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Comparing Vortex Razor HD Gen ii 4.5-27×56 vs Nightforce

Comparing Vortex razor HD gen ii 4.5-27x56 vs Nightforce

There are tons of companies that manufacture scopes, but if you are looking for some of the best scopes, it is advisable to compare the very specific features before buying. It is a tedious task to look for every possible scope available on the market and shortlist the best one. Hence, we are here with the final rundown of two of the best scopes present in the market right now. 

These scopes are Vortex razor HD gen ii 4.5-27×56 and NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm. These beasts fall neck to neck on an overall look, but which one is the best out of two? , you can decide after reading this article that will compare the most important features of a scope. 

Expect some tough competition with regards to many features like magnification and field of view. Vortex Razor and Nightforce both are great scopes that serve the purpose, but if you wish to level up your game, read along to discover the full potential of both the scopes. 

In A Nutshell

Vortex Razor and Nightforce have a magnification of  4.5-27 and 5-25, respectively. Both are zoom scope with somewhat similar magnification power. The objective lens diameter on both the scope is 56mm. Vortex Razor has MRAD adjustments, while the Nightforce has MOA adjustments. MOA adjustments are more viable than MRAD adjustments. MOA adjustments on the Nightforce are more favorable than the MRAD adjustments on the Vortex Razor. 

Now that we have discussed the basic optical comparison. Let’s begin with the other specifications that also determine the performance of an optimum scope. The overall performance or efficiency of any gadget is determined by considering the collective average of each feature. To do so, each specification is carefully examined to reach a final verdict. 

Overall – Vortex Razor HD gen ii 4.5-27x56mm

Vortex has a large and impressive portfolio of bringing high-quality equipment to the table. Vortex Razor is filled with amazing features that will enhance your scope using experience. The entire mechanism is calibrated perfectly to the dot. This allows better aiming and magnification. 

Vortex Razor also has other additional features like a lock mechanism that locks the adjustments and prevents the accidental change of adjustments while using the scope. The entire construction is formulated by keeping streamlined usage accessibility. 

The aircraft-grade aluminum body provides necessary protection and durability to such scope optics. Vortex Razor has the same aircraft-grade aluminum body to impart the same durability and strength. 

The 6x scope magnification allows clear picture formation with a necessary magnification of the image. A large 56mm objective lens diameter performs well in poor light conditions. Later in the article, you will be informed about the importance of large objective lens diameter. 

In all, Vortex Razor is a good scope individually, now let us compare its overall features with its competitor Nightforce before discussing specific details of the scope.  

Overall – NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm Riflescope

Nightforce ATACR comes very close to Vortex Razor when it comes to optics and magnification. The major difference between both is that the Vortex Razor is the first focal plane and NightForce is the second focal plane. 

Nightforce is known for its extremely rugged nature and the versatility of adjustment options it provides with utter ease and simplicity.

There multiple notable features in the Nightforce, one out of many that manage to stand out is the multi-coated ED glass. The multi-coated ED glass allows producing crisp images with the right color contrast. The 

Other notable features of the Nightforce ATACR are parallax adjustments of 45 yards – infinity. The DigIllum reticle illumination and Hi-speed ZeroStop. 

Overall, the NXS inspired Nightforce has all the features required to make your hunting experience better. It has the optimum magnification and optic features along with additional hi-tech features to enhance the experience. The additional features are a boon for a tech-savvy individual as well as a rookie. The finish and built of the scope are quite sturdy and sleek-looking.

You will get notable features in return for every penny spent on this riflescope. 

Let’s get to comparing each segment of both the riflescope to reach a better conclusion. The overall outlook that is stated above will give you a rough image of what to expect in both scopes. 

Comparison of individual features will help you greatly influence your final decision. 

Optics comparison

Vortex Razor and Nighforce, both bring an arsenal of hi-optic adjustments and quality to the ground when kept in comparison. This time Vortex has not a single stone unturned to provide and enhance the existing optics quality in the Genii range. 

Vortex brings the apochromatic objective lens system that enables color correction across the entire visible light spectrum. This is an important feature that contributes to better image production. 

Additionally, the lens has multiple coatings, each that serve the purpose to enhance the image quality. It has XR plus proprietary coatings and other multiple anti-reflective lens coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces for better precision.

On the other hand, Nightforce is equally packed with impressive features when it comes to the lens and additional features. The building consists of ZeroStope and MOA and Mil adjusting features. This makes it more versatile and adjusting to any condition. 


The magnification power of both the scopes is somewhat in a similar range. Vortex Razor has 4.5 – 27x magnification whereas the Nightforce has 5 – 25x magnification. The objective lens on both scopes is quite big. The upside of a bigger objective lens is that it allows more light incidence, thereby, creating a clear image. The objective lens diameter for both the scopes is 56mm. 

Reticle positions and details – 

Reticle position on the Nightforce is the Second focal plane while on the Vortex Razor it is the first focal plane. Vortex Razor has an EBR-2C reticle and the Nightforce has an Illuminated MOAR – Reticle.

Eye relief – The eye relief for both the scope is 93mm and 90mm for Vortex and Nightforce, respectively. This is a good option for all those spectacle wearers who do not want to miss their field of view. 

