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Burris FastFire 3 VS Vortex Venom

Burris FastFire 3 VS Vortex Venom

In this section, we have two of the leading products by the leading gun accessory fabricators and we will grab a magnifying glass to circle the spots where they differ from each other. Burris FastFire and Vortex Venom come from the count of fantastically reliable and popular models. We can expect a lot of noteworthy features in both Burris FastFire 3 MOA as well as Vortex Venom 3 MOA Red Dot sights. We have brought you the comparison between these two based on multiple factors which will be a great hand in figuring it out which one is for you. Let’s take a dig a bit deeper and find out.

Overall: Burris Fastfire 3

burris fastfire 3 vs vortex venom

In the world of Burris, the Burris Fastfire 3 is a name that users easily can count on. It runs on the CR1632 batteries that you will find a place to mount on top and thus offers a great deal of easiness with replacements. 

Burris Fastfire 3 has been on the list for years now and offers 3 MOA dot and 8 MOA dot as options that carry a choice of a Picatinny mount. Burris 3 MOA dot carries finesse of features and drives amazing accuracy. 

Burris 3 gives users a sense of control over the opposing weather conditions or incompatible environments with the help of automatic brightness sensors which means that you can tweak the brightness whenever it calls for a change. 

The Burris Fastfire 3 makes a match for most of the handguns and yes, rifles which helps in focussing the target on distance shots and operate keeping the accuracy tab on point. 

Features of Burris Fastfire 3

  • Burris Fastfire comes with an ever-ready mounting capability.
  • It allows speedy target acquisition with a bright red dot.
  • There is room for adjustments with windage and elevation.
  • It provides waterproofing and is equally able to combat shock.
  • It works with CR1632 batteries.
  • It features automatic brightness sensors alongside three additional options in brightness control. 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • This sight has a compact design and is easy with weight

Overall: Vortex Venom

The Vortex Venom red dot sight has gained popularity and reputation for its accuracy and highly functional features. Not to say, it offers quality performance at an impressively affordable price. 

The Vortex Venom 3 MOA dot model features a neatly designed functionality along with a set of diverse specs. Made from anodized aluminium alloy, this sight does not lack keeping up with reliability. 

It features a multi-coated lens that leads to more durability. Apart from that, it features adjustments with 1 MOA windage and elevation, turning out to be more versatile in usability. 

When it comes to accuracy and the fast-paced results, this sight is one you can count on. Made with a thing for handguns and rifles, this 3 MOA model shows a great display of service.

Features of Vortex Venom

  • The Vortex Venom features a wide-field lens.
  • It comes with multiple coatings with anti-reflection features, allowing the transmission of light.
  • The lenses are protected with Armor Trek coating which makes it capable of resisting scratches.
  • There are 10 options for manual brightness settings.
  • It features a 14-hour automatic shutdown on its battery system.
  • If set at the highest option available, it can walk for up to 150 hours of performance and it runs for up to 30,000 hours when set on the lowest one.
  • It allows promising clarity and accuracy.

Comparison: Burris Fastfire 3 VS Vortex Venom 

It isn’t an easy-on-brains kind of a task to decide which model among Burris 3 and Vortex Venom is better. Both of these models are identical to the eyes and the finesse of specifications alongside the downside using them set the competition as tough as it could possibly be. We’d rather put the comparison between these two models to vary from an individual to another. Generally, both do well with their set of specs and when it comes to a user’s own perception, here are some grounds on which once can decide between these two sights. 

Weight and Size 

When it comes to considering a sight, the weight and size factor the decision to an extent greater than you think. Speaking of which, both the sight models, the Vortex Venom as well as Burris 3 possess an easygoing lightweight. You will find the difference of typically about 0.4 ounces between these two when it comes to the weight which is easy to neglect. 

Here’s the twist, if you are a trained person or a professional with extensive experience, then you may want to choose Vortex Venom for its lighter weight over the Burris 3 sight as it is slightly heavier than the former, given that even 0.1 ounces can influence your shot. Besides, when it comes to size, both sights draw about 1.9 inches in length. If you are going to use the Burris 3 and the Vortex Venom sights with the Picatinny mount, then it will be easier for you to decide between these two. 


While comparing the reticles of Vortex Venom and Burris 3, you should acknowledge the options that are offered by both sight models. These models bring two reticle sizes which can help you gain insights and decide the better way. The Venom offers the options: 3 MOA and 6 MOA whereas for Burris 3, you will have a choice for 3 MOA and 8 MOA. 

Now you may not find anything worthy of distinguishing one from the other when it comes to the 3 MOA options offered by both the sights. But, the difference can be experienced while using the Vortex Venom 6 MOA and the Burris 3 8 MOA where the 6 MOA dot offers a target acquisition that is crisper as compared to the 8 MOA. 

