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EOTech 518 Review – Halos of the Optics World

Looking for an optic that is way more impactful than your regular scope? Tired of inaccurate targeting and failed shots? You have come to the right place. I hereby welcome your attention to the world of holographic sights! What are they? Well, as you would know by now, sights are non-magnifiable scopes. Read on for an extremely detailed Eotech 518 Review.

Basically, they are optics made in order to enhance the image you see at a fixed range and hence make target acquisition much simpler. What does holograph have to do with all of this? To enhance your image viewing and targeting features, these sights make use of holographic technology which laser transmits a hologram of the reticle onto the targeted image. So in essence, there is very little guesswork happening in the field. You are as accurate and as steady as you could ever be!

You cannot talk about holographic sights and not bring EOTech into the discussion. Eotech is definitely the mayor of the electro-optic products town. Situated in America, they are the first manufacturers to make use of lasers to create holographic sights.

This could explain why their sights and small arms got adopted by the military and other law agencies as ammo for close-quarters shooting. You better learn from the best, isn’t that so? Of the many holographic weapon sights that EOTech manufactures, the EOTech 518 is quite unique and a tad bit more popular. Let us see why.

In a Nutshell

No time to spare? No worries. We have all the information that you need packed-up here in this capsule format. Read on.

Rejoice! Cause this EOTech product is undoubtedly ranked high within holographic weapon sights. The EOTech 518 makes use of a holographic reticle to easily and accurately aim a shot. These reticles are MOA crosshairs centered around a red MOA dot. The sight also has 20 brightness settings for low light shooting.

This is one of the best features of the EOTech 518. The other two notable features are the side control functionality and the easy to detach mount lever. The battery life and its options are also deemed to be worthy of notice. Like most other EOTech sights, this one is also sturdy, durable, and comes with an EOTech Prestige Warranty.

Watch Out! Cause these EOTech holographic sights expose you to a lot of chemicals. Also frowned upon is the fact that the sight is expensive and yet it is not a night vision optic.

EOTech 518 Review

Eotech 518 Review.

EOTech has produced a wide array of holographic weapon sights. Constituting definitely more than 10 in number, each of these sights have their own unique features and USPs. These variations may be in terms of reticle colors – red or green, reticle type, night vision, structure, battery, and so on. The EOTech 518 has stood out amidst all these like the fittest survivor due to multitudinous right kind of reasons. Let’s dive into these in further depth. Read on for a more indepth Eotech 518 Review.


EOTech 518 is well known for its advanced image viewing and targeting features. And why is that possible – because of the reticle, obviously! Let us look at the specificities of this reticle. To start with, this EOTech sight has an MOA reticle. Or what you may popularly call as the MOA Red Dot Sight. This reticle feature has a 68 MOA ring surrounding 1MOA red dot placed at the center. This reticle is made useable at three aiming points depending upon the cartridge being used – .223 cal, .62 gr, and 2900 vel.

On a whole, this feature ensures quicker aiming and lock of the target gained through the holographic window. The Red Dot on the sight’s reticle enhances your aiming stance. Although it is not a night vision optic, the EOTech sight is coupled with features to make shooting in all light conditions viable. The 20 reticle brightness settings further ensure a better shooting experience in even low light conditions.


This 68 MOA sight is essentially meant for accurate short-range target shooting. Hence this weapon sight has a range that estimates up to 100 to 200 yards. There are many more features attached to enhance sharpness and comfort. One such is the side control functionality. This has 2 benefits. On one hand, you can easily alter your adjustments while keeping your vision intact. One the other hand, it gives you more space on the top for maybe fitting in something like a magnifier. Thus it is the perfect mix of efficiency and comfort.


The battery is another commendable feature of the 518 EOTech. Most customers have found this as an attractive feature that enhances the life-time of the holographic sight. As you might already know, these EOTech models thrive on good battery life. The 518 EOTech makes use of AA batteries. No specifications here. Upon using the sight with 1.5V Lithium AA batteries, you can get 1000 hours of continuous shooting. Alkaline AA batteries will provide you with a slightly less – 600 hours – of the continuous shoot. Also, note that these figures are calculated when the sight is kept at a brightness level of 12. You may also use any other regular or rechargeable AA batteries.


