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Holosun 510C Review – You Need Not Wait For The Sun Anymore

Tired of inaccurate shooting? Sick of having to shoot with an eye closed? Let’s check out Holosun 510C Review but before that let me tell you why I have the perfect solution to the above problems.

The way out of this mess is owning a reflex sight. Is it a grade better than iron sights? Yes! Is it the same as red dot sights? Well, no. Let me make it easier for you. It is like saying all oranges are fruits but not all fruits are oranges. Reflex sights are basically red or green dot sights but not the other way around. So they are definitely an improvement on your normal red dot sights.

Where does this uniqueness come from? More or less from the visual experience. The reticle feature of a reflex sight is rather intriguing. The sight makes use of a good quality reflective glass to accurately direct a reflection of an LED light into the objective lens. This is what deploys as the aiming mechanism for reflex sights and they have been proclaimed to be all the more accurate and user friendly.

So what about Holosun? How do we know if they are good within the field of reflex sights? Based in California, Holosun has undoubtedly shaken the market with its new-age technologically equipped optics. Their selling point is based upon the perfect mix of quality and affordability. Also, they specialize in high-end lasers and red-dots. They are also bestowed with the credibility of being praised well within the US military for their non-aircraft rifles. I think that is all you need to trust in these guys. Let us now take a look at why the Holosun 510C is a shooter’s favorite device.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry? Don’t worry. Just breeze through this section to get all that you need to know.

Smile Wide! Cause this device is an accurate, night-vision compatible open reflex sight. The Holosun HS510C is definitely a must-mention Holosun product if you are looking for good reticle features and commendable battery life. It has a wide field view with a red dot aiming upon 3 reticle options. The battery life is also bestowed with dual options of solar cells and regular battery. While these two features are what stands out, the sight also has other features like – parallax free, easy and true to zero, shake away technology, and unlimited eye relief. The structure benefits of this Holosun device makes it strong, shock-resistant, and water-proof. In essence, the Holosun device promises high-end technological features at a mid-range price.

Watch Out! Cause this reflex sight is on a mid-range in terms of weight.
Read on for a full depth review.

Holosun 510C Review (Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight)

Holosun 510C Review

Within the open reflex sight category of Holosun, a prominent series has been the 510 series. The Holosun 510C is the company’s hallmark product. It resembles EOTech is terms of a lot of quality features but improves upon it. And it surely does give Vortex holographic sights a run for its money. Let us see how. Read on for more detailed dissection.


Let us start with the very feature that makes the open reflex sights stand out within the optical world. To start with the sight has a 32mm x 24mm open lens. This means that the frame the sight offers is not just open but wide enough to give you a larger scope of viewing. The lens that the optic makes use of is of remarkable quality and thereby gives you the advantage of clear and bright vision.

The Multiple Reticle System is the next best thing about this sight. That is, you are being given three options of reticles to choose from – a 2 MOA dot reticle, the 65 MOA ring reticle, or the 2 MOA dot reticles with a 65 MOA ring around it. The last one is popularly called the Holosun Circle Dot Reticle. Along with this bigger array of choices, the optic has the advantage of having a clear, precise, and blur-free reticle.

In essence, by adding the wide area of viewing with the microdot reticle designs you get an excellent optic. The clarity and precision are just added benefits.


How to choose between reticle options? All you have to do is to long-press on the minus brightness button and you can easily jump between reticle option. The push-buttons are easy to operate.

The scope as such is parallax free optical design. It also zeroes in perfectly well and unsurprisingly holds zero perfectly well too. Just one of the things that Holosun has always promised.

Power Source:

Another intriguing feature of the Holosun 510C sight is the power source options that it provides. The optic has a dual power source system – one being solar powered and the other a battery-run one.

The optic has solar cells fitted on the top of its structure. This solar panel will run efficiently and can pose as a backup for your regular battery. But remember that you need ambient light for the proper functioning of this feature. So to make low light, as well as night-shooting feasible, the sight has a battery power feature as well. The CR2032 battery gives you a battery life of almost 5 years, which means guaranteed battery life for above 50,000 hours. The sight also has an added feature of an extra battery tray at the bottom.

