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Leupold VX 6 Review – Ace the Game

Leupold Vx 6 Review

Ever used a Leupold scope? If you have, then you would certainly not think twice before carting one for yourself. Let’s check out Leupold VX 6 Review but before that let’s get to know more about Leupold.

Leupold is essentially the best quality scope manufacturer within the firearms industry. And that certainly does show in the pricing of its models. I know we have a tendency to think twice before spending much on a scope, which may at times be higher than the price of the rifle. But, hey, who are we kidding? Expensive scopes may not be cost-friendly but they are cost-efficient for they give you all that they promise for and even more. They are efficiency targetted and hence that comes at a price. Well, some things are worth the price, isn’t that so?

So, what is so great about the Leupold VX 6? The VX 6 range like any other within the Leupold models are leaders. They are the leaders within the scopic area, long-range F class competition scopes. What sort of competition is that? And does that mean that they are not meant for non-competition ordeals? Why would I want an expensive scope like this in the first place? Calm down, calm down! We have got answers to all of your questions. It might take a while to go through the whole review. Anyhow, do read on for a detailed product review.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry? Don’t worry. You have got all that you need right here.

Smile Wide! Cause this scope is too good to be true. The highlight of this long-range scope is its magnification versatility and turret efficiency. Other than that, the scope has also got a good quality optics, fast and side focus features, good eye box and eye relief, durability and warranty. That is all that I could ever ask for.
Watch Out!
Cause this scope is priced within a high-end price range. essentially speaking, it is expensive.

Leupold VX 6 Review – CDS Scope

Leupold VX 6 7-42x56mm CDS Scope

The Leupold VX 6 range scopes are well known for its optical quality and high power. The scope is, like most other Leupold scopes, reliable and durable. Within the range of 7-42x, the scope has a lot more to offer. For one, it lets you engage in extreme long-range shots and that too with utmost optical clarity. While this is useful for your hunting practices, equally important is the scope’s role in F class shooting competitions. Leupold VX 6 7-42x will ensure that you will bag that prize!


We cannot have a discussion on the awesomeness of any scope without bringing into view its optics. This Leu[pold VX 6 model has a 56mm objective lens. By now you would know how cool this is. The bigger the objective lens, the better the light transmission. Hence the image you see through the eyepiece will be clear, crisp, and bright. The lens efficiency is enhanced with the presence of many other features. The first of these is the blackened edges of the lens which provides good quality edge-to-edge brightness.

Further, the presence of a blackened lens at large gives you brighter images. Another aspect is the Extended Twilight Lens System. What does this do? It makes low light sighting and shooting easier for you by absorbing more light rays. Thus, a low light bright image becomes viable. Overall, you can be assured of optimum clarity and brightness from your objective lens.

The next element which defines the optical prowess of your scope is the reticle. In the case of the Leupold VX 6, the reticle is a TMOA reticle rightly located in the Second Focal Plane. Though the aspect that the reticle is in the Second Focal Plane might seem like something off for you, I would like to point out that it need not necessarily be so.

It is true that magnification prowess is best observed in the First Focal Plane reticles. Nevertheless, this Leupold VX 6 scope does use the best resources in place to give up an optimum result. So, this factor need not be seen as a defect but a peculiarity which may or may not work for you depending on your preferences.

Range and Magnification:

This Leupold scope has a magnification of 7-42x. This is definitely one of the most versatile and effective ranges. This lets you get mid as well as long-range though it is essentially meant for the latter. Furthermore, if comparing with other ranges like 5-25x, this serves to be more efficient for the long-range. There you go – versatility along with efficiency. The range then essentially would fall below a 1000 yards. Somewhere around 300 to 600 would be the optimum range.


A lot of the precision efficiency that is endowed upon this Leupold VX 6 is owing to its adjustment tools. Starting with the Twin Bias Spring Erector System. What does this do? This is essentially a precision tool to keep your windage and elevation turrets on their toes. These fingertip adjustable turrets are set in an MOA scale wherein one finger tick is 1/4 MOA in terms of adjustment.

Further, the Twin Bias Spring Erector System makes these turrets much more efficient as it enhances the holding force by 30 percent. Thereby it eliminated not just any discrepancies or backlashes in terms of windage and elevation measurements but also reduces the stress on the internal workings of the scope. These turrets can be further replaced, if needed, with the help of a CDS dial system.

