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Leupold Mark 5 Review – Want To Take Your Shot Longer?

Leupold Mark 5 Review

In the search for the best long-range scope in town? Why don’t we check out Leupold Mark 5 Review.

I mean, like the one that has optimum lens clarity even at high magnification? I also mean something that is lightweight and innovative in terms of adjustments? What if I also add durability to the list? Well, I guess that sums up our checklist in brief. This is why I must introduce you to Leupold Mark 5. You would have already heard a bunch about the guy, cause hey, he is quite in the main game.

When it comes to durability and efficiency in performance, you need not doubt Leupold at all. This American company has the perks of not just being family owned and run but also has the first-hand experience within the arena of hunting and shooting. This explains the focus given to details and the aspect of user-friendliness that is often reflected in their products. I think that’s enough of beating around the bush. Let us get to the matter of this. Read on for a full Leupold Mark 5 review.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry? Go through this and you are good to go.

Rejoice! Cause this Leupold Mark 5HD is the best long-range scope in the market. It has turned heads with its lightweight and compact nature; also its image clarity and turret innovations. Further, the scope has all you need – side parallax adjustment, a fast-focus eyepiece, precision reticle, good eye relief, quick zoom, smooth zero-in, strength, and durability. It is also insured with a Leupold Lifetime Warranty.

Watch Out! Cause this guy will cost you a lot. It is definitely expensive.

Leupold Mark 5 Review – MOA Riflescope

Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm MOA Riflescope

The Mark 5HD series of scopes is something Leupold came up with by catering to the needs of long-range rifles and ammo owners. These scopes have the benefit of not just being High Definition, but they are essentially lightweight and built to give you efficient performance on the range. They are also well known for their unique and effective turret design. Before we go into this, let me just briefly tell you the 6 different models within this series.

This way you will get an initial idea as to why we are focussing our review on the Mark 5HD 5 25×56 mm Rifle Scope. The six ranges that are offered in this series are – 7-35×56 MIL, 7-35×56 MOA, 5-25×56 MOA, 5-25×56 MIL, 3.6-18×44 MOA, and 3.6-18×44 MIL. As it is evident, there are three sets of ranges and options within them on the reticle design. The one we are going to discuss is the best fit for the long-range and has an MOA reticle. Read on for an in-depth dissection.


The most important thing when you are out on long-range hunting or shooting is the credibility of the lens. No matter how good an aiming reticle or even a high caliber rifle is, it will prove to be worthless if you cannot view your distant target with utmost clarity. This is one sector wherein Leupold wins tremendously.

The scope has a 56mm objective lens. I need not even specify how good this is. You already would know that a big lens means better light transmission. And a better light transmission means that you will get a good, clarity bright image. Such a huge lens inherently guarantees that even low light shooting is possible at a mediocre level even though the scope is not built for the same. The lens is also bestowed with a DaimondCoat lens coating. This way the scope reduces 90 percent of glare and at the same time enhances the clarity of the image. So there is a guaranteed assurance that you will get a crystal clear target for shooting.

Another important factor with respect to the optics is the reticle. This particular Leupold Mark 5HD model has an MOA reticle placed in the First Focal Plane. The MOA reticle makes range estimation easier for you. This is a must-have feature for your long-range shooting. Add to this whole optic a Twilight HD Light Management System and you will not just get an extra 30 mins of shooting but also get added clarity and brightness. In essence, this particular optic is all you will ever need!

Magnification and Range:

As it has already become evident by now, this scope is meant for long-range target shooting. The magnification adjustment range it offers is between 5-25x. The scope also has features that make this range and magnification suitable like – a good side parallax system, easy zooming lever, unique turret, and a perfectly zero-in and holding capability. It also has an eye relief of 3.6 to 3.8 inches which is sufficient for a long-range shot. Add to this a fast-focus eyepiece feature and you are more than good to go!


With respect to magnification and range, the scope functions smoothly. The scope is fitted with an easy zoom feature that is implemented with the help of a smooth throw lever. The scope also makes it easy for you to zero in before shooting and hold zero perfectly well.

A must mention factor, which is also the highlight of this model, is the unique elevation and windage turret. To get the facts out there, it has a capped windage turret that offers 60 MOA adjustments and an elevation turret with a rotation indicator and a zero stop which travels at 120 MOA. The windage turret is capped thereby preventing incidental changes by accident.

