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Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review: Incredible Price, Incredible Value!

If you are a rifle savant then you know that a good firearm is not the only thing you need. First, let’s check out Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review.

You also need a great set of optics. A good optic is like a guide for aim accuracy and perfection. Now, you’ll find a decent pair of sights anywhere in the market but take me up on my word, this Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is a class apart.

Sig Sauer is very well known for their military-grade scopes. They build some of the most durable and strong rifles, guns and optics in the world. You can always expect quality, reliability and accuracy from Sig Sauer. The new Sig Sauer Romeo5 comes in 3 variants, Romeo 5, Romeo 5X and Romeo 5XDR. Apart from this, you also get a choice in the reticle, optic coating and battery type. Basically, Sig Sauer offers you a buffet of choices with this range. You can pick what you want to, customize this device to fit your specific needs.

In this review, we will talk explore the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 1×20 mm Red Dot Sight. This scope is a versatile and adaptable 1x sight. It delivers quick target acquisition and brilliant accuracy. The Romeo5 range comes equipped with the ingenious system of MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination). This compact, efficient scope has so many features to offer.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile Wide! The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is a versatile, tactical, red dot sight scope. Don’t underestimate it for it’s compact nature. This scope is a true 1x with MOTAC. The build and body is engineered out of aluminium and multi coated with spectral coating. It has unmatched precision and accuracy and is extremely pocket friendly. The device also comes in other variations.

Watch Out! Uncaptured screws but virtually, no other flaws.

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is one red dot sight that deserves your attention. Not only is it at a lower price, but it’s also filled with amazing features. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and precise red dot sight optic, your search ends here.


As I established before, Sig Sauer products are known for their quality and durability. The Romeo 5 is top-notch and has a high-quality optics. The 1x20mm is a red dot sight and comes equipped with MOTAC. MOTAC(Motion Activated Illumination) is a battery saving feature that enhances your user experience.

Now, you must be wondering what differentiates the Romeo 5 from the other red dot sights in the market? Clarity. Most other red dots, often give you a red aura inside the tube. The Romeo 5 is a 2 MOA dot reticle. It gives you crystal clear, interference-free vision every time. A Sig optic never fails to impress. You can rest assured that the Romeo 5 is no exception to that.

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has an objective lens of 20 mm which is perfect for its 1x magnification. This eliminated the probability of a ‘fish eye effect’ and gives you clean edges. If you’re wondering about the illumination because it has a small objective lens, Sig Sauer has got you covered. The scope comes with 10 illumination settings, 8 for daylight settings and 2 for night vision. The daytime illumination is the perfect balance between light and shadows. It increases visibility and gives you a clear image even in sunlight.

The ergonomics of the red dot sight have been smartly put into play with this scope. This makes it a great choice for civilians and professionals.

Magnification & Range

The Sauer Romeo 5 is a true 1x scope. Some might think that zeroing in this red dot sight is difficult. But the device easily zeroes in at 50 yards and shoots out at 300 yards. For a scope of this size, its performance is great.

This model has a fixed magnification. The sight, in general, is very precise due to the red dots. This Romeo 5 scope works well up to 400 yards and provides the same clarity and accuracy throughout.

As a whole, this red dot sights scope has highly adaptable and aims at enhancing your shooting experience.


Right off the bat, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has a beautiful finish to it. All Sig Sauer products, be it rifles or scopes are made out of aircraft-grade aluminium. This means, this scope is virtually indestructible. It can withstand lots of external trauma and damage. All of this, while protecting the insides of the scope.

The body of the optic is coated with Spectracoat. This is a specialized, hard coating. Hard coatings have virtually more benefits as opposed to the traditional soft coating. They protect the aluminium body and aid in increasing battery life. The multi-layers of coating provide over 90% transmission of light rays. Making the body of this Sauer Romeo 5 anti-reflective, thus eliminating all lens reflections.

