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Holosun HS515C Review – Military Grade Sight At Your Finger Tips

Holosun HS515C Review - Military Grade Sight At Your Finger Tips

Ever used a Holosun optic? No? Well, then I’d say its high time you give it a try. So let’s check out Holosun HS515C Review.

Holosun is not the age-old, time-tested manufacturer within the firearms and optics industry. Instead, it is the new guy in town – new, improved, and definitely worth the investment. What makes Holosun stand out is that its cost-efficiency. It lures you in with high-quality optics and once you check the price details you will definitely be awe-struck. No, it’s not cheap but cost-efficient. Do you get the difference? Basically, you get the total worth of what you are investing in and at most times even more!

Getting into the details of this product, the Holosun HS515C is a military-grade micro red-dot sight manufactured by Holosun. As you might have heard, Holosun specializes in red dot and laser sights. Catering to the new-gen hunter and new-age technology, this sight is innovative and efficient.

Like most other micro red-dot sights, this one is best sought for its fast target acquisition feature as well as its accuracy. Basically preferred for police, military, and other officials who would require a close-range precision shooting optic, the Holosun HS515C has definitively made a place for itself within the military as well as civilian’s top choice. Read on to know further details.

In a Nutshell

No time for a full read? Don’t worry. We have got capsule info prepared just for the likes of you.

Smile Wide! Cause the Holosun HS515C is definitely worth every penny you spent on it and in fact even more. It is a cost-efficient optics to start with. What makes it best suitable for combat shooting is its reticle and power supply features. This red dot sight has 2 reticle options that being 2 MOA and 65 MOA circle dot ring for you to choose from and also supplies power through an installed battery as well as from external solar power. The next best thing is easy to make, audible adjustment knobs. The sight also has a parallax-free feature with unlimited eye relief. Also, don’t forget that it is well built, durable, waterproof, and has a subsequent warranty. What more do you need?

Watch Out! The base of the sight is rumored to be made of cheap material and hence may not last that long.

Holosun HS515C Review – Military Grade

Holosun Military Grade HS515C


The most important as well as an intriguing factor within this red dot sight is its optics. To start with, it has a 20mm diameter window size for a good enough wide-field view. The image you get is guaranteed to be clear, bright, and crisp.

Further, the sight has a Multiple Reticle System. It has two kinds of reticles that you can easily shift from based on your needs and preferences. The 2 MOA center dot reticle is the best fit for precision shooting. But if you are up for fats target acquisition then the 65 MOA circle dot outer ring will serve you best. How to shift between these two modes? It is very simple. Long press on the minus push button of the brightness settings and you can alter between the two types of reticles swiftly.


These Holosun optics make use of easy and effective means for adjusting your device to the needed target range. The magnification here is 1x and thus the question of adjusting that does not come into play. The windage and elevation capped turrets are easy to adjust and precise. The windage adjustment knob is at the right-hand side while the elevation adjustment knob is comfortably fitted into the top of the sight.

Also, zeroing in of the sight was simple even if the product was factory adjustment to an approximate of zero. It holds zero perfectly as well. Further, the Holosun 515C is parallax free and has unlimited eye relief. This way you need not worry about distortions in target or even make a fuss about safety while shooting. Red eyes won’t get anywhere near you!


This Holosun HS515C sight is essentially compact and lightweight. The dimensions of the device follow an order of 2.44 x 1.77 x 1.37 inches. It weight around 7 oz. Hence it is the perfect optic for a handy shooting and for comfortably carrying it around with you. No wonder the military and police prefer this one!

In terms of its structure, the sight has a strong build. Made of 7075 Aluminium and possessing a hard-anodized finish, the device guarantees you unbeatable structural durability. The snag-free housing design further guarantees the durability of all its internal organs. Further, the Holosun HS515C is waterproof.


Another unique feature of this Holosun HS515C is its battery feature or its power supply to be more accurate. The device makes use of two means of power usage and similarly operates on two modes of brightness based on the former settings. Too confused? I’ll break it down to you.

The sight has two kinds of power supply – solar power and battery generated. The solar panel fitted on the top of the device ensures the best and optimum usage of external sunlight to run the device. This is especially useful when you have drained your in-house battery and need external support. But, this feature will obviously not work in low lit conditions. Thus to make, night-time, and low light shooting plausible, the device has a battery-powered option as well. This ensures a good working for a range between 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Now, that’s a great deal!

