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Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope Review: This couldn’t have gotten any better!

primary arms 5x prism scope review

Good quality, affordable and precise. Let’s check out Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope Review.

If I had to describe the Primary Arms 5x Prism scope, I would definitely include these 3 words. Primary arms has proved itself yet again with the ‘Primary Arms 5x Prism scope’.

This is a compact, 17 oz, anodized matte black scope with a 5x magnification. We haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. This scope features a combination between the Orion ACSS and BDC reticle. The Orion ACSS offers quick ranging and windholds whereas the BDC is great for ranging. You could not go wrong with this deadly combination.

The 5x Prism scope comes in two models, ‘Primary Arms 5×36 Gen III SLX 5 Compact Prism Scope, ACSS-5.56/5.45/.308 Reticle’ and ‘ Primary Arms 5×36 Gen III SLX 5 Compact Prism Scope, ACSS-AURORA-5X-5.56-METERS Reticle’. There isn’t much difference between the two but the AURORA ACSS is Quality, affordable and precise.

Primary Arms teamed up with Trijicon to design this reticle and give you the best. The best part: Trijicon technology, Primary Arms prices! You can never go wrong with Primary Arms. In this scope review, I am going to dive into the details of this scope and you can see for yourself, just how good it is!

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview:

Smile Wide! The Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope is a compact, tactical scope. It has an anodized, aluminium body with a matte black finish, capped rear and back ends and tethered turret caps. This scope has 5x magnification and a BDC reticle etched in SFP. The BDC is combined with the Orion ACSS reticle to give you accuracy. The scope also has red and green illumination in 10 settings and red dot sights.

Watch Out! Although there are no substantial cons, the only thing is the small reticle compensation lines.

Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope Review

Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope Review


Primary Arms is known for their high-quality products. Cased in a matte black, multi-coated aluminium body, the scope has some great optics. Right off the bat, I would like to point out that it has an SDN glass reticle and is multi-calibre BDC type. Bullet drop compensation reticles take an altogether different approach and give you speed and precision. The scope offers the combination of BDC and the patented Primary Arms Orion ACSS reticle. The Orion reticle offers quick ranging and windholds, making your experience better.

This multicoated lens reticle is etched in the second focal plane. Meaning, the target will stay put throughout magnification levels. The etched reticle also means that even if the electronics stop working, you can continue to use the optic because the reticle will be visible.

There are 10 illumination settings and daylight visible illumination on this ACSS reticle. It gives you the best of all worlds. The reticle illumination comes in two colours: red for low light and green for a brighter field. The red dot sight in the centre of the reticle is illuminated by Li-ion CR2032 battery. The horseshoe and dot help the scope to track and hold zero.

The Primary Arms 5x is an ideal AR optic. Even while shooting in a sunny range, you can rest assured you won’t get any glares while taking aim. After all, you don’t want to miss your shot. The 5x prism has got you covered. Prism optics are different compared to other optics because of the accuracy and clarity they provide.

So, you know that you are only getting the high quality, top-notch reticle in this prism BDC type optic.

Magnification and Range

Coming down to magnification, the Primary Arms Prism scope comes with a decent 5x magnification. Compared to the compact and lightweight stature of this scope, 5x zoom is a pretty sweet deal. The fixed magnification and the reticle on this optic, help you get on target and stay there. Maximum precision and accuracy.

This prism scope reticle has various ranging properties. These properties are helped by the etched horseshoe and dot on the reticle. The horseshoe helps in ranging and efficiently taking your target. As I said before, the red dot is what keeps your aim. It also has an auto-ranging system, making this whole process a whole lot easier.

The 5x prism scope comes with a focal ring. The focal ring helps you adjust the reticle to your eyesight and rang it accordingly. The range of this product is 800 yards and the bullet drop compensator zeroes in at a 100 yards. The several range and magnification features aid in easy target acquisition and an enhanced user experience.

At this price point, this prism optic is better than any other optic on the market.


The build quality and overall feel of this device is very good. It comes with a mounting system very similar to the cross-bolt style mounting system and includes recoil lugs. Now, the benefit of recoil lugs is the stability they provide to your entire set up. No matter the impact, it will stay in place. Making this mounting system, ideal for red dot sights.

It also comes with a Picatinny rail. Picatinny rails come with their own set of benefits, one being the extended surface area it gives you to mount your rings. This will ensure safe mounting of the device on your rifle. No mishaps, no missed aims with this one.

Although the adjustments knobs on this scope are not finger adjustable, they are tactile and give you positive clicks. The diopter has three positive and negative adjustments. All the movements on the adjustments of this scope are smooth and have a stiff placement. The firm placement, well adjusted and pronounced clicks ensure that your preferred settings won’t change in the field.

