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Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review – Lighten Away!

If you have been in the hunting arena for long enough you would know that Bushnell has been an unavoidable name in the market. And surely for the good reasons at that. Bushell has been an all-rounder optics manufacturer within the sports optics industry. Though the company credits a lot of this to the “70 plus years of innovative thinking”, that is not just it.

Experience does count but so does their versatility and customer understanding. Bushnell has made a space for itself as the go-to optics for reliable, high quality, and affordable optics. And this is exactly where our star of the day comes into the spotlight – Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review.

This Bushnell scope has come into popularity owing to its simple yet effective performance. Short to medium-range shooting is where the scope reigns. This is mostly because, other than red dot sights, there are very few scopes in the market that has proven to be effective in this range.

Within the many 1-4x scopes that have come in the market, Bushnell is definitely the best. Other than the general Bushnell traits let us look at the specificities of this particular AR scope. Let us look at what makes this scope is as good as it vouches itself to be.

In a Nutshell

Do not have time to spare? Fret not. This capsule info is specially made for you!

Rejoice! Cause this scope works magic for close and medium-range shooting. This scope gained popularity because it is the most reliable as well as affordable scopes within the 1-4x magnification range scopes. Factors that draws people towards this scope are definitely its optics and reticle feature.

The scope has a clear and bright lens that works well in all magnifications. The BDC reticle has a 223 Drop Zone feature that furthers the precision and the efficiency of the optics. Other than this the scope has good grip turret, water resistance, fast focus eyepiece, and a favorable warranty. It is definitely the best for close to medium range shooting and AR-style rifles.

Watch Out! Cause this scope does not have a favorable parallax adjustment system which is quite essential for the range of shooting applicable to this scope.

Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review

Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review

As already said, the Bushnell AR Optics has made a place for itself within the scopes for close to medium-range shooting. They have basically developed two models within this category – one pertaining to the First Focal Plane and the other to the Second Focal Plane. It is the reticle model that differentiates both these scopes.

The First Focal Plane reticle has an illumination feature. It also has a thrown down PCL for better magnification changes as well as a Low Power consumption feature for more efficient use.

But our discussion is not about this hero, but the second one – the Bushnell AR 1-4×24 Second Focal Plane Optics. It may not have an illuminated reticle feature but it definitely has a lot more to offer to you. Ready to dive into this particular model details? Read away!


Bushnell scopes have a commendable optical prowess. The 24mm objective lens might seem to be small when compared with others in the market, but if you look at it in accordance with the magnification range it is made for then the lens is perfect.

The 24mm objective lens easily lets in quality light for image retention. Further, the optics is fully-multi coated. This way the lens coating enhances light absorption as well as protects the lens from damage. Though the features don’t seem to proclaim this, the optics is of extremely good quality. In fact, it has been observed by many customers that the target is bright and sharp at all magnifications.

The reticle feature of this Bushnell AR optics is a crowd puller. The scope has a 223 Drop Zone reticle. This is basically a BDC reticle placed in the Second Focal Plane. What is so special about this? The reticle has duplex crosshairs.

This means that the reticle has thicker crosshairs at the perimeter which enhances your focus towards the center. The center has fine crosshairs for better precision. The reticle further has Mil-Dots calibrated for 223 rounds. This is what is meant by a Drop Zone feature. Thus your shot would not be affected by any external obstructions like maybe an unexpected wind call.

Magnification and Range

Primarily, the scope has a 1-4x magnification range. This is best for close to medium-range shooting. If you have to calculate the range, this would work for 50 to 400 yards. Combined with the bullet drop feature and the precise reticle, the scope will give you a perfect holdover up to 500 yards.


The adjustments features of this Bushnell AR Optics are rather strong and not that easy to move or play around. No, don’t take it in the wrong sense. What I meant is, you can be well assured that no accidental changes happen to the adjustments you have made. They are quite sturdy in that sense.

The scope has tactical and audible turrets for windage and elevation adjustments. These finger grip knobs are well suited for ranging in on a shot.

Further, it is easy to zero in with these. It stays true to zero as well. The reticle adjustments are made in the turrets in accordance with the Mil Dots measurements though it is not technically a Mil-Dot scope.