Going beyond the turrets, the scope has a commendable fast acquisition feature which is essential for a long-range high magnification shot. It also features a good side focus system. Another interesting factor is the eye box. This VX 6 scope is bestowed with a generous eye box. the eye relief ranging from 3.8 to 4.2 inches is way more than just “Good”. It will certainly make sure that the recoil force dies not hit you hard and have you end up with red-eye.


There is not much that I need to specify about Leupold’s structural prowess. Cause everyone knows that Lepupld’s scopes are the best in the market. Its quality is unquestionable.

To start with, the scope has a 6061-T6 Aluminium housing. This is a strong and durable alloy and will make sure that your scope will last a lifetime. And if at all it doesn’t last a lifetime do not worry. Cause you have a Leupold Full Lifetime Warranty. This will inherently include structural as well as workmanship related defects. Even any transit or shipping associated damage will be taken care of.

Another factor with respect to the use of longevity is the weather and shock resistant nature of the scope. The scope has Second generation Argon or Krypton Waterproofing which makes the scope water and shock-resistant. Further, this reduces the diffusion of any gasses inside the scope thereby making it fog proof. Also, both the strong alloy and efficient proofing helps in making the scope shockproof. So you can easily use the scope on high caliber rifles.

Though the scope has a heavy-duty performance, it isn’t necessarily “heavy”. I am aware that both arent interlinked but that is not the point here. The point is – despite having a huge lens, rigid housing material, and shockproof nature, the scope turns out to be lightweight. Well, not the regular kind of lightweight. But lightweight when compared with other long-range rifles. Leupold does have this quality to it. If you are familiar with the Mark 6 line of scopes you might have come across the same feature there too.


As these scopes are mostly meant for F class shooting competitions, you might want to look at rifles that will best satisfy this purpose. Nevertheless, as the scope is shockproof and lightweight, you can use it on any range of rifles, even high power, and high caliber ones. Also, .308 and .338 Win has proved to be of very much ideal for these sorts of scopes.

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  • Good quality optics
  • 56mm objective lens
  • Fully Multi-Coated
  • Extended Twilight Lens System for low light shooting
  • MOA Reticle
  • Twin Bias Spring Erector System for precision
  • Easy and efficient turret
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Side focus
  • Versatile range
  • Good magnification – best for long-range
  • Extended eye relief
  • Strong and durable
  • Water, fog, and shockproof.
  • Lightweight within long-range scopes


  • Expensive – priced within a higher range.


What is Leupold VX 6 used for?

This scope has proved to be very much useful and efficient in the F class shooting competitions. These are mainly focused upon long-range shooting. To mark a long-range huntsman’s capabilities, a mere higher magnification range of shooting is not sufficient for a scope. An F class scope is expected to have long-range shooting prowess along with a really precise reticle for aiming distant targets, a good ballistic calculator to ensure the best aiming, and also the quality of the knobs that fix your windage and elevation.

Why is Leupold so expensive?

This question daunts upon any shooter who has had to spend a lot on a decent scope. Well, so the question is basically is whether an expensive scope like Leupold is worth it. Well, yes and no – depending upon your subjective preferences. A low or cheap scope might give you all the features that you needed but the question of quality might remain unanswered.

An expensive scope ion the other hand will give you the same features and more at optimum quality. Enough to last you for years and years. Now I would certainly prefer that over the former due to the question of longevity. Thus, Leupold which uses out-of-the-world quality material for making its scope structure and parts turns out to be more expensive than many others.


Ever since the dawn of mankind, Leupold has been expensive. We all know that is an exaggeration but maybe also an imaginative possibility. As we said before Leupold scopes are expensive for a reason. And if you are ready to buy that reason, then you can easily buy the scope too.

Some costly steps are totally worth the money being invested in it. And these Leupold scopes definitely falls under the category of that “some”. It is all that you have ever wished for in an F class shooting scope and more.

That’s your cue now. Off you go and bag the best deal in town. Find a Leupold VX 6 for yourself and I swear your hiding expeditions will just come all the more easy and efficient. See you later then. Tell us how the experience goes. Till then, happy hunting to you!

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