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Nikon P223 3×32 Review – Precision at its Peak

If you have been hunting for a while, you would have come across the fact that a mere rifle will not do the job. Let’s check out Nikon P223 3×32 Review before anything else.

An equally efficient, as well as compatible cartridge and scope, is undoubtedly necessary to make your shot efficient. The rifle-cartridge-scope combination will surely make your shooting expedition better and fruitful. So what say we look at one such scope that has been custom-designed to shoot a .223 Rem? You can associate a suitable rifle too and complete the combination. Let us first see what the scope is all about.x

Look once at this scope and you will be assured that a lot of thought has gone into it. Replete with many innovative as well as necessary features, this Nikon scope is definitely going to stand the test of time. The fact that it is custom made for .223 Rem does not pose as a limitation to this scope since the .223 Rem is a rather efficient and popular bullet. Its popularity will then let you want to purchase this scope even more. Anyhow, let us see what this Nikon scope is all about.

In a Nutshell

No time to spare? Don’t worry. All that you need is right here.

Smile Wide! Cause this scope is one of the most popular medium-range devices in the market. This Nikon P 223 3×32 scope is the best known for its BDC Carbine reticle and its highly efficient turret system. Beyond that, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to handle. Regardless of these attractive features, the scope has other benefits like good quality optics, zero stop feature, and good eye relief. Further, Nikon gives you good customer support with a Lifetime Warranty as well as a No-Fault Repair and Replacement package.

Watch Out! Though this scope has a good reticle, it does not illuminate upon the target. Further, the parallax adjustment is very basic.

Nikon P223 3×32 Review – P-Tactical Rifle Scope

Nikon P223 3x32 Review – P-Tactical Rifle Scope

So let us begin with the very basic scenario as to where these scopes come handy. As the name suggests, Nikon has a prolific P-Tactical series of scopes. Tactical scopes are basically built with the idea of combat, realistic tactics, and efficient shooting in mind. These scopes have features that will enhance your shooting experience in all sense, no matter where you hunt or no matter what you mount it on. The scope material, eye box, reticles, turrets are all improved and customized to serve your hunting purposes at its best. Let us move on to a detailed review of this Nikon P 223 3×32 scope to find out more about this specific P-Tactical scope.


Nikon scopes are often praised for their high-quality picture. Their experience within this field is clearly a plus point for a buyer. This Nikon P 223 scope has an objective lens of diameter 32mm. Now that is not extremely big but big enough to ensure optimum transmission of light. This glass lens is fully multi-coated thereby adding to the brightness, clarity, and sharpness of the image of the target. Further, Nikon gives you the guarantee that the lens coating supplies 98 percent of light transmission and improved brightness from dawn to dusk. Thus, you need not limit yourself to seizing the day. Dusk and dawn become your companions too.

The next peculiar feature here is the reticle. The reticle placed in the Second Focal Plane is unique and highly efficient. This BDC Carbine reticle is the best option for your tactical hunting rifle. The first thing you need to understand about this Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) Carbine reticle is that it is specifically made for the 55 grain 223 Rem or the 5.56 Nato. The question of compatibility doesn’t arise here, but we need to check as to what specific features the scope offers for this caliber shot. The phrase ‘Bullet Drop Compensation’ would have made it obvious to you that the scope is ‘dead-on’ in terms of accuracy.

You can easily predict the bullet drop point based on the crosshairs that the reticle shows. This reticle has a set of 200 crosshairs with the corresponding hash marks at 400 and 600 yards. So beyond being designed based on caliber, the scope offers easy and effective range estimations, windage and elevation holdover, and precise location of a target in accordance with its size. Thus, the optical quality and reticle features combine to give you an out of the world aiming experience.

Range and Magnification:

As it is evident from the reticle hash marks and the fixed magnification, the scope is the best fit for a medium-range shooting. The scope has a fixed magnification of 3x. This 3x zoom ratio is something unique for the P-Tactical scopes. This zoom ratio along with the big objective lens gives it a rather wide field of view. Statistically, the linear field of view is 35.6 feet at 100 yards.


Since the Nikon P 223 3×32 is essentially a fixed scope, there is no magnification adjustment (be it ring or lever) that we need to know about. But that is not all. The windage and elevation turrets still remain significant to the whole purpose of the reticle’s existence. The windage and elevation adjustments are quite unique since the turrets are precise owing to the visible markers.

