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BSA Sweet 17 Review – Lesser the Price, Better the Quality

Want a decent scope for your .17 HMR cartridges? Looking for the perfect mix of affordability and reliable quality? You have certainly come to the right place. BSA Sweet 17 is one of the best in the market for recreational as well as varmint hunting. And today we are going to do the BSA Sweet 17 Review

BSA was not a known company until a decade ago. But it was still ever-present in the market. They started off as an ammo manufacturer in Britain and later relocated into the United States.

They are definitely not as big as most sports optics brand. But they have their own marketable qualities. What makes BSA a favorable option for most hunters is its pocket-friendly nature. They also provide a wider array of optic choices to pick from. You can be well assured that the scope you buy from them will be worth more than the buck you pitched into it. More the usability, more customer satisfaction.

Well, enough beating around the bush. Let us go into the specificities of these products. Don’t you wish to know what makes this scope ideal for a 17 rifle and for whom is it targetted? Or even better, why does it cost so less? Let us find out.

In a Nutshell

No time for a read? Don’t worry. We’ve got this capsule info set just for you!

Smile Wide! Cause this scope is extremely affordable. Moreover, quality isn’t compromised. While most customers consider BSA Sweet 17 as a favorable option due to its affordability, that is not all that this scope has to offer.

Among the best features are a good quality optics, Duplex reticle, parallax adjustment, multi-grain turrets, and a fast-focus eyepiece. Also commendable is the durability, lifetime warranty, and exemplary customer support.

Watch Out! Cause the scope might weigh a bit more than expected. The scope is also rumored to have hard to move turrets.

BSA Sweet 17 Review

BSA Sweet 17 Review

The BSA Sweet 17 product range comes in three models. The first one is the basic 3-12x40mm rifle scope. This is a basic model and unlike the one we are going to discuss, this does not have multi-grain turrets or adjustable parallax. The second model is an improvement on the first.

This product that we are going to discuss now – BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm Rifle Scope – is an improved version wherein side parallax and multi-grain turrets are provided.

The other two models of the same product range are BSA Sweet 17 6-18x40mm Rifle Scope with Side Parallax and Multi-Grain Turrets and BSA Sweet 17 3012x40mm Rifle Scope with Red, Green and Blue Illuminated Reticle. We will not be going into all of these but just the second one, i.e., BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm Rifle Scope with Side Parallax and Multi-Grain Turrets.


BSA Sweet 17 has been often praised for its high-quality optics. Its image clarity has been its most priced feature. The scope has a 40 mm objective lens. This size is favorable for good light transmission since the larger the lens size, the more is the light absorbed into it. Add to this a good quality lens coating and you are off for a good start.

The fully multi-coated lens will ensure than more light rays get trapped into your objective lens. Thereby, it makes the eyepiece brighter and the image clearer. The scope also provides a 3-inch sunshade so that you don’t have to worry about shooting in broad daylight.

An equally important and appreciable feature is the reticle. BSA Sweet 17 has a BSA Duplex Reticle. Why is this reticle so significant? The BSA Duplex Reticle makes use of two kinds of crosshairs – thick for the outer part and thin for the inner parts. The thicker crosshairs at the perimeter ensure that you quickly focus on the center while the thinner crosshairs at the center enhance the precision of your shot. This way BSA Sweet 17 ensures that you never miss a shot!

Magnification and Range

The BSA Sweet 17 riflescope has a magnification of 3-12x. This range is apt for medium-range shooting as well as mediocre long-range shooting. It basically has a linear field of view of 100 yards. Nevertheless, many hunters have opinioned that the scopes function really well even at 200 yards. It is accurate and clear even at this range. It also has a fast focus feature so that you do not miss out on a fast-moving target.


All the features that have been discussed above will become useless if proper adjustment systems are not installed in the optics. Well, let me assure you something in this regard – the BSA Sweet 17 will not let you down in this front. The device is built with smooth and effective adjustment systems.

A notable feature here is the adjustable side parallax. This system lets you adjust the parallax errors from 10 yards to infinity. This means that the shot can go as far as it wants to and the scope will ensure that it is accurate. The scope makes use of strong turrets for the parallax as well as magnification adjustments.

The windage and elevation adjustments are made with the top quality multi-grain turrets. These are 0.25 MOA turrets that are strong, convenient, and produce audible clicks upon moving. Further, the scopes zero in easily and upon being done so it stays true.

