the product purchased. This is free of charge. So you don’t have to dole out a single penny but you get to enjoy all of these incredible benefits.


The crossfire ii 1-4×24 is compatible with an array of rifles. You can use this scope for tactical purpose, household safety, shooting and even hunting. Based on your usage, you are going to have to configure the scope. You can mount this scope on easily with 3-inch mounting rings. You can either buy the vortex mount or any other that you are comfortable with. The scope is suited perfectly for AR rifles and hunting rifles.


  • durability
  • waterproof
  • shockproof
  • fog proof
  • V- Brite
  • red dot sight
  • easy adjustments
  • affordable
  • clear glass
  • easy zeroing
  • zero resettable turrets
  • reticle options
  • lifetime transferable warranty


  • relatively low image definition on higher magnifications
  • light transmission is not the best
  • turrets could have been smoother and tracked better
  • fixed parallax
  • little heavy, 16 oz.


Can you adjust the turrets with your fingers?

Yes. You don’t need coins or tools to adjust the turrets. They are easy, smooth and tactile and can be moved very easily with your fingers. The engineering behind the design has eliminated any requirement for tools.

What kind of warranty do I get on this scope?

You get a lifetime unlimited warranty on this scope. This is part of Vortex’s VIP (Very Important Promise) which places focus on and prioritizes the customer. Under this warranty, they will replace or repair all defects and damages on the scope.

What is the eye relief?

You get a 4-inch eye relief.

Is this scope infused with nitrogen?

No. his vortex scope is not nitrogen-infused. However, it is purged with nitrogen and argon gas.


I am sure throughout this review you’ve seen that Vortex strives really hard to keep up to their 3Ps. In all, this scope is a good investment if you are looking for a highly durable scope. Apart from the small drawbacks, the product has good reviews all across the board. It works great in low light conditions, robust construction, budget-friendly and has some amazingly smooth adjustments. How can we forget the Vip warranty?

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