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Steiner P4xi Review: The League of Extraordinary Scopes

steiner p4xi review

Before I start about Steiners’ history, let’s check out Steiner P4xi Review.

In 1979, Karl Steiner founded his very own optics company specializing in aiming solutions for weapons with advanced technology to enhance the shooter’s performance and named it ‘Steiner eOptics’. Over the decades, this company has grown dramatically and with growth has offered exemplary service and quality to all its customers. Steiner uses the latest German optics technology to deliver the finest lines of gun-mounted optics in the world. eOptics products are used for global law enforcement and military personnel due to their reliability, ruggedness, and durability that aids in defending liberty every day in the harshest conditions.

Recognized as the optic of 2018 by the esteemed publication, NRA’s Shooting Illustrated, the Steiner P4Xi – 1 -4×24 is unmatched. The Steiner P4Xi 1-4×24 tactical scope is an exemplification of impeccable quality and an even better price point. The quality of this scope is off the charts and one cannot go wrong with Steiner reliability and accountability.

The Steiner P4Xi is optically clean, with extremely bright and crisp resolution and ample internal adjustments, an etched glass reticle and a flawless illuminated dot for an incredible shooting experience. The P4Xi comes in 2 models:  a Law Enforcement variant with throw lever and a civilian variant model. 

For law enforcement, competitive shooters, or hunters Steiner builds trustworthy optics you can trust for defining moments in your shooting experience and the assurance of Steiner Heritage warranty for product lifetime.  

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile Wide! The Steiner P4Xi 1-4×24 is a versatile tactical, shockproof SFP scope that helps you find your targets well. The device comes with great German optics crystal clear and highly durable glass. The illuminated reticle offers 11 different levels of brightness: five daytime, four low-light and two night-vision settings and an “off” position between each level. The waterproof, scratchproof and fog proof scope and illuminated reticle offer 11 different levels of brightness: five daytime, four low-light and two night-vision, up to 33 ft. of water resistance and a fixed parallax, perfect for short-range shooting. Additionally, the scope is backed by the Steiner Heritage warranty for life.

Watch Out! The scope doesn’t come with a threw lever, making it hard to turn for magnification.

Steiner P4Xi Review

Steiner P4Xi Review

The Steiner P4Xi 1-4x24mm rifle scope is one model that deserves your attention. This scope uses an assistive layout that focuses largely on tactical needs. Ergo, it is best suited for shorter distances. The design is versatile and hence befitting for many rifles and gives you many options for use. We shall now explore the other features of this scope in detail:


The Steiner P4Xi – 1-4×24 is a premium lens with multi-coats of the Steiner proprietary coatings and comes equipped with a 24 mm objective lens. The world-class coating on the lens provides higher contrast and brighter details, even in low light conditions.  Although the small nature of the lens means lower levels of light transmission the scope comes with an illuminated P3TR  reticle with 11 incredible levels: five daylight, four low light and two-night vision levels along with an “off” position between each.  This enables the user to disconnect the battery at each different position and increases battery life. The illuminated reticle paired with high contrast glass makes this a perfect riflescope for any situation – nighttime, broad daylight or twilight. 

Steiner scopes are known for their top-notch German optics and the P4Xi will not let you down. The scope has a crystal clear, bright glass and a very distinct etch reticle. The red dot is precise and distinct. All of this paired with the durability and ruggedness of Steiner scopes makes the P4Xi perfect for heavy-duty outdoor ranges. 

Environmental factors are bound to affect your optical experience but this Steiner scope is sealed with 14-psi pressurized nitrogen in its optics which ensures premium clarity, in any condition whatsoever. Additionally, it is scratchproof, fog proof and waterproof, it doesn’t get any better. 

Magnification and Range

It offers a versatile 4x zoom system with a 600-yard aiming accuracy even at the highest magnification as good as the lowest, 1x zoom, perfect for close-quarter engagement. The P4Xi is best suited for mid-long range shooting.

The BDC etched reticle is in the second focal plane (SFP), which means the crosshairs of the reticle will remain the same size through the lens, no matter the magnification setting you’re on. This is an excellent feature of this scope that is predominantly used by law enforcement making it easier to use even in lower magnification settings. 

The reticle has tapered crosshairs which makes them easy to pick up. The construction of this device makes sure that you get impeccable edge clarity your impact point is retained across the zoom range for the most consistent and accurate performance as possible. 