Also, the index line of the windage adjustment is aligned at a more comfortable 2’o clock position rather than the regular 3’o clock. This not just makes adjustments easier but allows you to view these changes at utmost ease. The elevation turret is quite unique. The zero stop feature is the main catch. Push it down and the rotate for the other basic adjustments. The turret is mechanically and audibly good in terms of performance.


The first thing that needs to be said, though it is not technically a structural aspect, is the weight. Weighing around 30 oz, the scope is what you can call lightweight when in comparison with other long-range scopes. It is ounces lighter than EOTech which most people consider being the most lightweight long-range scope. The long 35mm tube nor the 56mm objective lens makes the scopes bulky as we would expect it to be. In fact, the scope is compact and lightweight. Definitely the best within the long-range scope market.

But, this does not mean that the scope is weak. It is lightweight but it is also definitely strong. Made of 6061 Aluminium housing, this Leupold Mark 5HD can stand a lot of recoil and pressure. You also need not worry about dropping it and damaging the device. The scope is also weather resistant. That is, it is water and fog proof. The shock-proof guarantee further lets you use the scope on high caliber cartridges and rifles.

Now, in case if all this goes wrong and there seems to be some sort of damage in the scope – structural or workmanship based – you need not worry. Cause you are insured with the Leupold’s Full Lifetime Warranty. What more do you need huh?

Overall, the scope is of good quality and hence there is assured longevity even while you use it in rugged terrains and for dangerous shots. High-five on that!


As the aforementioned features suggest, the scope is well built for long-range. Though light, it is strong and rugged and hence can handle high power. Hence the kind of cartridges that take on you for long-range and its subsequent rifles can be efficiently used with the Leupold Mark 5HD. Nevertheless, .338 and .308 Win have proved to be if optimum when used with this scope.

Since you’ve almost read the Leupold Mark 5 Review, why don’t you check out another Leupold scope.


  • Good optical clarity
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Diamond Coat for glare reduction and better light transmission
  • 56mm objective lens
  • Twilight Light Management System for low light shooting
  • MOA reticle
  • First Focal Plane reticle
  • Fast Focus eyepiece
  • Side Parallax adjustment
  • Easy zoom with a throw lever
  • Good magnification adjustment range
  • Capped windage turrets
  • Elevation adjustment with zero stop and rotation indicator
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made of 6061 Aluminium – strong and rugged
  • Waterproof and Fogproof
  • Rugged and shock-proof
  • Leupold Full Lifetime Warranty


  • Expensive – priced within the high-range


7-35 or 5-25 – which is better?

If you look at the various models within the Leupold Mark 5HD you would have noticed that these long-range scopes are available in both 7-35x56mm and 5-25x56mm adjustment range. Well, technically speaking the 7-35x is far better than the 5-25x if you are looking are magnification versatility as well as efficiency at long distance. Nevertheless, as you would have also noticed, the 7-35x is priced higher than the other. Though if you are steadfast in spending a good amount in a good scope, this should not be a matter. Ultimately, the choice is all yours to make.

Why are Leupold scopes so expensive?

You would have, for a countless number of times, asked yourself if expensive scopes are worthy of it. Isn’t it better to spend less and get a decent quality, good featured scope? Well, yes and no. Yes, you would get a similar extend of features in cheap scopes as well but no, cause these will not be as good as the expensive ones in terms of quality. For the case of Leupold, or even this Mark 5HD model to be precise, the turret markings and material quality is not promised from any other manufacturer. Though there are other lenses of 56mm, the Leupold one is of better quality than many others. You will understand this once you use the device.


Hope you got all that you needed from here. This scope is pretty much everything you would need on a long-range shooting spree. The lightweight and compact nature couples perfectly well with the optical quality and the turret specificities to give you the best in terms of structural as well as component-based benefits. If you’ve the curiosity bug inside you like me, go watch the Virtual Factory Tour of Leupold.

Also, if you have been tired of all the other heavy and inefficient long-range scopes, then this one will surely be a round of fresh breath for you. The price is a pull-back. I know. But which is better? Spending very little on a low or mediocre performance scope or spending a sufficient amount on a really good scope. I would suggest the latter, even if that would cost me to cut down on a month’s expense on other things.

Well, why are you still here? Isn’t it time for you to get the scope already? Rush and bag the best deal in the market and don’t forget to thank me later. Mark my word, cause this scope will take you to shoot to a distance you would have never imagined before. Happy Hunting!

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