The device is waterproof and fog proof. One notable feature is the IPX-7 rated optic in this device. This means that the optic can handle rain, water splashing and extreme weathers. Overall, the structure and construction of this device is very cohesive. In my opinion, the engineering behind this red dot sights is very well thought of.


First things first, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 range of optics, all come with knurled adjustments. Knurled adjustments are particularly handy because you don’t always need a tool to take off the caps. You are on the field and you’ve forgotten your tool, use your fingers and unwind the knurled caps, easy!

The battery and elevation and windage turrets have knurled caps. These caps also double as turret adjustments. The adjustment increments are 1.0 MOA. The clicks between the turret movements are tactile and stiff. Easy to move and they stay put once in place.

The device uses a Li-ion C2032 battery. The batteries are mounted on the side of the scope and are easily manageable. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has a generous battery life of 50, 000 hours. Especially with the MOTAC technology, this battery life can be prolonged.

Moving on to the mounts, this scope comes with Picatinny low mount risers and 1.41 inches to co-witness with iron sights. The lower height base doesn’t necessarily have to be co witnessed with iron sights. The scope can be mounted lower, according to your preferences.

User Friendliness

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 features the MOTAC technology i.e. Motion Activated Illumination. Now, what is MOTAC? It is a sensory technology that conserves battery life by automatically turning the reticle off after a couple seconds of inactiveness. The reticle turns itself off after 30 seconds to 2 minutes of idleness. This feature is extremely handy when you’ve forgotten an extra set of batteries. This sensory technology has helped elongate the battery life of the Romeo 5.

The scope comes with unlimited eye relief and is parallax free. The unlimited eye relief paired with great optics and clean edges is a pretty sweet deal. The lenses come with a bikini style cover.

Another impressive feature of this firearms scope is the price point. The Romeo 5 1×20 mm retails for about $200 which is a steal for an optic of such high quality. You get the quality and reliability in a pocket-friendly package deal.

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 range offers a variety of feature adjustments to fit your needs. You can choose what you want and the Sig services will make sure that you receive your scope. The Romeo 5 1×20 mm comes with a limited lifetime of 5 years and an infinite guarantee.


The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 1×20 mm is compatible with a number of AR rifles. It is very versatile and can be mounted at your preferred levels. It will also work with any firearm that has a Picatinny or Weaver rail installed. The optic is also compatible with Aimpoint T1/T2/H1 mounts.

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  • MOTAC technology
  • Highly durable
  • Long battery life of 40,000 + hours
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Large field of view
  • Durable
  • Clear red dot sight
  • Clean edges


  • Uncaptured screws


Is Sig Romeo made by Holsun?

No, the Sig red dots are not manufactured by Holsun. Although the Sig Romeo 5 is produced in the same Chinese factory as Holsun; they’re engineering and designs are different. Sig Sauer designs are known for their reliability and uniqueness. They are meant to serve and cater to your needs.

Is MOTAC highly sensitive?

The MOTAC sensors are meant to switch off the reticle after moments of inactivity. The sensors on this MOA red dot optic are so strong that the slightest movements will switch it back on. Although this is a great feature on-field, you may not like this otherwise. There is a possibility of your optic switching on at the slightest movement and losing battery. To avoid this, you can take the batteries out after usage.

Can this optic be used for hunting?

Yes, you can mount this scope on a crossbow or a hunting rifle and take it for a test. Ideally, if you are hunting in a smaller area and do not require much magnification, this scope is your perfect fit.


The Romeo 5 is a drool-worthy scope. The durable aluminium body, feature variations, true 1x magnification and crystal clear glass are some of the few impressive features of this device. I am sure that by now you know what an incredible steal this deal is!

Sig has been producing A-grade firearms and accompaniments for decades now. I had no doubts about their Romeo collection. MOTAC sensory technology is something that everybody should experience. The body and engineering are impeccable. THE price point and the customer service on this product are also commendable. You get the best of everything in this red dot sight.

As we saw, there are practically no cons to this product. The benefits outweigh the losses. Whatever be your needs, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 will be your best bet.

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