The scope also has well-gripped magnification adjustments. Further, the fast-focus eyepiece feature ensures that you are able to aim perfectly on even a moving target. The scope has a fixed 100 yards of parallax adjustment.

User Friendliness

Let us start with the feature that is well talked about – the compact structure of the scope. This AR optics is made of good quality material and has a black matte finish. But more importantly, it is compact and relatively lightweight.

It has in units 9.4 inches of length and weighs 18oz. this isn’t exactly lightweight but if you look at the other scopes within this magnification range this one is relatively easier to handle.

The scope has a good quality water resistance feature which is using the IPX 7 technology. IPX 7 ensures the safety of your scope even if it happens to fall in water for short durations.

This feature basically allows a 1-meter immersion into water for a cautious maximum of half an hour. So it is deemed best for outdoor shooting at all sorts of weather conditions. The optic also has a sufficient eye relief of 3.5 inches. Considering the type of rifle and the range of hunting this will serve as suiting.

It is also indebted with a lifetime warranty called the Bushnell Ironclad Warranty. This includes warranty over materials used to make the scope as well as workmanship. Basically any damages during dispatch, or wear and tear, or other damages during use will be covered with this.


As already evident, the scope is best useable for AR-style rifles. Further, the size and weight of the Bushnell AR optics make it more suitable for carbine rifles.


  • High-quality optics – fully-multi coated and clear at all magnifications
  • BDC reticle
  • 223 Drop Zone feature
  • Good grip turrets
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Easy to zero in and stays true
  • Best range for 1-4x magnification
  • Good eye relief
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty – Bushnell Ironclad Warranty
  • Water-resistant – IPX7


  • The reticle is not illuminated unlike the First Focal Plane model
  • Lack of good side parallax adjustments


Are Bushnell scopes any good?

Bushnell scopes have made a place for themselves within the firearms industry owing to their reliable service. Bushnell scopes are incredibly good owing to the good quality materials the manufacturers use as well as their sixty five-plus years of experience in the field. Their trade secret is to successfully merge affordability with high-end quality. And this seems to have worked well for them all along.

Where are Bushnell scopes manufactured?

Like most top range scopes manufacturers like Leupold or Vortex, Bushnell is not completely made in the US. Though Bushnell is a US-based company, most of its manufacturing happens elsewhere. It is only assembly and packaging that happens in the US. Bushnell scopes are manufactured in China, Japan, and Philipines. Basically optical parts like the reticles and the turrets come in from other areas.

What is an AR Rifle?

Unlike popular misconception, AR in the phrase AR Rifle does NOT stand for Automatic Rifle or Assault Rifle. Instead, it denotes a particular company that produced the so-called style of rifles – ArmaLite.

These AR or ArmaLite rifles were developed sometime after the 1950s. To call them assault or automatic rifle is not just wrong but utterly misleading. A lot of assault rifles are deadly and hence handled lawfully used only by the military. These AR rifles, on the other hand, are not just civilian friendly but has proven itself as a good sporting rifle.

Red dot sights or 1-4x scopes?

This is totally subjective. Subjective does not just mean fully according to your whims and fantasies. The kind of hunting method you use, your needs, the type of rifle you own – all these come under factors that influence the ‘subjective’ view that you might take.

Coming to the point – red dot sights are basically non-magnifiable scopes. These sights will be more accurate and more compact than scopes. Hands down! But, what if you need some magnification variations?

What if you need some optic that has a variable magnification but is yet simple in style? This is where our (and many other) 1-4x magnification scopes come into the picture. These will give you accuracy and ease in use. If that is what you require then confidently choose a 1-4x scope over a red-dot sight.


I hope this review has given you a better perspective on this small to medium range of hunting. But more importantly, I hope you have come to like the Bushell AR Optics as much as we do.

The exemplary optical and reticle features have been since forever established. But now also keep in mind the user-friendliness and effective performance that the Bushnell scope guarantees. What are you waiting for now? Oh! Don’t worry. The scope is affordable as well. You need not burn a hold in your pocket to get this guy. Off you go then! You can thank us later. Do get yourself the best deal in town. Happy Hunting!