Quality and Performance

In terms of quality, it is difficult to contest the quality of Burris 3 and there will be tons of weapons out there that feature a Fastfire mounted on them, thanks to the old-hand tag it possesses. Given that Burris 3 is a veteran one in the field, it has a huge following and ample users prefer this one to accompany their weapons for its classic standing as well as the image quality it renders. 

Coming to the other one, the Vortex Venom stands competition with Burris 3 with its head held high. This sight model is new to the field if compared to the former but that doesn’t stop it from delivering a noticeable quality of the image. It offers clarity to the image and the field of view doesn’t compromise on the excellence of performance. 

If you come to the comparative terms to split among these sight models, it is easy to call the overall inoculation a bit tough. Given the quality of performance, both sight models provide quite a similar impression of the image which a user would want. However, the reliability sector for image quality is still in the power of Burris 3 due to its popularity. 


Optics are an irreplaceable ground of comparison among the sight models and can direct your decision to the whole new outcomes. The lens of Burris Fastfire goes to 21mm x 15mm and the Vortex Venom lens is 26.5mm. Now you must have caught the impression of advantageous Venom due to its efficient lens diameter which makes it more preferable over Burris 3. Due to the bigger Field of View, Vortex Venom treats users with more benefits than the Burris Fastfire 3. 

When it comes to materials, both the products are infrastructure with strong aluminium alloys and are hard-anodized. However, the newbie Vortex Venom uses the ArmorTek coating that delivers great help during pathetic conditions, thanks to its ability to resist scratches and harshness.


When a sight comes with an effective set of control points, it becomes smooth enough for you to decide which one is made for you. The Burris 3 offers three options for brightness which you can use manually along with the control for automatic brightness. So yes, it does walk up to your standards requirement that is expected from any best red dot model. 

Before you hit the yes button for classic Burris 3 and take it home for its ability to adapt to different conditions, there is something you have to know. The Vortex Venom features 10 settings for brightness and then, it gives you the control for automatic illumination too. Thus, you can access more options to make your weapon withstand different fronts and for many, there couldn’t be an any better sense of confidence than this feature. 

Service Life 

You have got the best of both worlds in optics, access control and quality but the longevity of these advantages matters when it comes to spending your dimes. After all, you’d not be looking for any comparison among the sights had it not been in your mind to check which one will be there on a long run to keep your weapon company. 

As we all know that evolution is the most interesting fundamental of technology. It always keeps users keeping tabs on the impending specs and enjoyment that new enhancements are going to bring. The Burris 3 features a CR1632 battery which is what the Vortex Venom runs on. 

But here’s what you should know: The settings that differ in both sight models make a huge difference in service life they offer. Given that the Vortex Venom has a selection of 10 settings, if you use it to the lowest setting then you will be able to enjoy about 30,000 hours of usage in Vortex Venom and if you set it to the highest setting then it will give you 150 hours of usability. 

When it comes to assessing the service life of the old man Burris 3, the options of settings obstruct its lifeline. Standing against Vortex Venom, this sight is able to walk for 11,000 hours (yes, the maximum hours.) and it is best if you expect it to accompany you for over 350 hours. Summing up, Vortex Venom certainly outshines Burris 3 sight in terms of service life.

Elevation and Windage

And yet again, we have a newbie outperforming a veteran. In the room of elevation and windage in the sights, where we have two models trying to compete with each other, and trying to confuse us, it is pretty clear that the newbie wins. 

On one side we have Burris Fastfire 3 with 115 MOA elevation range in total along with the 86 MOA windage range. Then there is the Vortex Venom with 130 MOA elevation range in total and the 100 MOA windage range. So, now you know. 


To start off with, let’s just admit that both of these sights are remarkable in their own powerful ways. Given the truckloads of features that function quality and the quality of life factor, it sounds a bit tricky to say which one really stands out. But since we are standing on the Burris 3 vs Vortex Venom conclusion, there’s got to be some outcome. 

While Burris Fastfire 3 is an old man with an exceptional trail of popularity and reliability, the Vortex Venom makes an entrance so flashy that we cannot help but look up to it and that is where things get a bit competitive.

Summing up, this detailed comparison calculates up to enhanced aspects that we get to spot in Vortex Venom so effortlessly. It nails it at battery life, adjustable features, and not to mention, super cool brightness settings and the wider window that lets the vision breathe. Also, there has to be some gratitude for the automatic shutdown feature that is a life-saver

It is Vortex Venom to eat the piece of cake with its superior qualities, compared to the Burris Fastfire 3. Of course, it is the ever-evolving nature of technology and rising standards of shooting practices that keep pioneering the advancements in specifications and which makes the fresher a better model on almost every ground and it may be the one for you too.