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NightForce NXS 5.5-22×50 Review – The Legendary Scope

Ever heard of a manufacturer referring to its own scope as Legendary? Me neither. Before everything else, let’s checkout NightForce NXS 5.5-22×50 Review.

When NightForce does it, you are tempted to wonder why. Unlike Barney Stinson, the NightForce scope manufacturers are quite serious and literal when the use the term legendary. NightForce has always been quite clear about what they are doing. They have made it obvious that their scope would range to high-end pricing but will give you the total worth of it. From durability to ergonomic design, from efficiency to user-friendliness – they have got it all. Their focus is primarily upon high-end long-range optics, and this is where our NXS range locates itself.

The NXS scopes are highly reliable, all thanks to the military background they are from. These NXS scopes are served with equal precedence to the military as well as tactical applications. Seldom do we come across such scopes that are loved and deployed by civilians as well as armed forces. This could be mostly because it is the long-range scope that can take you the furthest! But is that all? Let us find out.

In a Nutshell

No time to spare? Do not worry. We have got all you need right here.

Smile Wide! Cause this scope will take your shot the farthest. The NightForce NXS is essentially a long-range scope. The features that draw most people to it is the MOAR Illuminated Reticle, Hi-Speed Turrets, Magnification, and Range. Beyond this, the scope has good eye relief, is parallax free, and has a good clarity lens. It is also strong and durable.

Watch Out! Cause the scope weighs considerably well. Also, it is in the hinh end in terms of pricing.

NightForce NXS 5.5-22×50 Review

NightForce Tactical 5.5-22x50 NXS Rifle Scope

Let us first take a sneak peek at what the 5 scopes within the NightForce NXS range is all about. Within the NXS NightForce scope for sale, one is a compact scope aptly advertised as the ‘Biggest Baddest Little Scope’. Keeping this one aside, the other 4 are more or less the same barring the magnification and lens size difference. These four are – 3.5-15x50mm, 5.5-22x50mm, 5.5-22x56mm, 8-32x56mm. Our guy here is the NightForce NXS 5.5 22×56 scope which was initially developed for the U.S. Military. Let us see what this long-range scope has to offer for us. Read on for a detailed review.


The clarity of the lens while shooting is a predominant criterion if you look at long-range scopes specifically. This is more or less because you need to be provided with the utmost clarity even at high magnifications or zooms. Your whole shot rests upon this. Worry not, cause NightForce has that aspect covered.

This scope has a 50mm objective lens. Now that is certainly big enough to let in a bulky amount of sun rays into the tube. The image is then clear, crisp, and bright at all magnitudes. This quality is enhanced once the lens is fully-multi coated. Though big in size, the lens is not necessarily heavy. So it doesn’t add to the bulk of the scope in considerable quantities.

The next factor that needs to be looked into in terms of the optical prowess is the reticle. This is the best feature that this NightForce NXS scope is bestowed with. NightForce basically gives you a choice of three reticles in the Second Focal Plane to choose from – MIL-R, MOAR, and MOAR-T. The Mil-Dot reticle is best used for range estimation. The other two MOAR reticles are highly efficient. They basically constitute a floated MOA center, which is crosshairs that are 2 MOA tall and 2 MOA wide. The MOAR-T is clearly an improvement on the MOAR reticle.

These reticles are essentially designed for precise long-range shooting. The fine crosshairs help in fast as well as easy target estimation and improve range finding as well as a holdover estimation technique. It is best suited for long-range since the fine crosshairs do not block the target off. Hence, even the smallest target can be easily focused and aimed at. The red color illuminated reticle makes it possible for you to squeeze the best out of the dawn and dusk hunting expedition. Further, the etched markings on the reticles make low light and battery low conditions less of a headache for aiming accurately.

This NightForce NXS scope will never give you a chance to think twice about its optical prowess. Be it lens quality or reticle features, the scope is wholesome in both arenas.

Range and Magnification:

As it has become evident by now this NightForce scope is best meant for long-range shooting. In fact, this scope has been acclaimed as the longest range provider – stretching onto and beyond 2000 yards. That is as long as long can get! The scope has a magnification range of 5.5-22x which makes it favorable for mid-range as well. The wide field of view it has, owing to the large lens, is definitely an added advantage here.


The internal and external adjustments for this scope is very much essential to its efficiency. I know that it is true for any scope. But, here the significance becomes all the more stressed since getting a target up to 2000 yards is not a child’s play. Let us brief into the features that make this possible for you.