The model has .5 MOA windage and elevation which is a decent adjustment for a scope of this calibre. I must say that this equipment is quality enough to rely on for accurate windage and elevation adjustments.

User Friendliness

The Primary Arms 5x Prism scope has a streamlined, well-machined aluminium body. This body is anodized and comes in matte black. Thanks to this process of anodisation, the device has a higher resistance to corrosion, making everything waterproof. It has a 30 mm nitrogen purged tube that also makes it durable and fog proof.

Primary Arms products are known for their reliability and durability. It goes without saying that this scope is very durable too. One distinct feature of this scope that separates it from other Primary Arms scopes are the rubber tethered turret caps. The turrets on this scope have tethered caps which eliminated the probability of you misplacing them and moisture setting in.

The scope also has standardized front and rear covers to protect your lens and avoid damage. Talking about the optics, you get a 2.5″ to 3″ eye relief and a focal ring. The focal ring may also come to handy to users who have weaker eyesight or astigmatisation.

The recoil lugs in the mounting system are particularly important because they help keep the mount and scope secure in the rails to ensure that the cross bolts don’t bear the brunt of the recoil. Damage control for your scope, mount and rifle. On the whole, this Primary Arms 5x Prism scope is pretty durable. Even if you rough it up, the scope will keep at zero and won’t incur any sizable damage.

The device comes with a Li-ion C2302 battery and a battery life of 3000 hours. The Primary Arms 5x Prim scope is truly a cost-effective, budget-friendly scope with high-end features. This also makes it a fine entry-level option for a novice who doesn’t want to make a massive investment. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 3 years on manufacture defects and everyday wear and tear. Additionally, you get the incredible Primary Arms customer service and I’m sure you will be impressed by their promptness and professionalism.


This rifle scope can be mounted on intermediate calibre and larger calibre rifles. It is also compatible with an array of rifles including the AK74 rifle, sporting rifles and hunting rifles. The optic has threads on the inside making it compatible with a kill flash. Although the 5x prism scope comes with GDI mounts, you can change them to your preferred mounts or the Trijicon ACOG mounts. The Primary Arms 5x prism scope is engineered to give you a lot of capabilities and advantages.

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  • Multicoated optics with anodized finish
  • Orion ACSS reticle combined with Bullet Drop Compensation
  • Standard front and rear caps
  • Tethered turret caps
  • Waterproof & Fog Proof
  • Generous Eye relief
  • Cost-Effective
  • Super bright horseshoe reticle
  • Durable, withstands harsh conditions
  • Picatinny type rail mounts
  • Holds true to zero and easily adjustable


  • Small reticle compensation lines


Can the vision on the scope be adjusted to fit your eye?

Yes, the Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope has a crystal clear ACSS reticle and an added feature, a focal ring. You can turn the focus ring to your preference and the use the scope. The scope also has brightness settings that should aid you in aiming and hitting your target.

Where is the riflescope manufactured?

This riflescope is made in China but the design of this product is engineered in the USA. Albeit, customers might think twice before buying a ‘Made in China’ scope, Primary Arms and the Prism 5x have proved their quality, durability and reliability time and time again. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate before buying this piece.

Can I change the mounts on this scope?

Yes. This riflescope comes with a mounting system very similar to the cross-bolt style mounting system and Picatinny rails which fits most rifles. But, if you wish to change it, you can opt for the Trijicon ACOGs, quick detach (QD) and standard mounts can also be used with this device. You can choose your preferred mount type while ordering this product.


We have reached the end of this review and throughout this journey, we’ve witnessed what an incredible device this scope is. It virtually has zero complaints and gives you the best of all worlds in a small 17 oz. package. Primary Arms have been standing up to the mark for a couple of years now. Releasing some of the best scopes in the market at the cheapest possible prices, I love all aspects of it.

The general public has this misconception of cheaper rifle scopes being lower in quality but Primary Arms scopes are an anomaly to that trend. Primary Arms is an anomaly to this. The versatility, ranges, tracking and clarity of this device are beyond good. You get so many features at a price point of $300 which is way cheaper than it’s counterparts. A total steal!

The Primary Arms 5x Prism scope is a perfect long-distance, hunting and sporting rifle. It’s going to be your best buddy out on the field, always on your side and backing you up. No matter what environment, it will give you the best accuracy and precision. This is something you have got to experience and add to your collection!

If at any point, you have an issue with it, contact the Primary Arms impeccable customer care and they will fix you up with the solution, right away. Quality products and quality services, this can’t get any better.

Primary Arms might not have been in the production world for a long time but their products speak for their brilliance and hard work towards giving you the best there is.

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