These highly visible markers make your adjustments easier to comprehend and make. Further, the scope has an easy to reset to zero feature. This can be done by lifting your spring load knob and adjusting it back to a zero. The clicks on the turrets are very much tactile as well as audible. These precise half an inch clicks helps you to remain active as well as cautious during a hunt – precise and neat!

Beyond that, the scope has a 100 yards parallax setting which makes it easier for you to go long-range. In fact, it is the ideal for a medium-range shot. The scope is also bestowed with a desirable eye box. This generous eye relief of 3.5 inches makes the scope trustworthy. You need not worry about getting hit in the face or anything of that sort. A scope eye is the last of your concern, even with heavy-duty recoil or difficult angles of shooting.


Durability should be your the least of concerns with the Nikon scope. This Nikon P 223 3×32 mm scope is built to last a lifetime. Made of aircraft-grade Aluminium alloy, this scope is strong and sturdy. The scope is purged with Nitrogen and sealed with an O-ring. This means that the scope will become resistant to any temperature based conditions. Or in simpler words – it is water and fog proof.

Further, our Nikon p 223 3×32 mm Rifle Scope is compact, slender, and lightweight. Weighing around 12 oz, the scope becomes easier for you to handle. But that doesn’t mean that it will break easily. First and foremost it is made of the hardest aluminum alloy. And to add to this the scope is shockproof. So the question of breaking never arises. In fact, you can use this Nikon P 223 scope comfortable even with a bulky, heavy-duty hunting rifle.

As said earlier, the scope has a slim profile which is around 8 inches. Blender, compact, and easy to carry around. Now, do remember that the lens does not add much weight to the scope, hence it not being bulky. Each and every feature is carefully designed to give you a moderate, handy, medium-range shooting scope.

Well, if at all the scope does fail you – be it in workmanship quality or structural elements – there is no need to fuss. Nikon has it all covered. The manufacturer has a Lifetime Warranty for this product. This would, under normal circumstances, cover all your replacements or repairs for eternity. But, in case if your complaint is very much rare and does not necessarily come under the Lifetime Warranty agreement, then what? Then too, there is no need to stress.

Nikon has a very unique and efficient no-fault repair and replacement policy. Thus any small element of dissatisfaction can be covered through this unique feature and that too free of cost! Now, that is something new! And it surely does add a lot of value to the customer. So let me just emphasize that with Nikon customer support will never be a worry to you!


There is enough being said about compatibility. But if I had to rephrase, the scope is designed for the use of 55-grain bullets like 223 Rem or the 5.56 Nato. Any rifle that adjusts to this caliber – be it bulky, heavy-duty, lightweight – are all compatible here. Being a lightweight and yet strong device, the scope does benefit a lot in terms of versatility of compatible devices. Thus it is one of the most popular, moderate, medium-range scopes in the market.

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  • Good quality lens
  • Fully multi-coated for extended light transmission and glare reduction
  • Unique BDC Carbine reticle for precision shooting
  • Easy to made audible and tactile turrets
  • Easy to adjust to zero and holds zero perfectly
  • Wide field of view
  • Versatile, yet medium in terms of the range of shooting
  • Fixed scope with 3x magnification
  • Generous eye box with 3.5 inches eye relief
  • 100 yards of parallax adjustment
  • Compact and slender
  • Lightweight device – 12 oz
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Strong and durable
  • Purged with Nitrogen and O-ring sealed – Fogproof and Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Unique No-Fault Repair and Replacement Policy
  • Affordable
  • Custom designed in accordance with bullet caliber


  • No illumination of the target on the reticle
  • Parallax is for a basic of 100 yards


Are Nikon scopes good?

Nikon may not be an outstanding scope manufacturer, but they have built with time a reliable network for themselves. The thing with Nikon is that they provide low-cost, good quality scopes for moderate hunters. Their efficiency does not lie in over-the-top quality but in including versatile features that will give you a good hunting experience. So in totality, the scopes are good.


Well, there goes the review of your low-cost, good quality medium-range scope. Though moderate in terms of impact and quality, the scope does have a lot added to its versatility. The BDC Carbine reticle being the most important of the lot. Further, the customer support they provide is itself an advantage. That is definitely more than enough reasons for you to grab a pair of these Nikon scopes and turn that frown upside down. Off you go! Happy Hunting!

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