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Burris XTR II 5-25X50 Review – ‘Extreme’ Doesn’t Start To Cover It.

Back in 1971, a certain design engineer from Redfield dared to imagine a riflescope that was better than anything else in the market. The world now knows him as Don Burris, the founder of the trusted Burris optics. Today, Burris is one of the most experienced scope manufacturers in the industry. This US based company is known for its accuracy, durability and affordability. Every Burris device comes with special features that make it stand out and carry Don’s legacy forward.

The Burris XTR II scope family is designed specially for long range hunting without any mistakes. The special adjustments, zoom range and reticle make sure that you never miss a faraway shot. The XTR II comes in 4 magnification options – the 3-15, the 4-20, the 5-25 and the 8-40. All of them promise to successfully push your shot out of the 1000 yard range. But today we are going to do Burris XTR II 5-25X50 Review

The scopes from the XTR II series are a common sight at a lot of target shooting competitions and they are known to perform wonderfully against scopes that cost double or triple the amount.

In this Review, we will discuss the 5-25X50 model of the XTR II series. It’s the second highest magnification available for this series. It’s perfect if you want to go to extreme distances without shelling out those few extra dollars for the 8-40.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry to hunt? Here’s a quick overview.

Smile wide! The Burris XTR II is a versatile, shockproof FFP scope that is guaranteed to boost your performance on the field. The device comes with high-grade optics and undeniably great adjustments.

The battery lasts for days and the scope provides a comfortable, weatherproof shooting experience. Noteworthy features include Hi-Lume coating, SCR reticle with 11 illumination settings, Zero Click Stop turrets, side adjustable parallax and robust internal mechanisms.

Moreover, the scope is covered by the famous Burris Forever Warranty.

Watch out! This scope can get heavy. It’s definitely also on the expensive side.

Burris XTR II 5-25X50 Review

Burris XTR II 5-25X50 Review

The scope comes in 3 color options- matte black, dark earth and sand. Note that the latter is painted on, so while it might look stylish, it is prone to chipping off. You can also pick your preferred reticle. Keep in mind that the price has considerable variations across all the models. Besides the color, adjustment systems and illumination, all XTR II models share the same features, which we shall dissect now.


The Burris XTR II comes armed with a 50 mm objective, which means high levels of light transmission. To further enhance this, we have the Index-matched High Lume Coating that fights glare and makes sure your image is crisp. Even the glass itself isn’t ordinary – it’s a high-grade glass material that promises success.

The reticle here is the Special Competition Reticle (SCR). It’s designed specifically for competitive long-range shooting. One can rely on its highly accurate markings to make the perfect shot at any distance. You can choose between the SCR Mil and the SCR MOA.

You also have a choice between the illuminated and non-illuminated options. The former has an extended red LED illumination area in the center that makes sure all the odds are in your favor. It also comes with 11 intensity settings to suit your comfort. Night time, twilight or broad daylight – all look the same to the XTR II.

External factors can play a big role in your optical experience too, and Burris didn’t forget this. The scope is nitrogen purged and sealed to prevent lens fogging due to temperature changes. Additionally, the sunshade helps to guard you from harsh sunlight.

Magnification and Range

What I really like right off the bat is the 5-25x magnification range that lets you shoot long distances easily but is still quite comfortable for closer shooting. Now, the magnification coupled with the large objective might cause this scope to become heavy, but a little extra weight is worth such a versatile scope.

The reticle is etched in the first focal plane, which means that it changes size accordingly as you zoom in and out. This helps you make much better judgments while shooting long range. Since your reticle thins out as you zoom into a far away object, you don’t have to worry about any obstructions caused by thick cross hairs. Besides, it eliminates the need for any tedious calculations as you travel across the magnification.

The internal construction of this device makes sure that your impact point is retained across the zoom range for the most consistent and accurate performance possible.


