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Romeo 4 VS Romeo 5

When you walk down the feature factors in any best and affordable red dot for your rifle, Sig Sauer Romeo 4 and Romeo 5 have a bucketful of excellent and friendly offers that you cannot miss. While both carry certain prowess in their functionalities, we have rolled down to magnify the grounds where they try to get ahead of each other. Let’s get started and your confusion may just run away.

Overall: Sig Sauer Romeo 4

Sig Sauer Romeo 4

Sig Sauer’s Romeo 4 comes with a pack of features that you would not want to miss. Made dearly for weapons, this sight has a terrific performance at targets for short and medium range.

Features of Sig Sauer Romeo 4

Here are some features of Sig Sauer Romeo 4 that shine bright on the rim.

  • Romeo 4 features MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) that works up to battery conservation. 
  • It is waterproof and fog proof.
  • This sight comes with optics smaller in size along with four dot options to select from and renders ultimate comfort to eyes.
  • The solar power function keeps the battery in life.
  • It works great during daylight as well as the night time.

There is no doubt that Sig Sauer’s Romeo 4 qualifies as one of the terrific sights that is perfect for experienced users out there. But wait, we have Sig Sauer’s Romeo 5 and the comparison that is going to help you make the final call. 

Overall: Sig Sauer Romeo 5

Practically, Sig Sauer’s Romeo 5 is not packed with fascinating features compared to Romeo 4, but there still is a room of specs that you would not like to miss, given that you have to pick between these options.

Features of Sig Sauer Romeo 5

  • Romeo 5 features small optics and thus cuts off the hassle for eyes.
  • The MOTAC features support battery life for a longer run.
  • It has waterproof and fog proof capability.
  • It comes with daylight and night vision settings.
  • Ideal for beginners at red dot applications.

If you are new to the red dot operations then Sig Sauer’s Romeo 5 may work out well and be friendly for you.

Comparison: Romeo4 VS Romeo5

While you have already figured out the treats these two red dots from Sig Sauer are going to give you, we have laid down the comparison between these two with explained lookouts that certainly are there to help you make a perfect go with what you choose.

Battery Life

One of the most interesting grounds of difference where Sig Sauer Romeo 4 and Romeo 5 can stand against each other is battery performance by each which decides the length of time which they are going to service you. 

Romeo 4 features incredible solar-power operations and this is something which prepares it to be sought after. Due to the solar-powered functions, Romeo 4 becomes able to let you save battery life and boosts performance. 

While playing in the low-light areas, the battery life gives a hand of action whereas you can enjoy the automatic activation of solar capabilities during the operations in high-light sections. This functionality pushes Romeo 4 to a robust increase in battery life which goes up to 100, 000 hours, while operating on an average setting. 

But then we have Sig Sauer Romeo 5 and it won’t offer you the solar power functionalities. While it may look like despondence on the surface, you must know that Romeo 5 offers an excellent amount of 50,000 battery hours and the type of Romeo 5 model can factor the life service you will be offered in this sight. 

The Romeo 5 runs on a CR2032 and the side of scope is where you can install the cells which eliminates the requirement of turning off your device in order to load new cells. The fact that Romeo 5 brings value to your money in light of comparison with other red dot sights out there may outperform the solar power feature in Romeo 4 for you.

Sub Models

The subcategories that Sig Sauer Romeo 4 and Romeo 5 are divided into expand the scope of comparison between both sights. Thus, the comparison is largely based on the type of model which you are going to put your hands on. 

In Romeo 4, you will find variations in designs as well as the pricing among its sub-models- 4DR, 4S, 4H and 4T. While these models possess a hunch of similarity in specifications overall, some differences in these versions are worth considering. 

To be precise, while Romeo 4DR comes at the cheapest price, the red dot sight impression of 4H makes it a bit costlier than the former and the most expensive models to be offered by Romeo 4 are 4S and 4T as they possess solar power features.

Apart from that, 4DR and 4H models in Sig Sauer Romeo 4 come with a battery life which goes up t0 50,000 hours and the 4S and 4T versions offer 100,000 hours of battery life, the difference of length has come out of the solar power capabilities.

Now that you have acknowledged the various aspects of Sig Sauer Romeo 5 sub models, let’s stress on offers and all the differences that the sub models of Romeo 5 bring to the table. There isn’t any complication in distinguishing the versions in Romeo 5 and the variations among them hold a little to no significance.

First things first, while all versions of Sig Sauer Romeo 5 cost you similar pricing the standard model of Romeo 5 comes at the cheapest of them all. Romeo 5 package only features a high mount and this is something which leads to the difference of a few dollars.


While comparing the Sig Sauer Romeo 4 and Romeo 5, the adjustments and settings are something you should definitely incorporate in your checklist. You will find reticles in many red dot sights accompanied by a 2 MOA red dot setting which makes the red dot reach about 100 yards to cover two inches of the target you set. 

