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Best Scopes For Remington 700 That Make The Military Look Easy

The Remington 700 needs no introduction. Let’s checkout some best scopes for Remington 700.

The trusty rifle was first used in the 60s by the marines, after which it was adopted by the army forces in the 80s. That was all the advertisement it needed- soon enough, target shooters, hunters, sportsmen, and police everywhere were using the Remington 700. The rifle continues to remain popular thanks to its accuracy, reliability, and durability. The very fact that I’m writing this article is a testament to its acclaim.

Top 5 Best Scopes for Remington 700

NameSpecsUSPToday's Price
Vortex Viper PST Gen II1-6x24Best glassClick Here
Vortex Diamondback4-12x40Most user friendlyClick Here
Leapers UTG SWAT3-12x44Most value for moneyClick Here
Leupold VX-R1.25-4x20Best overallClick Here
Vortex Strike Eagle1-6x24Best short range scopeClick Here

The Remington 700 is a versatile rifle that can be used with multiple calibers to suit a variety of purposes. However, all its applications have one thing in common – they require a scope. That’s where we come in. A good scope can do wonders in boosting your success rate and accuracy, and no one knows that better than we do. We went digging into the market and brought back 5 of the best scopes to pair with your Remington 700. Your perfect device is just a scroll away.

1. Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 SFP Riflescope - Best Scopes for Remington 700

Vortex Optics is one of the most trusted brands out there, and for good reason. It is known to provide a variety of high-quality optics.

The lens on the Viper PST is not made of regular glass. Vortex has equipped this scope with extra-low dispersion glass. The optics are also fully multi-coated, so you can expect top-notch images that retain their clarity even in low light. To add to the low light function of this Remington scope we have the illuminated reticle with a battery life of up to 150 hours.

I love the visual experience on this Remington 700 scope. The precision-glide erector system uses the magic of its mechanism to make the transitions across the 1-6x magnification range even smoother. The eye relief stands at a decent 3.8 inches. If you’re planning to pair your Remington with a cartridge that has considerable recoil, you can definitely consider this scope, anyway it’s one of the best scopes for Remington 700.

When it comes to the body, the Viper PST is constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum. The single-piece 30mm tube ensures ultimate durability and recoil resistance. The O-ring seals help make the scope waterproof and weatherproof. It’s a compact scope that comes with a matte anodized finish.

However, the scope can get a little heavy.


  • Extra low dispersion glass
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Precision-glide erector system
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Warranty


  • Heavy

What’s The verdict?

The Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope provides a very smooth experience for your Remington 700. Undoubtedly one of the best scopes for the Remington 700.

2. Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Matte Riflescope

Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 Matte Riflescope

We’re telling you, almost all good hunters own at least 1 Vortex scope.

The Diamondback series is an affordable series with quality scopes. The Diamondback 4-12×40 is equipped with Vortex’s signature Dead-Hold BDC reticle that will allow your Remington 700 to shoot long-range without any guesswork. The SFP reticle has a clean design with markings to estimate bullet drop. Hands down one of my favorite reticle designs.

The Remington 700 scope has fully multi-coated optics to fight dispersion and provide crisp, clear images. The fast-focus eyepiece makes target acquisition a breeze. The elevation and windage turrets are really nice. They are audibly crisp and can be reset to zero, ensuring accuracy and repeatability. They are also capped.

Once again, we see the precision-glide erector system that provides a great visual experience. The 1-inch single-piece tube is crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum. This scope can withstand any punishment your Remington 700 throws at it. Additionally, it’s argon-purged to make sure it provides a waterproof and shockproof performance.

Of course, the Vortex VIP warranty is always a plus. The price will make your wallet smile and this is why it’s one of the best scopes for Remington 700.

It has a 3.1-inch eye relief, which might prove to be inadequate for some


  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Great turrets
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Precision-glide erector system
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • Eye relief

What’s The verdict?

The Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Matte Riflescope is another masterstroke by Vortex. It’s a great name brand scope for the price.

3. Leapers UTG SWAT 3-12×44 Illumination Enhancing Rifle Scope

Leapers UTG SWAT 3-12x44 Illumination Enhancing Rifle Scope

Leapers is an optics brand that has recently started to gain popularity thanks to its affordable quality-packed scopes.

The Leapers UTG SWAT comes with a 44 mm Emerald coated objective lens that maximizes light transmission. The illuminated reticle allows you to extend your hunting hours beyond daylight. It’s worth noting that the mil-dot reticle has 36 color choices that can enhance your vision across a plethora of landscapes.

The 3-12x magnification range is quite flexible. The optics retain their clarity across the magnification. You can pair this scope with your Remington 700 for both, short and long-range shooting. The lockable zero-reset turrets are nice. The scope is incredibly easy to zero. It holds this zero quite well too.

The construction is commendable at this price. The UTG SWAT is pretty heavy-duty. You won’t need to hesitate before pairing your Remington 700 with a high recoil cartridge. It’s also completely weatherproof. The mounting process is quick and easy.

I loved the fact that it came with a sunshade.

However, the crosshairs can prove to be a little thick which can affect your accuracy.


  • Emerald coated lenses
  • 36 color illuminated reticle
  • Retains clarity across the magnification
  • Great turrets
  • Holds zero
  • Good construction
  • Quick mounting
  • Sunshade


  • Thick crosshairs can decrease precision

What’s The verdict?

