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Best Scope Mount for Remington 700

best scope mount for remington 700

The Remington 700 rifle has stayed in the shooting world for a long time now due to its sharp shooting capabilities. This classy rifle is used as the official rifle for the US Marine Corps Sniper Unit. It is also used by the cops, defense personnel, military, and the majority of hunters.

Hence, it goes without saying, the Remington 700 rifle is unmatched and becomes more efficient and accurate when paired with the right Remington 700 scope. And with that, you require a scope mount to hold the Remington 700 scope in position.

Top 5 Scope Mounts for Remington 700

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
Game Reaper Remington 700 - Mount1/2 inch Perfect for Long-Range ShootingClick Here
Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount35mmOverall PerformanceClick Here
Talley 700-721-722-725-40X Scope Mount8x4x2 inchesStrongClick Here
Vortex Optics Pro Extended Viper Mounts30mmEye-ReliefClick Here
Burris Optics Signature Zee Rings8.25x2.75x0.75 inchesInexpensiveClick Here

So, making sure that you get a high-quality set of scope mounts is necessary. There are all kinds of scope mounts available in the market and it becomes hard to pick out the best scope mounts for your Remington 700.

To help you choose a great scope mounting set for your classic Remington 700, we have prepared a detailed guide. Here, you’ll find an assorted list of the best scope mounts for Remington 700 along with a buying guide that tells you what to look for in a scope mount while buying.

1. Game Reaper Remington 700-Long Action-Medium Mount

Game Reaper Remington 700-Long Action-Medium Mount

This is an American mounting piece famous among hunting enthusiasts for being one of the best scope mounts for Remington 700. The reason behind this is that it can provide a very secure and solid hold to any scope. Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum, this product will stand the test of time.

It is very robust and will hold strong even when your gun suffers from earth-shattering recoils. The aluminum build suggests that the product is both strong and lightweight. Moreover, the Game Reaper scope mount comes at an inexpensive price and so, is affordable for everybody.

Game Reaper is famous for its name and this mount is a perfect fit for hunters who are interested in long-range shooting. The simple design makes it easy to use and you’ll save a ton of time while installing the mount.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to install
  • Offers 4 times more thread length
  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Offers maximum accuracy
  • Eliminates the need for lapping
  • Great for long-range shooting


  • Holds larger riflescopes way too tightly that makes releasing the scope time-consuming


This is the best scope mount for Remington 700 if you are into long-distance shooting. It is perfect in all respects and isn’t too costly. The only drawback it has is that its hold could be too tight on larger scopes, otherwise, it is the best option at hand.

2. Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount – LT104

Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount - LT104

This scope mount is very popular among professional hunters. It has an innovative yet robust design that enhances repeatability and reduces the requirement for lapping as well. The rings are also machined with precision and provide you with very tight tolerances.

Moreover, these also have threaded steel inserts that are strong enough to bear a lifetime of stress. The cantilever places the scope at a pushed forward position. So, the hunter will obtain the optimum eye relief. You won’t require spanning from receiver to the gun as well.

Another great point is that the gun is made of aluminum which is famous for being very strong and yet lightweight enough. It has locking speed levers too that make the mount return to zero all the time. So, feel free to detach and reattach the scope all the time because it will surely return to zero.


  • Solid built
  • Holds zero
  • Provides several mounting options
  • Adjustable
  • Offers optimum height to place the scope
  • Precision machined rings
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Needs special tool for adjustment
  • Rings could loosen when exposed to heavy recoils


This is the ideal type of scope mount for your Remington 700 and is available in different sizes. So, you can get whichever scope you want and it will hold it tightly. Go for it if budget is not a concern for you because you won’t regret buying it.

3. Talley 700-721-722-725-40X Scope Mount

This is one of the most versatile scope mounts on the list. It is available in various sizes to fit scopes of different diameters like 30mm, 34mm, and 1 inch. It also comes in different profiles to allow you to pick the one that will give you the best height adjustment.

This model has a unique design and boasts a one-piece build. The rings have no joint attaching them to the scope or the gun. Besides, it is extremely lightweight and that eliminates the possibility of misalignment or loose connection between the scope rings and the scope.

It is lighter yet stronger and more durable than most other competition rings and bases. It is made of 7000 alloy series that is famed for the durability it provides. Also, the mount has been CNC precision machined and the final design turns out to be the lightest and toughest mounting system in the current market.


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Optimum height adjustment
  • Affordable


  • Distance between the mounts could be too much


These are the strongest and the lightest mounting rings in the current market. Go for them if strength is your priority and you don’t want to spend a lot on scope rings.

4. Vortex Optics Pro Extended Viper Cantilever Riflescopes Mount

Vortex Optics Pro Extended Viper Cantilever Riflescopes Mount

As far as scope mounting brands are concerned, Vortex Optics will never disappoint you. Not only do they make awesome scopes, but they also offer great scope mounting gear to mount them on your gun. This product has a solid build that contributes to its durability and a matte black finish that gives it a cool look.