Next comes the field of view, 

The field of view for the Vortex Razor is a bit upside with the magnitude of 25.3’ – 4.4’ @ 100 yards. The field of view for Nightforce is not that bad either. Field of view for a spotting scope or rifle scope like these does not make a difference but it helps to have a better field of view to have a better view at the target. 


When it comes to adjusting the Vortex, it provides MRAD adjustments which are a bit difficult to communicate. Whereas, the Nightforce has MOA adjustments that make it comparatively easier. 

The max windage adjustment for Vortex Razor is 10 MRAD which equals 34 MOA loosely. While on the Nightforce, the max windage adjustment is 80 MOA. 

The maximum elevation adjustment on Vortex is 28.5 MRAD which equals 97 MOA while on the Nightforce, it is 120 MOA. 

Looking at the elevation and windage adjustments, we can see that Nightforce has better adjustment options. This allows for better precision and tracking of targets. 

Other adjustments that are accompanied by the Vortex Razor is an L-TEC Turret system that allows the locking of elevation adjustment to prevent any mishaps while shooting. It locks the elevation adjustment in place to give you a precise shot. 

Vortex Razor also has 11 illumination settings that allow you to set your brightness as per the surrounding conditions. The entire build is made to make the usage more streamlined. Hence, the parallax system and illumination settings. 

Nightforce is also equipped with such high-quality adjustments that make it easier to use. The parallax adjustment is also marked with appropriate numbered distances. Such minute details in the Nightforce rifle scope weigh out every possible minute cons.

Below listed are some of the noteworthy adjustments and features for both of the rifle scopes.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane noteworthy features.

  • An apochromatic objective lens system
  • Optically Indexed Lenses
  • HD Lens Elements
  • XR™Plus Fully Multi-Coated Optics.
  • Plasma Tech applied ArmorTek anti-scratch optic surfaces
  • First Focal Plane Reticle (FFP)
  • Illuminated glass-etched Reticle EBR-1C (MRAD) reticle
  • L-Tec Turrets with L-Tec Zero Stop
  • External Rotation Indicator
  • Locking Illumination
  • Side Focus 

NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm Riflescope noteworthy features.

  • DigIllum Illuminated reticle 
  • Parallax adjustment with marked distances 
  • MOA adjustments 
  • ED optics 
  • XtremeSpeed thread 
  • HiSpeed ZeroStop standard adjustments
  • Integrated Power Throw Lever
  • Capped windage adjustments


When it comes to batteries both the riflescope use 1 lithium-ion battery. A lithium-Ion battery is quite low-maintenance and easily replaceable. This type of battery is lightweight and apt for optics. Using a light-weight battery and an economic option will favor the usage of a riflescope. You will find your aim and precision to be better and enhance because it does not add extra weight to the rifle.


The structure and build of a rifle scope are crucially important for the performance of the scope. It should complement the usage of the user and be efficient enough for heavy-duty usage. 

Vortex Razor has an aircraft-grade aluminum structure that provides impeccable strength and durability. The O-lens is sealed with argon gas which gives the lens an extra layer of protection on both sides. 

Hunting is an extreme sport, it can take you to different terrains and environmental conditions. Hence, the Vortex rifle scope is built keeping the same in mind. The sealed O-lens make it fog-proof, shock-proof, and water-proof. This is great news for all-terrain hunters who are looking out for a durable riflescope. 

On the other hand, Nightforce is known for its rugged features. Nightforce beats this scope with the heavy-duty build and the very important bonus of lightweight. It has all the necessary features to be proved as a rugged and reliable scope for rough use. 


The mounting or the scope tube size on the Nightforce and Vortex Razor is 34mm. This is a pretty good scope tube size for a long-range rifle. The greater diameter of a scope tube imparts rigidity and durability. 

This also helps in determining the scope size ring. 


Concluding the final verdict with a brief comparison on both the rifle scope. 

  • In terms of optics, Vortex gives a much-unexpected fight to the Nightforce by bringing in a variety of features and tech-savvy built. The extended list of features both the rifle scope provides is amazing for any buyer. 
  • So in the optics arena, Vortex Razor and Nightforce are at equal par. You can expect amazing performance from both the riflescopes. Hence, it is a tie!
  • When we look at other adjustments like illumination and lens details, Vortex does have a greater advantage of providing some excellent features like an illuminating lock system that improves the experience of the user by many folds.  It also has an anti-scratch ArmorTek lens that prevents any scratches on the lens and makes it perfect for rough usage. 
  • However, windage and elevation adjustments are better on the Nightforce. The MOA adjustments give a better aim and precision. 
  • Coming to the weight and structure, Nightforce wins this section because of all the features packed into a combined weight of 39z. The Vortex Razor on the other hand is 49oz. The major difference in the weight is very crucial to note. 
  • The difference in the weight and ease of usage justifies the price of Nightforce. 

The above pointers will help you decide which riflescope will be your best choice according to your requirements. Nightforce and Vortex Razor both are great rifle scopes with amazing features. You can choose the one which fits all the parameters within your range.