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EOTech Exps3 Review – When Efficiency Meets Comfort

Ready for some laser tricks? How about I tell you that you do not need to strain your eyes with marked or etched reticles? What if I tell you that I can bring the reticle on to the target – as an illusion. Yup, you heard it right. we have come to that phase in technological advancement wherein lasers can be used to make holograms of a given reticle. This when projected upon a target will give you a better shot.

This technology is what is prevalent in the market as holographic sights. Holographic sights are essentially made to enhance target acquisition and thereby increase the precision of your shot. Want to give it a try? Why don’t you try the best Holographic sights in the market – EOTech.

EOTech has gained a reputable space for itself in the ammo world not just because of its quality but also because they were the pioneers of using laser technology for optics. These American owned manufacturers have been providing top-notch sights and small arms to the Military and many legal agencies since the time of its advent. If the state trusts their products then so should you. Let us take a look at the EOTech Exps3 Review. Read on.

In a Nutshell

No time to spare? Just brush through this section and you are good to go!

Smile WIde! Cause if you are searching for a close-range holographic sight then EXPS3 is your guy. What attracts most people towards it is the efficient reticle, night vision compatibility, additional brightness settings, side functionality, and battery life. Additionally, the sight is lightweight and handy. It is strong, weather resisitant, and shockproof. It is also assured with an EOTech Prestige Lifetime Warranty.

Watch Out! This sight is priced towards the high end. Also, it runs on a lot of power when you compare it with normal sights and scopes.

EOTech EXPS3 Review

EOTech EXPS3 Review

EOTech offers various kinds of Holographic Sights – each catering to a specific section of people or type of shooting. These distinctions are mainly based on the type of reticle, reticle color, night vision capability, battery type, and a few other structural features. The model we are looking into – the EOTech EXPS3 – is probably the handiest sight within the whole model range. Let us look at the features that make this scope so convenient and trustworthy. Read on for detailed dissection.


When we look at scopes, the first factor we start with is the lens. In the case of holographic sights, there is no such thing as a lens. Instead, the device will have a Holographic window through which the reticle is reflected. This EOTech EXPS3 has a window with a unique zero tint glass. Tinted glass is not required for sights of this kind, since the aiming is done through the display of the reticle and not with the help of absorption of light.

Coming to the reticle, this device also makes use of the standard reticle used for most EOTech Holographic sights. This is a reticle model with 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot at the center. Such a reticle tends to work upon a shooter’s accuracy and will provide more chances of hitting a target. Specifically, the 68 MOA rings are for close-quarters shooting and the 1 MOA dot for precision shooting. These reticles are essentially custom-designed aiming points for calibers like .223 cal., .62 r., and 2900 vel. While using other calibers you can insert in your indices and it will set in accordance with the range and available aiming points.

Add to this holographic reticle a night vision mode – impressive huh! With a single dedicated button, you can switch your reticle to night vision mode. By pressing this button, you are immediately placed at a brightness level of 4. Yes, there is an extra feature of brightness. With this EOTech EXPS3, you get 20 brightness options for the day and an additional 10 for night vision. These brightness settings along with night vision compatibility make this scope highly versatile. Any light conditions, even utmost darkness van be tackled easily with the help of this sight.


EOTech EXPS3 with its 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot is essentially meant for close-range shooting. So, your target range will extend from 100 yards to 300 yards optimally. Again, depending on your skills and the type of caliber used this can be extended quite a bit more.

In terms of adjustments, the first and foremost feature which adds not just efficiency but convenience as well is the side control functionality. Basically, the windage and elevation adjustment dials are placed at the side.

There are two factors of significance here. One, side functionality gives you the upper hand of being able to alter a reading without taking your eye off the shot. Two, side functionality leaves you with more space at the top, which is convenient if you plan to further fit any other devices like a magnifier on top. Now that is a mix of efficiency and convenience.


This EXPS3 is definitely an improvement in terms of battery life and features. This sight makes use of a single transverse 123 battery. This means that the length of the sight will get reduced enough to make it handier. Also, the battery compartment is separated from the base. It will essentially come on top of the delta ring of a rifle. The benefit here is that the battery compartments, owing to their structure and position, will never get damaged even upon high power and reoil. So, you need not worry about a hard hit and subsequent battery leaks.

The single battery EXPS3 makes use of is a CR123A. This will give you a battery life of 1000 hours at brightness 12. Yes, you noticed it right. This battery life is surprisingly better than most double battery run sights. Even the structure of the battery compartments has evolved through this device. It is no longer latched and capped. Instead, there is a simple O-ring tethered cap. This is neat and convenient.


This device is a perfect mix of strength and comfort. The device is made of Aluminium hood. There are no further questions of strength arising here. Additionally, this sight is made weather-resistant – meaning, it is waterproof and fog proof. In fact, the EXPS3 is even immersible for a depth of 33 feet.

Further, the device is designed in an outer hood style. Thus, there is a sufficient gap between the hood and the sight. This way you get to protect both your sight and the sight window from hard collisions in the tactile situation. Even, the internal adjustments are designed in such a way that it can tackle any strong recoil. Hence, it is shockproof.

In terms of comfort – let me tell you that this sight is the smallest and the lightest in this whole series. The EXPS3 is small enough for you to be able to rail in another device like a magnifier on to the rifle. Further, the lightweight nature means that an additional device will be equally welcome.


With a shortened base, this device requires a max of 2 3/4 inch o rail space. Here, we are bestowed with an ambidextrous quick-release mount. This will let you mount the EXPS3 on a 1 inch Weaver or a MIL-STD-1913 rail. Thus, even in terms of mounting, the sight is compact and convenient.


  • Zero tint glass window
  • 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot reticle for close-range accuracy
  • Night vision compatible
  • Brightness settings – 20 for daylight and 10 for night
  • Side control functionality
  • Efficient single CR123A battery
  • Impressive battery life
  • Convenient battery compartment
  • Strong
  • Weather-resistant
  • Submersible for 33 feet
  • Shockproof
  • Small and handy
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release mount
  • Prestige warranty


  • Not cheap
  • Uses a lot of power in comparison to normal scopes and sights


What is the difference between XPS3 and EXPS3

Firstly, you must understand that the two mentioned devices below to different models within the EOTech range. The EXPS model is a clear extension and improvement on the XPS model. Nevertheless, if I had the point out the difference the prominent one would be that EXPS3 is bestowed with a side control functionality that XPS3 does not have. XPS3 is also not provided with a Quick Detach Lever. In terms of the pros of XPS3, all I can say is that it weighs less than the EXPS by over 3 oz.


This spectacular sight dies not actually need a review. But now that you have come to the end of my analysis, you can close your eyes and book this fellow. Rush to Amazon and find the best deal in the market. This sight will definitely serve you well. Till then, Happy Hunting to you!