The EOTech 518 is a sturdy and durable sight. Like most other EOTech models (EOTech 558 being the next best in line) this one is also made up of a strong Aluminium hood. The sight will also last you a lifetime as it is durable and weather resistant. The sight is fog and water-resistant. In fact, the sight is up for a submersible range of 3m. This way you need not fuss about shooting under wet conditions or even dropping your sight in a wet puddle.

All is good. To add to your convenience, the EOTech manufactures are also giving a warranty on the 518 sights. The EOTech Prestige Warranty will give you 10 years of free service on not just material but also workmanship defeats. So that covers all your wear and tears, shipment damages, and even any other kinds of accidental dismantlement. Need not break your bones to keep the sight safe cause you are safe in the hands of EOTech. The sight weighs around 12oz which is a mediocre weight within red dot sights.


Before talking about the specific compatibilities there is one thing that needs to be highlighted – EOTech 518 mounting features. What is so special about them? The sight has an easily detachable mounting lever which is easier than the easy you have been imagining! Essentially this red dot sight has a one inch Weaver mount or a MIL-STD-1913 rail. The easy to lock in and quick to detach lever saves a lot of time and energy. Couple this with an automatic zeroing in upon locking and detaching and you are all set to go for a smooth hunt!


  • Holographic reticle for better target acquisition
  • Advanced red dot MOA reticle feature
  • 20 brightness setting for all light shooting
  • Easy to lock and detach mount
  • Exemplary battery life
  • Side control functionality for comfort and efficiency
  • Submersible range of 3m
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • EOTech Prestige Warranty for 10 years.


  • Not a night vision scope
  • Can expose you to a few harmful chemicals
  • On the pricier side


Sights or Scopes?

I cannot start without emphasizing that this is purely subjective. Practically, there is just a single point of difference between sights and scopes. A scope is magnifiable while a sight is not. If what you need is to get hold of versatility in terms of magnification then go for a scope. But if you require accuracy within a particular fixed range then I would suggest that you try a sight.

Is Holographic better than Red Dot?

This is inherently a hard question and subjective too, at that. Let me first spell out the difference between both to you. Both are highly advanced in terms of technology. A red dot sight targets a point in your eye while a holographic scope extends that image into the outer world or onto the real target at hand. This is the essential difference. If we had to be more practical, red dots are much more compact, light-weighted, and less priced. Holographic sights tend to be a tad bit better for accurate shooting.

Can you use a magnifier on a Holographic device?

Yes! There is literally no difference in using it on a regular scope and a holographic device. In fact, most red dot sights and holographic sights make use of magnifier to better their target. A 3x magnifier is the best suited for this task.

Why are Aimpoint and EOTech so expensive?

Both these manufacturers have created devices that are not just military approved but those which are being actively used and recommended within the army, navy, and other national-level forces. This leads to a price hike in two senses. One, a better quality of materials and workmanship becomes a must.

The manufacturers while catering to this need end up making quite expensive sights. The other reason is purely business. Something whose credibility has been proved as remarkable will sell better in the market. To make a bigger profit cut, the devices are thus priced as higher than they would actually have ever been.

Do Holographic sights work with astigmatism?

Yes! Many times over! In fact, I strongly feel that holographs are the best way out for astigmatism hunters. Well, there have been a few scopes that catered to this need but never of such high quality and advanced features. A holograph sight on the other hand doesn’t invoke the confusion of red dots or regular scopes that will give you many a blurry target.


This is our EOTech 518 review for you! Hope we managed to give you a push to land this sight in your shopping cart. If not, the loss is definitely yours. This holographic sight is that middle zone between an iron sight and a red dot sight. And it is definitely worth a lot more praise than it has already received. I know it is above the budget you have imagined for this shopping spree.

But, hey, good things come at a good price. And isn’t it better to own a good priced high-quality sight rather than a cheap low-quality one? I assure you that this piece of optics is surely worth each and every penny you put into it. Though if you think this is completely out of your budget, then you can check out our guide on rifle scopes under $200.

What are you waiting for now? Go grab the best sight in town and experience the magic for yourself. I bet on myself that your shooting will become all the more accurate and sharper from now on. Also, it will surely upgrade to a comfortable outing rather than a tedious task. And when this happens don’t forget to thanks us in your hearts and then go on to recommend this sight to others as well. Don’t be a selfish hunter. Be a happy one. Off you go now. Happy Hunting!

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