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Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 Review – Engage with the Best!

If you are an ardent hunter it is literally impossible to escape the name of Bushnell. Bushnell has carved a space for itself within the firearms industry. They are popular mostly because of the versatility it offers in terms of quality and price range. In fact, the company provides higher-end quality for lower-end prices thereby making the product, not just cost-friendly but cost-effective.

I hope you got that distinction right. The “sixty-five plus years of innovation” they pride about is definitely not a joke. Their experience within the market is aptly visible in their scopes. Especially in the out of the world features that they bring together. This is best seen in our scope for the day, and hence today we are going to dive deeper in to the Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 Review.

The Bushnell Engage series is one such revolutionary series that merge innovative features with affordability. Therefore you get high-end quality scopes within medium price ranges. There are nine scopes that are included in the Engage series, and all these are distinctly characterized in terms of illumination, magnification range, and other special features.

The particular scope we are going to look into today is the one best suited for mid-range and long-range shooting. So why don’t we dig deeper into the Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 Review?

In a Nutshell

In a hurry? Fret not! You have all that you need right here, in this capsule info set. Read on.

Rejoice! Cause this scope is definitely worth every penny you spent on it! This Bushnell Engage 6-24x50mm scope is ideally meant for mid-range and long-range shooting. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that it is a high-end quality scope at a mid-range price.

The most attractive feature of this scope is its lens quality, unique lens coating feature, and the Deploy MOA reticle it has. The scope also has a considerably good eye relief, windage and elevation turrets, side parallax feature and a durable structure.

The Bushnell Ironclad Warranty the company provides makes durability the least of your concerns.

Watch Out! Cause this scope may weight a bit more than you expected. Further, the turrets may not have an exemplary tactical feel to it.

Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 Review

Bushnell Engage 6-24x50 Review

For any hunter out there finding the perfect scope might be hard. But the Bushnell Engage series makes it easier for you by providing the middle ground between high-priced high-quality scopes and low-priced low-quality scopes. It is the perfect combo of quality and affordability.

The Bushell Engage series is available in nine configurations that you can choose from according to your hunting needs. In brief, these are – 2-7x36mm, 3-9x40mm, 3-9x50mm, 4-12x40mm, 6-18x50mm, 5-10x44mm, 3-12x42mm, 4-16x44mm, 6-24x50mm. We are going to look at the last one. Read on for detailed dissection of the Bushnell Engage 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope.


The optics of this Engage scope is definitely its highlight. To start with, the scope has a 50mm objective lens which is definitely the best for light transmission. The larger the lens, the more the light gets trapped into it. Beyond that, the scope also has some unique lens coatings.

There are two kinds of lens coating that you need to know about. The first one is for light transmission. This fully multi-coated lens with an ultra-wideband coating ensures better light transmission. So the image you get will always be clear and crisp. The second feature is an EXO Barrier lens.

This coating is more or less for the safety of the lens. It makes sure that dust, dirt, dew, or any other external material doesn’t stick on to the lens and thereby affect the vision of the scope.

Another notable feature is the reticle. Though not illuminated, the scope has an effective Deploy MOA Reticle feature. This deploy MOA reticle has an added advantage of good elevation crosshairs which makes short and medium-range shooting much more accurate.

The many MOA thick hash marks that are a part of this reticle ensures ease in target acquiring and ensures the utmost accuracy. You need not be taken aback by the fact that the deploy MOA crosshairs are thick, cause they are made in such a manner that it will not block your view of the target.

In fact, it might do just the opposite and help make the target more visible and targetable. Being placed in the Second Focal Plane, you need not worry about any target or size changes occurring while zooming in or out.

Magnification and Range:

It is undeniable that the scope is tailor-made for medium and long-range shooting. This Bushnell Engage scope has a magnification of 6-24x. That being said, it needs to be emphasized that the rifle and the cartridge also do put in some influence on the range. So maybe with an effectively-suited caliber of bullets and a compatible rifle, even considerable short-range shooting is plausible.


To make your target acquisition all the more flawless, this Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 scope provides a good side parallax adjustment feature. This is helpful not just to correct your target but will be equally good in assisting you in range estimation.

Mere features are not enough. You need good adjustment tools as well. This is where the turrets come in. This Bushnell Engage scope has efficient and smooth windage and elevation as well as parallax adjustment turrets. The turrets are hard enough to be finger moved and are indebted with a lockability feature. This way you need not worry about the turrets accidentally shifting before or after a shot. Neat!