Also, the design of this one-piece scope mount provides you with the correct height to place your scope at for optimum eye relief. So, rest assured because your scope will give you accurate aims all the time. The installation procedure is simple and easy too. You’ll have an enjoyable time while installing this mount on your rifle. The vertical screws provided with the package play a great role in this.

This mount is of cantilever design, so that means that the rings are forward pushed to allow you to place a red dot scope as well. Moreover, it also allows optimum visual relief while shooting. You can use this mount with rifles other than Remington 700 as well. It holds up pretty well against heavy recoils. It retains zero better than most models available in the market, so you can freely remove your scope and reattach it if you need to.


  • Solid-body
  • Hold zero
  • Provides optimum eye relief
  • Compatible with Picatinny rail


  • Expensive


If the price is not an issue for you, then this is one of the best high-quality scope mounts you could get in the current market. This is a good scope mounting choice if you were on the lookout for cantilever style one-piece mounts.

5. Burris Optics Signature Zee Rings

Burris Optics Signature Zee Rings

Burris is yet another popular brand among hunters and you will always get high-quality stuff here. These scope rings are currently in demand and are available at a reasonable price as well. Unlike other models, this model delivers great performance despite being available at a low price.

It is also highly versatile when compared to other products available in the market. The reason is that it fits almost all kinds of riflescopes. Also, you’ll get a better windage setting with this one without compromising on the already built adjustment of your scope.

Your money will be worthy of all the benefits you get from these scope rings. The built of the product is also worth admiring. It will stand up to recoils since it is built from the strongest materials. Hence, this is one of the best scope mounts in the current market for Remington 700.


  • Strong construction
  • Easy to install
  • Tolerant towards recoil forces


  • Hard to adjust


If you were looking for good quality scope rings for your Remington 700, then here’s a great option for you. Besides being strong and durable, it is easy to install and comes at an affordable price.

Things To Consider While Picking Out The Best Scope Mounts For Remington 700

Selecting the best scope mount could be tougher than it seems. There is so much to choose from in today’s technologically advanced scope mount market. So much so that people, especially beginners, are much likely to end up with the wrong scope mount.

There are different types of scope mounts available like the one-piece mount, two-piece scope rings, cantilever type, and so on. So, we are here to help you with expert tips and advice so that you don’t fail in your scope mount buying journey. Here are the factors you need to analyze while selecting the best scope mounts for your Remington 700.


Scope mounts are built of different types of material and all of them are very different from one another. Each type of material is distinguishable in terms of durability, strength, and reliability. The most commonly used material in scope mount construction is aluminum. Now, aluminum is awesome when it comes to strength and at the same time, it is very lightweight as well.

Due to the same reason, most hunters prefer aluminum. The second most common material is steel which is very strong but quite heavy. Firstly, you need to ensure that the material is strong enough to tolerate recoil forces so that it lasts long. And secondly, the weight of the material comes into play. If you are comfortable with carrying heavy items, then you can go for steel construction, otherwise, stick to aluminum.


The height of the scope mounting base and rings is also equally important. You should mount the scope close to the barrel to obtain better accuracy. If your scope is larger, then you should opt for taller rings. But, extra height might obstruct your field of vision and accuracy. Scope mounts with various heights like tall, mid, low, or extra-high are available. Choose whichever suits your requirements.

Ease of Installation

Any hunter would obviously want to take up the mount that is easy to install. There could be certain scope mounts that are harder to set up and even require special tools to install. Models that are easier to install take up a lot less time to set up.

There are several quick-detach and attach mounting models available. Based on the design of your rifle, you could go for such models. You might want to use the same mount for different rifles, or need to remove the mount from time to time. In all such cases, a quick detach mounting system is preferable.


You must not forget to look for compatibility while picking up a scope mount for your rifle. If your scope mount is not compatible with your rifle or the riflescope, then there is no point in purchasing it. While some scope mounts are very versatile and can be used with different types of scopes, others are quite limited.

Some scopes are compatible with Picatinny rails only, some with Weaver rails, and some are compatible with both Weaver and Picatinny rails. Again, some scope mounts can fit smaller scopes only and some larger only. So, make sure to research well about the features of the product before finalizing it.


Looking into the settings of the scope is also necessary. You might have to make certain adjustments to the scope so that it works properly. Some scope mounts might not be ready to hold the scope if certain things haven’t been altered in them. So, it’s better to pick a scope mount that allows you to make changes to it easily.


The Remington 700 is probably a favorite for serious hunters mostly for its long-range shooting capability. And with scopes and scope mounts, you can fire even more accurate and precise shots with your Remington 700. Hence, to ensure that your shooting experience doesn’t go wrong, you need to pick the best scope mount in the market.

The ideal scope mount is the one that doesn’t wiggle much, holds tight, and is strong enough to handle recoils. This blog has provided you with the 5 best scope mounts compatible with Remington 700 rifle. So, we hope that your mounting needs have now been met.