Leapers is an underrated brand and the Leapers UTG SWAT 3-12×44 Illumination Enhancing Rifle Scope testifies to this. Great quality and packed with features.

4. Leupold VX-R 1.25-4×20 Matte Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20 Matte Rifle Scope

Leupold is one of the most popular rifle scope companies. Their scopes are known for the great images they provide.

The Firedot duplex illuminated reticle is a definite upgrade on the traditional duplex reticle. The illuminated dot helps focus your eye for quicker target acquisition. The brightness on the reticle is adjustable to suit your comfort. Every Leupold scope comes with the legendary Twilight max light management system that intelligently combines a number of factors to provide unmatched images and low-light shooting. I love the military-grade scratch-resistant lenses to go with a military-grade gun like the Remington 700.

The fast-focus eyepiece enhances the performance of the Firedot reticle. The 3.8- 4.1-inch eye relief is pretty comfortable. The turrets are quite crisp. The Leupold VX-R has a movement sensor to save battery. It automatically turns off when it doesn’t sense any movement.

Despite all of its features, the scope is lightweight and compact. It’s durable and weatherproof. Feels quite sturdy and comes with a warranty. I also appreciate the lens caps.

For the downside, the switch for the red dot is a little tricky.


  • Firedot duplex illuminated reticle
  • Twilight Max light management system
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Crisp turrets
  • Movement sensor
  • Light and compact
  • Warranty


  • Red dot switch is tricky

What’s The verdict?

The Leupold VX-R 1.25-4×20 Matte Rifle Scope is undoubtedly efficient and comes with a commendable reticle. I love how lightweight it is.

5. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm Riflescope AR-BDC Reticle

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm Riflescope AR-BDC Reticle

We’re ending the list with another Vortex device. Can you blame us?

The Strike Eagle comes with an AR-BDC reticle to improve accuracy and eliminate speculation when shooting over long distances. The reticle is illuminated to facilitate good aim in bad lighting conditions. It’s also etched on glass. The fully multicoated optics provide a clear image even when the illumination is switched off.

The fast-focus eyepiece allows speedy target acquisition. The capped reset turrets are finger adjustable and repeatable. They don’t budge at all. The scope does a good job at holding zero. The transitions across the 1-6x magnification range are quite smooth. You can rely on this scope for shooting anywhere between 10 and 200 yards.

I like the black and tan color options. Both can provide good concealment. The single-piece compact tube is made of aircraft-grade aluminum – we all know what that means. The Strike Eagle 1 is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof.

It comes with a great warranty at a friendly price. I like that the lens covers came included.

It can get slightly heavy though.


  • AR-BDC illuminated reticle
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Holds zero
  • Crisp turrets
  • Color options
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Warranty


  • Slightly heavy

What’s The verdict?

We’re clearly Vortex optics fans. The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm Riflescope AR-BDC Reticle is a durable and accurate rifle scope for your Remington 700.

Things to look for when you’re purchasing the best scope for Remington 700

A rifle like the Remington 700 deserves only the best scope. But how do you make sure that your rifle scope is up to the mark? Here are a few things to look out for.


Since the primary function of a scope is to provide better sight, it is only reasonable to ask for a clear image. A large objective lens lets in more light to give you a clearer image. Fully multicoated optics are always best since they considerably reduce glare. A good scope should be able to perform well in an array of lighting conditions.


The mounting on your Remington 700 needs to be solid. Otherwise, the rifle can shake up your scope and demand constant readjustments. Invest in a mount and ring that is made of good quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum. For the scope base, steel is your best bet. Even the best scope on the best rifle can give you a bad experience if the mounting isn’t satisfactory.

Reticles and turrets

Reticles need to be tried and tested. There’s a wide variety of reticles on the market. If you’re shooting long range, you might want to go for a BDC (bullet drop compensation) reticle. Illuminated reticles also always help in enhancing performance. However, some people still prefer the simple design of a duplex reticle. Don’t get swept away by fancy names and stick to what is most comfortable for you. If you’re planning on trying out a new reticle, look up a few images before you decide.

Turrets are another very important part of your scope. Fixed turrets might sound good on paper, but you have to use a screwdriver for adjustments. Tactical turrets allow you to adjust with your fingers, which is a much quicker process. But of course, both of them have their pros and cons. No matter what you choose, the best scope for Remington 700 will have crisp turrets.


Since the Remington 700 can be used to fulfill a variety of shooting needs, the optimal magnification range is subjective. You won’t need anything too high though. A 10-14x upper limit is more than enough. Hunting and target shooting are possible with 4-6x on the lower limit. Choose according to your needs. You really won’t be needing that wide 6-24x magnification range for your Remington 700.


The Remington 700 is one of the most accurate rifles on the market right now. You don’t want to take away from that with an insufficient scope. Keeping in mind the versatility of the Remington, we chose scopes that satisfy a variety of shooting needs. You might want to check one of the other versatile guns’ scopes, Best Scopes for 3006.The list consists of a long-range as well as short-range scopes with varying reticles. We’ve also kept in mind the quality.

All scopes here consist of high-quality lenses in completely waterproof and fog proof bodies. You get to choose from a bunch of different price tags as well. We’ve only listed 5 scopes because we don’t want to confuse you further. Now all that’s left to do, is read our concise list and take your pick for the best scope for Remington 700. 100% success rate, here we come!