So how do these two options determine your brightness? There are basically 2 modes – auto mode and manual mode. Auto mode will essentially run of external power and adjusts the target viewing brightness in accordance with the external environment. If the external lighting does not provide ambient light to the device then the sight starts to draw from the battery immediately.

Basically, you need not know a thing about all this, and yet you can rest assured that your shot will be bright and clear. Why would you ever want to go beyond this convenience and set to manual mode, I do not understand. Yet, within the manual mode, you will have to customize the brightness settings according to your own will. You will have the option of choosing between 10 daylight and 2-night vision brightness settings. A kill-flash feature is also included to optimize your view.

To save battery consumption, the sight sleeps after a certain period of inactivity. In such cases, you can easily restart or resume your shoot with the shake awake technology. Just shake the Holosun HS515C once and your device is good to go!


The Holosun HS515C is essentially the best fit for combat shooting. So rifles that are best suited for such a purpose might be preferred here. The sight comes with a 1/3 Co-witness quick to detach mount with a removable spacer. This means that you can easily remove and refit the sight on almost all sorts of rifles without losing much time to it.

Since you’ve almost read the Holosun HS515C review, why don’t you checkout another of Holosuns’ scope – Holosun 510C


  • Holographic reticle for better target acquisition
  • Advanced red dot MOA reticle feature.Good clarity vision
  • Wide-field view with a 20mm diameter window
  • Multiple Reticle System – 2 MOA for precision and 65 MOA rings for fast target acquisition
  • Easy to change reticle options
  • Easy, crisp and audible windage and elevation adjustments
  • Parallax-free device
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Best fit for close to medium range shooting
  • Dual power supply – battery and solar
  • Dual brightness adjustments – auto and manual mode
  • 10 daylight and 2 night time brightness settings for manual mode
  • Kill flash
  • Shake Awake technology
  • Night-time compatible
  • Made of strong aluminum
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Holosun unlimited warranty provided
  • Shake awake technology
  • 1/3 Co-witness, quick to detach mount for easy installation
  • Cost-efficient device
  • Compact and comparatively lightweightHolographic reticle for better target acquisition
  • Advanced red dot MOA reticle feature.


  • The sight is rumored to have a cheap and weak base that may get damaged easily
  • Mid-range pricing
  • A few shooters prefer spending some extra money and owning an Aimpoint red dot sight instead.


Scope vs Sight

Well, it can’t get more basic than this. A sight is basically a scope without magnification. So if you are looking for versatility in terms of magnification and range, then this is what you need. But if there is a fixed range you wish to focus on and you require more accuracy, then sights are better. Furthermore, sights have better variations of optical features like red dot sights, reflex sights, or holographic sights.

Which color LED is best suited for hunting – red or green?

Though red is the most popular one, green is what is essentially ideal. Our eye is well fitted to absorb the wavelength of a green wave better than a red one. This is why when the same intensity of green and red lights are emitted, the green appears to be brighter. Also, green is less harmful and pungent for the human eye. Nevertheless, one has to accept the reality that a green dot scope or sight will definitely cost you more than a red one.

Is Holosun a good company?

Holosun might not have stayed for ages but it is definitely trustworthy. This California based optics manufacturing company rests on the motto of producing technologically advanced, high-quality optics at an affordable price. They are definitely a good company especially if you are looking for red dot and laser sights.


Well, there goes our review of the Holosun HS 515 C red dot sight. As you may have already figured out, the device is best used in the military for close to medium range combat shooting. The reticle features and the highly reliable battery life makes it suitable for this venture. Many users have identified that this sight is definitely to be placed a rung above EOTech is terms of features as well as performance.

Nevertheless, there are few who would prefer spending a few more dollars and owning an Aimpoint for themselves. Cool. But let me just enlighten you on the fact that Holosun does borrow certain feature ideas like the battery life from Aimpoint but it also adds a lot of its own specificities to it. Which is why the device is a must-have. There is a lot offered for the given price range – something that most companies do not do! Do checkout their generic FAQs before buying.

That being said, your choice is yours. Even if you choose to own another device at the time being do come back and please try again later. Cause this beauty should be experienced at least once. I would recommend it any day, even in my sleep. The rest is up to you. See you later then. Let us know how much you loved this sight and do spread the word around. Happy Hunting to you!

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