User Friendliness

Before we go into the structural details that make BSA Sweet 17 a user-friendly and customer-loved product, let me tell you why the user finds it sweet in the first place. Because it is cost-efficient! The scope quality to investment ratio is off the bars. Most users happily announce that they did not expect a high-end quality product for a low-end price range.

The market prices may vary from time to time but if you are lucky enough you may even get it below $100. I know! It is truly amazing. Also, another added advantage is customer service. These guys ensure that you never turn away from them with a frown. It is then assured that you will recommend this scope to your well-wisher without a second thought. This Sweet 17 scope also has a lifetime warranty.

Coming into the structural matters, the BSA Sweet 17 is made of strong Aluminium which makes it reliable, durable, and shock-resistant. It will work perfectly well with high-caliber rifles. No wonder it is advertised as one of the best 17 HMR scopes. The Sweet 17 scope is also weather resistant. That is, it is waterproof and fog proof.

It also has a commendable eye box and eye relief. The 4-inch eye relief is all you need to use a 17 HMR scope safely. It will not leave you with a red eye or a bad bruise.


Most of you would have bounced upon this article cause you read somewhere or heard someone say that this is the best scope for 17 HMR rifle. This is incredibly true! The Sweet 17 is custom made for 17 HMR, 17 GR, and 20 GR cartridges. The turrets are also similarly designed.

Also, the factor of shock resistance and eye relief would have made it evident to you that recoil energy will not be an issue for our guy. The scope is well-designed for high caliber rifles that will take a shot in medium or long-range distances.


  • Good quality optics
  • Fully multi-coated
  • Duplex reticle for accuracy
  • Versatile magnification range
  • Fast Focus eye piece
  • Multi-grain turrets
  • Adjustable side-parallax
  • Good eye relief
  • Durable and strong
  • Reliable warranty and customer service


  • Might weigh a bit more than expected
  • Turrets are hard to move
  • Reticles are not illuminated


What kind of manufacturing company is BSA?

Affordability is one of the top mottos of the BSA manufacturing unit. The Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Company was set in Britain sometime before the first World War. It was basically formed by a set of gunsmiths who manufactured rifles and other ammo for the war. War did not go well with them as they were the recurring targets for Britain’s enemies. This made them reconsider their choices and hence they gave up rifles and stuck onto optics. As a part of this revival, they relocated to Arkansas in the US.

Are BSA scopes any good?

Definitely. And a lot of this is owing to the manufacturers. Not only are these people hunters but they are also ardent workmen. This is where the affordability factor comes in. Being former ammo producers they are aware of the nuances of ammo usage and its market. Hence their production of scopes is better valued and aimed towards a holistic rifle-scope union.

Are cheap scopes any good?

Let’s get this straight. Priced is not equal to quality. In fact, there are many good quality scopes that are cheap and vice versa. In the case of this particular Sweet 17 Rifle Scope, the quality is never compromised. The price range is well suited if you consider the prices of 17 HMR rifles. You wouldn’t want to spend twice as much on a scope that you did on a rifle! It is only when you look at the larger market of scopes that you feel like this scope is cheap in comparison with others.

Where are BSA scopes made from?

Though there are many rumors that BSA scopes are made in China, you can be well-rested knowing that they are not true. All stages of the manufacturing of BSA scopes are done in the US.

BSA or Nikon?

There are two manufacturers that have often been pinned against one another. This is mostly because they both manufacture scopes that fall into the same category – good quality plus affordability. But in comparison, BSA offers more choices within an affordable range while Nikon is affordable but has less choices. Even in terms of reliability, BSA stands a rung above Nikon. This is owing to two factors – one, BSA scopes are fully manufactured in America. And two, the manufactures are former or current huntsmen who have experience in the field. Plus their customer service is remarkable.


I am sure that this BSA Sweet 17 review will be of much help to you cause BSA scopes have never let anyone down. Neither will we. Brush through these factors once again and decide which product within the Sweet 17 range would best suit your preferences. Remind yourself once and again that cheap scopes are not bad in quality. Instead, focus on getting a good deal scope for any range of money investment.

Stop hanging around and go find that perfect scope for your rifle. Also, thank us silently after the first big shot. Off you go. Happy Hunting!