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UTG Bug Buster Review: Redemption at its best!

Let’s check out UTG Bug Buster Review but before that let’s get to know the Leapers. Over the years Leapers’ has had a rocky journey to achieving the desired scope quality and build. But, their hit and miss years are over and they are not here to play. In the past few seasons, Leapers’ has been putting some of the best low budget scopes. But don’t let “low budget” fool you; These scopes are jam-packed with features and quality.

The UTG bug buster scope is one of those dynamic scopes. It is a compact, small and tactile scope. This bug buster scope has a mil-dot reticle and illumination options you would drool over. Apart from that, the scope houses some really good and interesting new technologies which I cant wait to breakdown further. The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof and rainproof. It is highly durable and will not shatter into a million pieces. It’s the poster boy for a rugged scope.

In this review, we will get down and dirty into the barrage of features that this scope has to offer. I am sure by the end of this review, you will be impressed with this low budget, high-quality optic.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick review.

Smile Wide! The UTG Bug Buster 3-9×32 mm riflescope is a compact and tactical scope with a mild-dot illuminated reticle. The scope is highly durable, reliable and rugged and is meant to withstand heavy usage and recoil. The true strength platform enhances its strength. You get multiple illuminations options. The scope is in a low price range and offers smooth windage, elevation and parallax adjustments. It’s a wholesome package.

Watch Out! The scope does not come with an underlined battery life and the crosshairs in the reticle can sometimes get a little fuzzy.

UTG Bug Buster Review

UTG Bug Buster 3-9x32 Riflescope Review

The UTG Bug Buster scope is one Leapers’ best UTG scopes till date The scope is small but is filled with a whole range of features. All of these features paired with the True Strength Platform, emerald coated lens and the immaculate sight picture, make for a darn good scope.


Let’s begin with the optics in this UTG scope. Right off the bat, we need to wonder at the amount of features it offers you. This is a 3-9 power optic and houses a 32 mm objective lens. The objective lens is on the larger side and the lens coating is an added bonus. The emerald coated lens allows and enhances the maximum amount of light transfer into the scope and tube. Another bonus, the lenses are very clear and have clean edges. This gives you that star rating field of view.

Moving on to the reticle, the bug buster comes with a mil-dot reticle etched in the second focal plane (SFP). This means that the reticle size will remain the same regardless of the magnification. The mil-dot reticle is a standard pattern of duplex crosshairs. This reticle type is easy to use and comes with its own advantages. This range estimating mil-dot will let you holdover high enough without having to make any extra adjustments or lose your original settings. Perfect for novices and pros.

This UTG bug buster mil-dot reticle is also illuminated. This is an RGB reticle, ergo red – green – black reticle. The reticle is of high quality and is very clear. Now, here’s the kicker, the illuminated reticle comes not only in red and green but also in 36 other colours. It’s true.

The red and green illuminations work on the CR1620 3v battery. Whereas the black does not use the battery. It works like a standard reticle. As for the coloured reticle illuminations, this can be regulated with the illumination adjustment dial. As you turn the dial it allows for easy adjustments, without any clicks. It is very smooth and slowly dims and brightens. There are a variety of colour options that you can choose from according to your preference. You can go through the whole gamut that this bug buster scope has to offer.

Magnification & Range

The UTG bug buster scope is a quality scope. Compared to other scopes in the market, this is a small and compact scope. But, if it wasn’t already evident, this is a power and feature-packed scope. The body tube of this scope is nitrogen purged which makes it reliable and durable. Nitrogen filling replaces the oxygen in the tube and prevents the formation of fog. This not only makes the scope fog proof but also safe from other climatic factors. It is also made out of high-quality aluminium and is multi-coated to avoid environmental impact on the scope. It has a 1-inch tube and is 8.11 inches long and comes in matte black.

This leapers utg is a 3x – 9x variable magnification scope. The scope has variable magnification. This means that you can choose the amount of zoom you want. 3x being the lowest magnification and 9x being the highest. It offers the same clarity throughout magnifications. The scope successfully holds focus. This is a CQB scope and allows you to adjust it down to 3 yards. It can be focused very nicely to short distances as close as 3 yards as well. CQB scopes are ‘Close Quarters Battle’ scopes. Basically, they are precise, fast and provide quick target acquisition.

They are tactical scopes that can prove to be very dangerous in combat situations. You can also use this for hunting as it offers tactical range estimating.

The riflescope is parallax free. This means that the parallax is set up internally. In these scopes, the parallax is fixed in its place throughout all magnifications. Such rifle scopes are meticulously designed for taking close target shots. They range between 100 yards to 400 yards. This UTG bug buster rifle scope is parallax free from 3 yards to infinity. You get all these features and many more at such a low price point.