If you are shooting at a short or average distance of target then you will certainly enjoy this incredible setting for easy acquisition. Thus, the 2 MOA red dot adjustments in Sig Sauer Romeo 4 make a go if you want ease at task. The XRD model will come with a 65 MOA circle feature and the standard 2 MOA red dot. The 2 MOA red dot setting in 5 cannot be adjusted. 

You get to enjoy the flexibility of red dot in Sig Sauer Romeo 4 sight as it brings you the ability to use the rate of 0.5 MOA on a click and that’s adjustable. So, here you have freedom to up and down the measurements as you want them to be. If you are someone who is willing to focus their sight on different targets then this option can be a great helping hand for you for shooting purposes. 

When you are using MOA that’s adjustable, you become able to enjoy an improved quality while aiming. If you are new to the usability of a red dot then you should go for a basic 2 MOA setting as it will help you get friendly with a red dot easily. To use the adjustments, holding an experience and proper knowledge is quite essential for implementation.


In the light of selecting the best red dot sight to match your shooting standards and requirements, both Sig Sauer Romeo4 and Romeo5 bring conflicting features. 

Romeo 4 treats you with 4 choices (traditional dot, dot with holds, circle dot and circle dot with holds) in the type of a dot that you can choose to use in order to fulfill your aiming purposes. 

These choices of aiming in Romeo 4 are designed to help your specific requirements and they do not directly enhance your aim. 

When it comes to the other one, there is not really an option for you to choose. Sig Sauer Romeo 5 only brings you the traditional red dot as you consider the reticle sector of a sight.

While it may not attract you, given a number of appealing choices available in Romeo 4, note that the traditional red dot is implemented on most sights.

MOTAC Features

If you ask us about any solid base for comparison between the sights, our answer has to be the Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC) features. 

You will find the MOTAC functionalities in both the Sig Sauer Romeo sights and you can count on these features for betterment in the power sector. These features impact the way the energy of a red dot sight can be saved.

This is how MOTAC, Motion Activated Illumination works: When it spots any vibration or movement, the red dot gets activated and it shuts down the power once the inactivity reaches 10 minutes of duration. 

If you are considering Sig Sauer Romeo5 then this function may sound interesting for its ability to help work out the battery factor in this sight. Since the batteries used in this model don’t work up to good length, integrating MOTAC can be a great help.

MOTAC capabilities help the power shut down automatically when it is in a phase of inactivity which results in the prevention of unnecessary drainage of battery life. 

All you have to do is to simply bring your rifle into movements to breathe life into the red dot in order to rejoice in the MOTAC functionalities, whether you are using Romeo 4 or 5. In both cases, the results are quite effective.

The interesting part about MOTAC, Motion Activated Illumination feature is that the red dot pops up to help you focus your target as soon as you move your weapon. Thus, you don’t have to waste time looking for the sight power to come out of an inactive phase.

Design and Construction

Design is one of the major aspects to consider while comparing Sig Sauer Romeo 4 and 5 sights. Romeo5 basically delivers the enhanced definition of design when compared to Romeo 4.

The design and structure sector of both scopes does not open any significant opportunity of distinguishment. However, due to the limited design features, Romeo 5 undoubtedly makes the lighter one. 

The fact that both are engineered with the aluminum steel proves the longevity and strength of sights. Besides, it is quite easy to rotate the knobs and an easy-going grip on them lets you readjust your aim effortlessly.

Then there’s the mounting part which is equally important to check up on. While Romeo 4 uses the low QR mounts, 5 incorporates a 1.41 inch mount. 

Apart from the presence of different co-witness mounts in both scopes, the Romeo5 runs on M1913 Picatinny model. Concerning other important capabilities, both render proofing from water and fog.

While IPX-7 rating of casings that both these scopes come in make them water and fog proof, you get to enjoy the resistance in both capable enough to withstand shocks and stresses which makes you run operations with relief.


While looking for a perfect sight, you may want to hunt for the options that come with multiple choices that let you run operations in different circumstances easily. 

You have the privilege of being able to adjust the light settings in both Sig Sauer Romeo red dot sights. Both sights offer you 10 brightness options and allow you to adjust settings according to the time and requirements.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fret about making adjustments as they are steady and simple enough to implement. You simply have to use the  + and – signs (on the top of both scopes) in order to set the preferred options. 

While the first eight options of settings are configured for operations in daylight, the two deal with night vision. An average daylight level is 7 (If it is sunny), as suggested.


To be real, it totally depends on you. If you are a newbie to red dot sight then Sig Sauer Romeo5, with its close-range shooting, is the sight made for you. If you are someone who’s been in this field for a long time now, then you probably already know that Romeo 4 is the one. Besides, both have a lot in common including settings and optics which eases the dilemma. But to add one last word, Sig Sauer Romeo5 beats Romeo 4 in terms of affordability, but the reasons do make a factor in this. Let’s hope this section was helpful and it’d be best to hear what you have got to say in this. Shoot in the comment box.