User Friendliness:

The first and foremost thing that I would like to address is the build of the scope. This Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 scope made of aircraft-grade 30mm Aluminium tube will surely give you a run for its money. The scope is also weather resistant. It will surely give you smooth performance even upon rainy and foggy weather conditions.

That is, it is water and fog proof. In fact, the scope has an IPX 7 water resistance feature. This means that even if your scope accidentally falls into any water body of 1-meter depth for half an hour, it won’t be affected or ruined. Further, the matte finish ensures that your scope is not noticed by the target. It does not shine or reflect light and hence attract attention.

Another noteworthy feature is the eye relief. The 3.6 inches eye relief will keep you far away from getting red-eye. Also, you need not pay much attention to the intensity of recoil force in your rifle. Further, the entire scope is insured with a Bushnell Ironclad lifetime warranty.

With this you can be assured of not just material guarantee but workmanship guarantee as well. That is, any wear and tear, defects in transition or other complaints will be dealt with much compassion. This scope will definitely last you a lifetime!


The Bushnell Engage 6-24×50 does fall on the heavier side. Weighing around 24 oz, the scopes require a rifle and a mounting that best suits its structure. In the case of rifles, look for good bullet calibration and mid-range to long-distance rifle performance and then choose. Don’t go for a light rifle since the scope is a tad bit heavy. Also, the scope works better with mounting rings rather than rails as it is better to not add more weight to the rifle platform.


  • Good quality lens for light transmission
  • Fully-multi coated anti-reflective as well as a protective coating
  • Deploy MOA reticle for versatile range shooting
  • Versatile magnification
  • Side Parallax
  • Easy to lock and move windage and elevation turrets
  • Good eye relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Strong and Durable
  • Fogproof and Waterproof
  • IPX 7 water resistance coating
  • Affordable


  • Not illuminated
  • Weighs considerably well
  • Lacks a good tactile turret feature


Are Bushnell scopes good?

Posing this question after reading the above review doesn’t make any sense. Nevertheless, let me answer you straight. YES! Bushnell scopes are extremely good. And their quality and popularity come from the fact that they give you good quality optics without putting a heavy load in your wallet.

They are cost-efficient and is top-notch in terms of function. Bushnell has also experimented with a lot of versatile features which is why they have made it to the top within each kind of scope. They offer versatility and reliability. Looking at the profit they are making out of this, their line of work seems to me as unique and efficient.

Where are Bushnell scopes manufactured?

Bushnell is essentially a US-based manufacturer. But it might come as a shock to you that most US manufacturing scopes are not completely made in the US. Vortex, Leupold and Bushnell all falls under this category.

In the case of Bushnell scopes, the manufacturing of parts like turrets, reticle, etc. are done in places like China, Philipines, and Japan. It is assembled and manufactured in the US.

How long can I shoot with the Bushnell Engage 6-24x50mm scope?

The idea of what is short, medium, and long-range is very much subjective. And this does have a lot to do with the rifle as well as the kind of hunting one engages in. Nevertheless, the National Rifle Association identifies short-range as up to 200 yards, medium-range as 400 to 600 yards, and long-range as 600-1000 yards.

Keeping such a content in mind and also considering the way this specified scope has been marketed, it falls under the below 1000 yards category. That is, it is optimum for a distance between 400 and 1000 yards.


Like I said, getting the perfect scope is no child’s play. There is a lot of thinking and deciding involved. Also, if you have been in the hunting field for long enough you would know that overpriced high-quality scopes and underpriced low-quality scopes are easy to come by. Finding the perfect mix of quality and price is a tough task. And when Bushnell gives you just that, why would you ever want to hesitate? Bushnell is definitely a must-own brand and the Engage series furthers this quality.

With this Bushnell Engage 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope, you can rest assured that the optical quality, accuracy, ease in use, and durability are on point. Not to forget the Bushnell specific versatile features that make the scope all the more attractive. What are you waiting for?

Get yourself the Engage scope that best suits your need. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a medium or long-range scope for low light shooting then our 6-24x50mm is your guy! You need not give it a second thought. Run and grab the best deal available. Witness the magic for yourself. And then maybe thank Bushnell and us too! Off you go now. Happy Hunting!