Right of the bat, the P4Xi has very precise, low profile turret adjustments which makes this scope a good choice for self-defence and law enforcement applications. The turrets are also less likely to hang up during movement of the weapon when holding aim at the target and quick to use. 

While talking about magnification, it’s important to note that this scope has a fixed parallax. The windage and elevation knobs have been crafted for precise adjustments. For elevation adjustment, the P4Xi has 100 MOA for windage and elevation. The dials are calibrated so that each click equals 0.5 MOA at 100 yards. 

The device is also water-resistant up to 33 feet and offers land like clarity even in humid areas because of the earlier mentioned pressurised nitrogen chamber and maintains undeterred clarity even at 4x magnification; making your overall experience extremely smooth. 

User Friendliness

Let’s dissect the body first: the scope has a compact and convenient 3omm tube, ideal for use in the field and beyond. It consists of a single piece, thus, equipping you with crisp, undisturbed and straight line of sight. The P4Xi’s aluminium body and perfect design is fit for everyday use or sudden action. The waterproof, fog proof and shockproof feature of the scope is a testament to its durable construction.

The average 1000hr battery is a great bargain and the device has a harmony between short, rapid acquisition through medium-range use. This can be acquired in additional ranges too but it all comes down to the specs of the rifle and the shooter’s skills. The simple BDC doesn’t distract you or clutter and the good eye box and relief are a bonus. 

The law enforcement variant comes with a free throw lever and overall, the scope if perfect for quick and short range targeting. 

If you are one to hit targets, this device is going to assure you a precise shot withing 400 yards with ease. 

The cherry on top of the cake is the Steinar Heritage warranty for replacement of your damaged product for life. 


The P4Xi can be used on AK47 series rifles and short-barrel rifles (SBR) with no problem with recoil. The magnification of the scope can also be increased with additional magnification providing devices, 1-4x becomes 2-8x, and so forth.

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  • Well and user friendly built
  • Crystal clear and high-quality glass
  • True 1x scope
  • 1000hr average battery
  • Precise reticle
  • Reasonable eyebox size
  • 11 adjustable illumination levels
  • Low profile turrets
  • Pocket friendly
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Steiner Heritage Warranty


  • Mushyness in turrets
  • No windholds
  • Light, 17oz


Where is the scope made? 

The Steiner P4Xi – 1-4×24 is manufactured in Colorado, USA whereas the scope glass is produced in Germany.

What is the difference between the LE and Civilian models? 

The law enforcement model of the Steiner P4Xi comes with a throw lever which makes it easier to change the magnifications and adjustments whereas the civilian medal comes without one. Albeit the adjustments are a little snug in the beginning, they work just as well as the LE model. 

What rings should I use to mount the P4Xi on my rifle?

You will find an array of options on the market but your choice of mounting rings should be based on the build and size of your rifle as well as your comfort. Mostly, medium rings are used to mount this scope. For more information and details, you can contact the Steiner eOptics customer care or drop a question in their product forum.

Does this scope have an adjustable parallax?

The P4Xi does not come with an adjustable parallax but the supporting adjustments of the scope make it all the more better. For variants with an adjustable parallax, you can check out the other Steiner optics.

Is this a duty grade scope?

Steiner eOptics have been manufacturing duty grade and durable optics for several years now. Steiner optics are known for their durability, ruggedness and their inability to withstand harshest of conditions and still give you the best performance. Law enforcers, military and police forces around the world field this scope. Besides, Steiner scopes come with their heritage warranty, a win-win situation. 


Alas, that’s all that there is to know about the Steiner P4Xi – 1-4×24 mm riflescope. The scope is lightweight and easy to use and a first-rate choice for patrol rifles and LE platforms. In my opinion, I found this optic to be plenty fast at any power level. Priced at less than $600, you get a high-performance device at a pocket-friendly amount.  A total steal! The scope has a great net effect — place the rifle on your shoulder and you instantly have a clear view while you centre the target, quickly and intuitively.

Steiner has been known for setting and upholding a rather high bar for quality, especially with the P4Xi with its aluminium body construction and premium glass, gives it an overt sense off quality and robustness, another adjective Steiner is associated with is durability, they’ve been making scopes that can last a lifetime and they know this, hence they offer the heritage lifetime warranty.

Last but not the least the stunning visual clarity in any condition thanks to the pressurised nitrogen in the optics pushes the P4Xi just a notch further in desirability. The compatibility and ease of modification and adjustments is a given considering the rather impressive specification off the scope. It’s safe to say that P4Xi is one of Steiner’s best scopes.