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Best Scope Mount for Marlin 1895

Best Scope Mount For Marlin 1895

Once you’ve bought the world-class rifle Marlin 1895 and picked up a scope that goes well with it, it’s time to take a look at some mounts. Thankfully, the scopes for Marlin guns are budget-friendly, so you can freely spend on good quality mounts.

Also, when it comes to Marlin guns, the mount is equally important as the scope. So, you need to put a good amount of thought into it if you want it to last long.

Top 5 Best Scope Mounts for Marlin 1895

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
EGW Marlin 1895 MountNAVersatileClick Here
Leupold Quick Release Scope RingsNAEasy to installClick Here
Game Reaper Marlin 1895 Mount 1/2 inchOverall performanceClick Here
Talley Marlin Models 336-1895 Scope Mount8x4x2 inchesGood at holding zeroClick Here
Warne M864 Two-Piece Bases Marlin Lever Actions Matte7x3x0.5 inchesInexpensiveClick Here

Not to worry because we have curated a specialized list comprising of all the best scope mounts for Marlin 1895. Moreover, in this blog, we have provided you with all the things you need to keep in mind for making a scope-mount purchase.

1. EGW Marlin 1895, 336, 444, Camp Carbine 9mm, Camp Carbine45 Picatinny Rail Scope Mount 0 MOA

Built with 061 T6 aluminum and commendable craftsmanship, it screams durability and strength. This EGW Picatinny mount looks simple but does is fantastic at its job. You’ll love how this scope gives you the proper flexibility to adjust the scope for proper eye relief. Besides, you can also center the rings comfortably on it. Also, you can freely select the rings and decide what kind of scope you want.

The cross slots of the Picatinny platform run all along the rail and this is what provides the user with the required flexibility to mount scope rings and other gears on it. The center of the rail has a channel that decreases the mass of the mount making it weigh lighter.

Besides fitting the 1895 Marlin rifle, it fits several other guns as well. This mount is one of the best choices for tactical shooters and hunters. And it doesn’t come in the way of using the factory iron sights.


  • Can be used with several guns.
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver scope rings.


  • Screws can strip off easily


This is the perfect mounting gear with all the necessary specs. If you want to use the same mounting accessories for many rifles, then this should be your pick.

2. Leupold Quick Release (QR) Weaver-style Scope Rings

These quick release weaver style scope mounting rings are a great fit for your rifle. Moreover, these are one of the few scope rings that read zero even after several hundred rounds of fire. Just like always, Leopold lives up to its name.

The installation is a breeze and the rings hold the scope tight and secure. Also, the material quality is great and makes the rings strong enough to handle recoils. The package comes with a Torx key and wrench.

You can get these at different sizes like 1 inch, 30mm, and 34 mm. So, your other scopes of different diameters can also be held with these high-quality rings. You can detach and reattach the scope within just 1/2″ of the original point-of-impact. It has a special lever mechanism that plays a major role in engaging the steel base with the ring and hence, locking it in zero position.


  • Easy to install
  • Different sizes available
  • Holds tight


  • Screws might not align


If you are looking for an easy installation procedure, then these mounting rings are the best choice for you. Besides being quick to install, these are also easy to detach and come at a reasonable price.

3. Game Reaper Marlin 1894 1895 and 336-High Mount

This is a paramount product made with the best quality materials. Besides being lightweight, it is also very rugged. So, it won’t break off easily and give hold the scope rings securely. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum, this base provides the proper strength to hold the mounting rings on the gun. You can get a custom fit without compromising on the tight tolerance.

With extreme accuracy, it makes sure that each one of your targets is hit. This is the easiest mount to install in the entire rifle industry. Also, it comes at a reasonable price without falling short on any of its good features. Besides being a good fit for Marlin 1895, it also fits the 1894 model and Marlin 336 as well.

The length of the product is up to four times up to 1/2″ and it gives you the perfect clearance. Also, it stays secure on rough terrains. In addition to being sturdy and secure enough for hunters, it also provides the optimum height for eye relief.

This mount is available in two colors: silver and black. As it has been designed specifically for the 1895 rifles, it is capable of tolerating its recoil strength. Its accuracy is good enough even for an experienced hunter.


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Eye relief
  • Gives the perfect height
  • Do not require extra rings


  • Price could seem costly to some
  • Screws are not perfectly centered


This is the perfect package you need to mount your scope. Besides providing you with heavy recoil tolerance and immense strength, it also eliminates the need for extra scope rings. With a reasonable price and amazing features, this deal is the best on our list so far.

4. Talley Marlin Models 336-1895 Scope Mount

If you were looking for a two-piece mount designed exclusively for your Marlin 1895 model, then here you go. But, you need to keep in mind that the two-piece scope mounts are not as durable as the one-piece scope mounts. With Talley Marlin, you won’t have to face this problem since it has its rings attached to the base.