This dual power supply works in two modes – the auto mode and the manual mode. The auto mode basically detects the lighting in the room and chooses an appropriate reticle brightness for your shoot. That is, in cases when there is no ambient light provided by the solar cell, the device automatically shifts or draws from the battery. And all this without you knowing about anything happening inside the device. The second mode is the common manual mode wherein you can choose from a set of 12 reticle brightness and have your shot customized by yourself.

The sight also has an inherently sight-on design. That is, the sight will always be on unless you manually turn it off. This way you will get extended sunlight battery backup. Also, the optic goes into a sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Following this, you can make use of the “shake awake” technology to bring the device back into action.

Structural Benefits:

The Holosun HS510C is of a streamlined design that makes it all the more aerodynamically efficient as a light-reflecting device. Made of 6061 Aluminum body, the device is hard. The Titanium alloyed protective hood makes it shock resistant. It is also water-resistant and has a submersible resistance of a depth of 1 meter. The push-button controls are easy to use and efficient. Also, this optic has unlimited eye relief.


The Holosun HS510C is well compatible with high caliber rifles. This is well evident from the fact that the device is shock resistant. Also, you get a co-witness and quick release mount. This is easy to use and versatile in terms of compatibility.

Since you’ve almost read our Holosun 510C Review, Why don’t you check out another of Holosun’s scope – HOLOSUN HS515C


  • Wide field-view with a 32mm x 24mm open lens
  • Clear and bright lens
  • 3 reticle feature – 2 MOA, 65 MOA ring, 2 MOA with a 65 MOA ring
  • Parallax free
  • Holds true to zero and easy to tune into zero
  • Solar panel fitted as well as battery-powered
  • Battery life of 50,000 hours
  • Dual power mode – auto-brightness mode and manual 12 button brightness mode
  • Shake awake technology and automatic sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Strong build made of high-quality Aluminium
  • Durable
  • Shock-proof with Titanium alloy hood
  • Water-proof and submersible to a depth of 1 meter
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Night compatibility
  • Quick detach mount with co-witness feature
  • Cost-efficient – mid-range pricing


  • Weighs a bit more than expected when in comparison with normal red dot sights.


Reflex Sight vs Holographic Sights

The mere question of having to compare both comes because both have a reticle window with wide-field viewing. The difference here is in the apparatus used to aim the LED light. While a reflex sight makes use of an efficient reflective glass, a holographic sight caters to laser diodes and mirrors. Within the scope of this projection technology, one thing you must remember is that the holographic sight can make a clearer image though the reflex sight is more accurate in terms of reticle features. The reflex sight also provides more versatility in terms of reticle features. It also has a better battery life when compared to a holographic sight.

Holosun 510C vs Holosun 510C Elite

Holosun has two models within the 510 series – Holosun 510 and Holosun 510C Elite. The difference is only in terms of the color of the LED light. The 510C is a red dot sight while the 510C Elite is a green dot sight. If you ask me, a green dot sight is always a rung above a red dot. Why? A green dot will be more visible to our eyes due to its wavelength and hence it will appear to more more brighter. This not only increases the accuracy but also gives less strain to your eyes.

How far can you shoot with a reflex sight?

A maximum of 200 yards is what most hunters promise you. Reflex sights are basically made for medium-range shooting.

What is a reflex sight useful for?

A reflex sight makes it possible for you to shoot with both your eyes. By making both-eye shooting viable, you are able to view the target that you are to aim at as well as the periphery and the backdrop. This way you can be well assured of a more well informed as well as accurate shot.


I am really glad that I could share this valuable piece of information with you cause we all are in dire need of a perfect optic for our perfect shot. Now that you have read this Holosun 510C product review, I would find it really weird if you don’t give it a shot – provided that you are looking for a high-quality mid-range shooting device. As already mentioned, the reticle and the battery feature is what stands apart within the whole product. The other features are all added advantages. Anyhow, it is evident that the device is cost-efficient, i.e., more quality for less price. Do check out its user manual if confused.

Now rush and grab the best deal in the market. Make shooting a favorable and comfortable experience with this product. Hope you have a fun time in the fields. Don’t forget to share this favorable experience with others. Happiness is better felt when shared. Happy hunting to you!