The windage and elevation turrets and sharp and on point. A unique feature here is the Hi-Speed Turrets which make it possible for you to make swift clicks at ease. The diopter ring has an efficient stopping feature. So does the magnification ring. This one is easy to turn as well as adjust since the reading is etched in clear white. Neat! Further, the scope has a ZeroStop feature which locks the adjustments efficiently. Thus you need not fret about accidental changes to your adjustments.

The scope has an efficient side focus parallax adjustment. So no instance of estimation confusions comes up. Also, the generous eye box makes shooting convenient. The 3.74 eye relief is good and reliable. No probability of getting a scope eye arises.


This NightForce NXS scope is attractive and looks stronger than most scopes. Made of 6061 T6 Aluminium, the scope is strong and sturdy. It has a 30mm tube body and a black finish. The catch here is that the scope does weigh sufficiently, a lot of it owing to the strength of the materials used in construction. The weight of 31oz is something you might want to watch out for.

The scope has been sealed and proofed in order to make it weather as well as shock resistance. So, it is water, fog, and shockproof. The scope has undergone rigorous testing before being sent out to the market. Hence there are very few chances of things going wrong. But if it does, then you know what to do. The lifetime warranty that NightForce gives you enables you to make a repair as well as a replacement request on material as well as workmanship defects. That is what I call worthy of each penny being spent.


As discussed above, the NightForce NXS 5.5 20×50 weighs considerably well. This makes it incompatible with slender, lightweight rifles. Instead, the efficiency, good eye relief, and shock proofed nature of this scope make it the best fit for high-caliber, high-duty rifles that will take your shot to the farthest.

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  • A good quality optics with a big lens and extended clarity
  • Fully-multi coated optics
  • Reticle options to choose from
  • Mil-Dot for target estimation
  • MOAR reticles for easy range finding and targeting
  • Illuminated Red reticle
  • Markings etched on the glass
  • Hi-Speed windage and elevation turret adjustments
  • Easy to use throw power lever for magnification
  • ZeroStop feature
  • Side focus parallax adjustment
  • Generous eye box and good eye relief
  • Strong and made of 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Water-proof, Fog-proof and Shockproof
  • Durable
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Weighs considerably well
  • Is on the higher end of the price range


Is the NightForce NXS a long-range scope?

It makes no sense to answer this after a review of the scope. Nevertheless, let me put it out there again- IT IS THE BEST LONG-RANGE SCOPE! There are very few scopes that can give you a straight 2000 yards of shooting and Nightforce NXS is one of them. Everything here is a perfect fit for long-range shooting. The MOAR reticle, illumination, range, Hi-Speed Turrets, even the eye relief, and the shockproof nature adds to the minute detailing that makes such a shot viable. So you need not have second thoughts about this.

How to adjust the illumination for NightForce NXS scope?

That is a tough question and a tough task. The thing with the NightForce NXS is that it does not have a direct illumination control button. To turn the illumination on and off, you just have to pull out the parallax turret for turning it on and place it back in for turning it off. The brightness control over the reticle cannot be adjusted manually.

The scope has set an all-purpose hunting reticle brightness which might work in most cases. But if you are really keen on customizing the brightness then this is what you should do. Remove the side focus turrets and then remove the battery. Now, below this, you will have the brighteness control screw which can be adjusted with the assistance of a screwdriver. Not as easy as you would dream but still at least the option for altering it is available.

Does the power ring and eyepiece move differently?

No. This is one difficulty that most hunters face with the NightFirce scopes. The scope has a one-piece built which they proclaim is for better durability and ruggedness. Nevertheless, this means that while adjusting the magnification ring you might end up turning the entire eyepiece as such. This might be extremely difficult for you if you plan to use flip-up caps in the future.


I hope you got all the assurance and reassurance that you ever needed. Though NightForce would not be your typical first choice let me tell you that this scope manufacturing company has much credibility bestowed to it. Well, if they are producing such high-quality, innovative featured scopes then I would doubt as to why hunters wouldn’t want to get hold of them. Yes, they do come at a price. Well, luxury just doesn’t come easily, does it? You have to pay for it. Hope you get hold of this beast of a scope and get to try it for yourself. Do check out the owner’s manual in case you’ve any doubts. Thanks for stopping by. Happy hunting to you!