Hence, your ring and base set up won’t have to tolerate any undue strain. Moreover, the design of the product makes sure that the mount is held straight in its place. And, it holds zero even after firing thousands of shots. All you have to do is install it, adjust and tighten it, and then leave it as it is.

Another plus point is that this is one of the lightest products mentioned in this list. But, it is not compatible with other rifles since it has a very specific design. Overall, this one is a great one-piece mount for all those who don’t want to fiddle with their scope set up much.


  • Rigid body
  • Holds zero through hundreds of firing rounds.
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Keeps the scope straight
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be used with other rifles


If you are looking for a mount to use exclusively with your Marlin 1895 gun, then this is a good choice. It is lightweight, very inexpensive, versatile, and comes in different sizes.

5. Warne M864/864M Two-Piece Bases Marlin Lever Actions Matte

If you were looking for a low profile mount, then here you go. This scope mounting base is hardly visible and barely adds any height to the scope. And if you want to further ensure that the size doesn’t increase much, then installing low rings would be better.

But, it is recommended that you go for medium-profile rings because going too low might not allow the scope to clear the rifle. These bases also come with recoil slots all along their width and depth which help them to tolerate heavy recoils like a breeze.

These are solid steel bases machined with precision CNC. Rest assured that these won’t break off even after thousands of firing rounds and hold tight in their positions. Besides performing so well, these also look sleek and stylish in a matte black finish.


  • Inexpensive
  • Solid-body
  • High shock tolerance


  • Screws need to be shortened


If you want a mount that can handle the strong and heavy recoils of a Marlin gun and at the same time doesn’t cost too much, then this one is for you.


If you want a mount that can handle the strong and heavy recoils of a Marlin gun and at the same time doesn’t cost too much, then this one is for you.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Scope Mounts for Marlin 1895

You must already know that Marlin 1895 is not quite cheap. Moreover, if you have bought an advanced variant, then that model of the rifle will determine what kind of scope mount you actually need.

We will be guiding you towards all the specs that you need to look into while purchasing the scope accessories. Given below are the factors you need to keep in mind while you are choosing a mount base and rings for your scope:


While looking for mounts for your Marlin rifles, you need to prioritize durability first. The reason being that these guns produce immense recoils. So much so that your shoulder including your entire body would reverberate.

Another point is that too many mounts start moving the moment you start shooting. If this happens, then the whole purpose of getting a scope goes in vain because your bullet won’t go where you aim. Hence, picking up mounts made of steel or aluminum is a must.

Also, the rings should be constructed of a strong and hard material to hold your scope in position. Again, due to heavy recoils, plastic rings and bases can’t be considered in this case.

One-Piece Scope Mount Vs Two-Piece Rings

A one-piece mount has a simple and efficient design. Also, it is a great choice for beginner shooters. But, most experienced shooters prefer using two-piece rings.

The choice is entirely up to you and what you would be comfortable with. And to know that, you could try both types of mounts and check out which one suits you.

However, for the 1895 model of Marlin, generally, a one-piece base plus rings combo would be recommended. This is because you have a high-recoil rifle at hand, and the single-piece mount would not transfer the force to the scope which could otherwise break from the stress. Hence, this ensures that your riflescope lasts for a long time.

But, if your scope is strong enough and pretty robust, then two piece rings would also work well.


You need to look at the height of the mount you are buying. It should match your requirements and give you the optimum height for eye relief and other things. You could consider low-profile mounts since these are consistent. But, these might not allow the barrel clearance with certain rifles.

On the other hand, high-profile mounts do clear the barrel but they bring in other inconsistencies. For example, you might not be able to place your face on the given cheekpiece. Another point to remember is that a larger objective lens needs you to mount the scope higher, else, you won’t get proper vision.

However, for Marlin guns, you should go for medium-profile mounts. This would ensure that you can clear the rifle barrel but still will be low enough to give you accurate shots.


Regardless of how much your gun and scope cost, you need to prepare yourself to spend some amount of money on the ideal scope mount. A lot of hunters and shooters opt for cheap mounts since they have already spent a lot of money on the rifle.

But, you can’t buy a high-end sports car and fuel it with cheap petrol. In the same way, with Marlin guns, the recoil would have a brutalizing effect on the mount. Hence, you need to buy an extremely strong and durable mount.


We hope that all the mounts we’ve listed in this blog help you choose the correct component to add to your arsenal. Other than that, we’ve also given you different components that you need to consider and analyze when you decide to buy a mount for your rifle.

Some such aspects to keep in mind are the height, the material the mount is made of, price range, and so on. Your requirements and suitability matters here as well.