Talking about adjustments, this 3-9x UTG bug buster scope has very tactile movements. The lever lock quick detach scope rings make it very easy for you to detach and change the mount of the scope. This makes it very efficient for you. You could lift the lever and turn it around, your scope will come off your rifle. The ease that you experience while taking out the scope is the same ease you will experience while putting it on. The turrets on this scope are lockable, meaning once you mount it and lock it, the scope won’t budge from its place. Just pop it on and lock it in, you have nothing to worry!

The turrets are targetted, well-engineered and designed target. They enable you to have crisp, sharp and accurate windage and elevation adjustments. You get 1/4 MOA clicks at 100 yards. The re-setting features protect the critical parts of your optic. This also ensures proper zeroing. So you get ahead and get it zeroed in, you can lock those in and it’ll keep it zeroed for you.

The magnification adjustments are stiff and precise. All the adjustments are well pronounced and defined. Everything is easy to get to and easy to reach. The bug buster scope also has the True Strength (TS) platform is a Leapers’ signature scope construction platform. This system includes Smart Spherical Structure (SSS) which controls the joint like movement between the various tubes of the scope. This design makes this scope highly durable and long-lasting.

User Friendliness

The leapers UTG bug buster scope is a small and tactical scope. This a budget optic and range scope. This compact scope has an aluminium body, multi-coated and available in a beautiful matte black. It is nitrogen-filled purged, and sealed. Making this scope, shockproof, fog-proof, waterproof and rainproof. The nitrogen purging really elevates the durability of this scope.

The eyepiece is multi-coated and has an emerald coating on the lens. The reticle is an RGB mil-dot type. The reticle is etched in the second focal plane and is illuminated. You get the standard reticle illumination colours; red and green. But you also get 36 other illuminations that work well in all lighting conditions. The illumination colours range from cyan to pink and many more shades.

The scope is parallax free and has clear sight view. You also get a generous eye relief and the scope is recoil resistant in lower impact rifles. The scope also allows almost infinite adjustments. The range estimating mil-dot comes with a card to assist with the same. The mild to reticle is exceptionally adaptable. If you are a beginner, this scope is perfect for you. The duplex crosshairs make it easy for you to take and hold your aim. It also increases your precision and are pronounced. You get an exit aperture of 32 mm and a pretty generous eye relief.

Now to protect the lens and the reticle. other than the lens coating, the scope comes with forward and rear lens covers. They are flip-up covers, high build quality and durable. The lever lock detach scope rings and Allen screw comes in the box. A 2-inch sunshade and UTG branded lens cloth, different sized Allen wrenches and two batteries also come in the box.

All the hardware on this scope are solid. The rifle scope comes with leapers’ signature true strength platform. this is a feature by which the construction of the scope is meant to be reliable, long-lasting and strong. All the turrets on this scope are smooth, easy to move and access. The windage and elevation turrets are lockable and resettable. The user manual that comes with this scope has a lot of useful information and instructions to optimize your experience.

Alas! you have to admit that this scope comes fully optimized for the user experience and gives you the very best features at the very best price.


Like most other scopes, the UTG bug buster scope fits onto Picatinny or Weaver type rails with ease. Although, id that is not your preference, you can also fit onto a side mount rail. The flexible nature of this scope will ensure that it adapts to whatever you throw at it. The scope comes with QD rings, so you don’t have to worry about those. You can mount this scope on a series of air rifles and assault rifles. This tactical scope can double as a hunting scope, too. All you have to do is mount it properly and set it according to your eye. Viola! you have an excellent scope with you.


  • durable
  • user friendly
  • clear optics
  • illuminations options
  • budget optic
  • fog proof
  • waterproof
  • rainproof
  • good adjustments
  • tactile
  • good battery life
  • highly reliable
  • value for money


  • crosshairs can sometimes get fuzzy
  • exaggerated sun glare
  • undetermined battery life


Can you see the black reticle?

Yes. This UTG Bug buster has an RGB scope. That is, red-green – black scope. The red and black reticle. The red and green illumination use the battery whereas the black does not. Without illumination, the reticle functions like any other standard reticle. Do check out this article on types of scopes, it’s quite helpful.

Can I use the scope without batteries?

Yes, you can. the scope has an etched reticle, meaning you can see the crosshairs even without illumination. However, you can use the reticle without batteries, you won’t get to experience the awesome illumination that this scope offers.

Who makes UTG rifle scopes?

Leapers Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures this range of UTG scopes including the UTG bug buster.

Are Leapers’ scopes any good?

Over the years, Leapers have upped their game and are now producing some of the very best, low budget scopes. They have a long-range of firearms and firearm accessories to choose from and experience.


Now that we have reached the end of this review, it’s safe to assume that this scope is probably the best thing you could do for your pocket. It’s feature-packed and low priced with a mil-dot reticle. Although Leapers has had a rocky history, that have really proved that they are not here to play. Redemption has been achieved. You’ve come this far, do give a read to our detailed review on Sig Sauer Tango 4 Review (6-24×50).

This scope is nothing short a high quality, mid-range scope. If you are a novice, trust and believe that this scope is excellent to start with. It won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for a low budget scope with a gamut of features, this is the one for you.