The windage and elevation turrets can be adjusted on the go using just your fingers. Pretty darn quick and easy to use. They will accurately match the adjustment system of the reticle that you choose. Besides this, the Burris XTR II is equipped with a Zero Click Stop feature that lets you repeat your yardage without any calculations.

The XTR II has a side adjustable parallax knob that’s easily to access while you sight in. The adjustment ranges from 50 yards to infinity, which ensures that you retain your precision even across a long shooting range.

Okay, the adjustment knobs are great and all, but can the scope hold these adjustments? Absolutely. The Burris XTR II is armed with a triple internal spring- tension system to make sure that your zero is held through any punishment. Whether you’re a fan of high-recoil cartridges or just an unlucky hunter that’s prone to accidents, rest assured that your scope won’t fail you.

User Friendliness

Let’s talk body first. The scope comes with a 34mm body that’s compact and convenient. It consists of a single tube that provides a straight, undistracted line of vision without It’s made with aluminum, which is one of the best materials that you can get for your scope body.

The Burris XTR II is remarkably recoil resistant and capable of taking quite the beating. It’s nitrogen purged to make sure temperature changes and fog never comes in the way of a terrific shooting experience.

The 500 hour battery life leaves little to be desired. You can rely on your illuminated reticle for days on end. The 5x zoom is versatile and lets you work any distance, whether you’re hunting or target shooting.

The windage and elevation knobs are quite special since they provide 20% more clicks for every rotation as compared to your average adjustments. The eye relief, which stands at about 4 inches, is more than generous.

The best part is the Burris Forever Warranty that guarantees free repair or replacement of your damaged product without any receipt or warranty card.


You can pair this scope with a lot of high recoil cartridges like the .300, .306 or the .30-06. You don’t have to worry about the recoil resisting capabilities of this scope. The reticle and magnification range are built with long-range rifles in mind.


  • Large objective
  • Hi-Lume multi-coating
  • Accurate SCR reticle
  • 11 illumination settings
  • 500 hour battery life
  • First Focal Plane scope
  • Versatile magnification
  • Internal mechanisms for stability
  • Zero Click Stop turrets
  • Side adjustable parallax
  • Durable, one-piece body
  • Good eye relief
  • Burris Forever Warranty


  • Heavy, at 35 oz.
  • On the expensive side


Where is this scope made?

The Burris XTR II 5-25×50 is manufactured in the Philippines. The glass that they have used here comes from Japan.

What rings should I use to mount this scope on my rifle?

There are tons of options. Your ring will depend on both, your rifle and your personal preferences. Most rifles with Burris XTR2 will use high rings. You can check out the product page or contact the prompt Burris support to find out what the perfect rings for your particular rifle are.

Is Burris optics a good optics company?

Most definitely. Burris has been in the optics business for almost 50 years now. Their vast experience has allowed them to produce high-grade scopes that give companies like Nikon and Leupold tough competition. What makes them stand out further is their affordability and great customer service. Lastly, the Burris Forever Warranty is an absolute delight and bonus .

Is the XTR II 5-25×50 worth the price?

You will find scopes that are cheaper and you will find scopes that are costlier. For a long-range FFP scope with a brilliant reticle and wide magnification range, I think the XTR II comes at a fair price. If you’re a frequent hunter, it’s always better to make a good investment that can serve you for multiple years. The only downside I found with this scope was its weight, so you can rest assured that the actual features of this scope will not disappoint you. You will get your money’s worth.


That’s all that there is to know about the Burris XTR II 5-25 rifle scope. Burris certainly outdid itself with this series and I’m sure Don’s smiling wide from up there. This is a high performance scope with excellent features that’s perfect for you whether you’re a hunter or a competitive shooter. If you don’t mind the 34 oz and the price, purchasing this product should be a no-brainer.

(At the time of writing this, Burris has also come out with an all-new XTR III series. Obviously, since it’s the successor of the XTR II, this family is slightly more advanced. However, the price is also considerably higher for a performance that’s almost similar to that of the XTR II.)