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Best Scope for Henry h001

Best Scope for Henry h001

For more than 150 years, Henry has been the preferred brand for hunting enthusiasts. And for more than 20 years Henry h001 has been one of their largest sellers. But one thing that can make them a cut above the rest is a scope.

Should you use one in your hunting rifle is a much talked about topic and it calls for a different article for itself. Since you are reading this, we assume that you are looking to buy the best scope for Henry h001. 

NameSepcsToday's Price
Steiner T5Xi Tactical5-25x56Click Here
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle1-6×24Click Here
Vortex Optics Diamondback3-9×40Click Here
BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope10-40X50Click Here
Tasco Red Dot1 X 30Click Here

1. Steiner T5Xi Tactical Rifle Scope

Steiner T5Xi Tactical Rifle Scope

With a wide range of 5x to 25x zoom and an MOA SCR reticle, it grants clarity and precision, allowing the shooter to get an idea about each Mll of elevation through the turret so that you can adjust your shot accordingly.

Now if you hunt professionally and shoot at long-distance targets, this should be on top of your lever-action gun or rifle due to the accuracy it provides over such distance. Another small but noticeable feature is the consistent eye relief that it offers, where you can adjust your magnification range without having to reposition your eye.

The scopes are larger in width and length but lighter than they seem in weight. Its water, fog, and shockproof with a locking diopter for avoiding accidental rotation. Not only this, an easy to grip Illumination Knobs extend efficiency while adjusting the diopter and parallax settings.

It offers an extended illuminated area of windage 2/10-mil and handover lines of ½ mil. As for precision while shooting, a 1/10-mil ranging brackets takes care of it. T5Xi is known to provide better quality vision than other well-known brands such as razor HD and Nightforce as well. 


  • Suitable for range: 300 yards+
  • Precision, accuracy, and clarity in all weather location
  • Turrets with positive clicks
  • Better SCR reticle than standard mildot
  • 34 mm tuber – large range
  • 5x to 25x zoom with MOA SCR reticle
  • Diopter range: +2 to -3


  • Parallax starts at 50m, hence points tend to get a little fuzzy
  • A fine line of Chromatic Aberration around the edge of the target
  • Could have better glass quality

Suitable For?

The priciest in this list and one of the costliest range available in the market currently is the T5Xi of Steiner, MRP at around 2300$.

2. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

You can easily buy these in place of Steiner T5Xi as an alternative if you don’t wish to spend too much. The outer shell is made with one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum for making them water and fog proof. 

Even at the max illumination, the red dot is fairly visible, making them a delight to have for those who require high lighting. Adjustable from one to six power for close to long target scenarios, respectively.

The lenses come multi-coated to ensure crisp, smooth, and optimal performance even under low lighting. 11 illumination setting adjusts to a wide range of quick light changes. These features make them a great companion for hunters to have from dawn till dusk.

It equips a 30mm rugged tube that can withstand harsh impacts and reactions even after firing at 42 pm and 53 pm. A third-in throw level promises quicker spotting than any other rifles. BDC-3 MOA reticle can withstand winds up to 5 MPH wind increments and accurately shoot targets between 20 to 600 yards. This makes them one of the sought out the scope for your Henry golden boy.


  • Accurately judges object traveling at 5-10 MPH speed
  • Easy to set and mark the adjustments
  • Quick transition from point-blank to 600-yard ranges
  • Wide brightness levels: 11 illumination available settings
  • Known for its crystal clear glass clarity and a lifetime warranty
  • 30 mm rugged tube: withstands harsh environment location
  • BDC-3 MOA reticle for accuracy and perfection


  • The group seemed to move a few inches up when we increased the power to 6
  • The glass develops a brownish hue under certain lighting
  • Illumination washes out in bright day-light
  • Turret knobs could be crispier and positive

Suitable For?

Known to provide pace and to be multifaceted, these adapt to a wide range of scenarios helping shooters spot from point-blank to extreme ranges. When we tried out hands at these, we were surprised at the performance of the 1x variable optic. As we said, we could move from point-blank to 600-yard distance with ease. 

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback 3-9×40 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback 3-9x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

The riflescope is available in two models, Dead-Hold BDC and V-plex, offering a range of power and magnification to choose from. The main difference between the model is, BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensator. 

The BDC estimates the rollover drop that you might face when firing at a longer distance, and accordingly helps you adjust to hit the bullseye. But mind you, there are a few cons in this type, since these reticles can’t be illuminated, it can become difficult for you to spot the target in low lighting conditions. Hence, if you are going to hunt in a more traditional sense, we suggest you prefer the V-plex because it will end up giving you more clarity.

Every marksman has to calculate his/her rollover, whereby you aim over your game to hit it. Because as soon as the bullet is released, gravity works in pulling it down.

It is a common misconception that BDC reticles eliminate rollovers, but at the end of the day, that is what it is, a myth. What the Diamondback’s BDC reticle lenses help in is to easily adjust the rollover angles. These lenses are multi-coated for clarity, and to provide quick and easy reticle focusing.

Tracking and repeatability are taken care of by a precision glide erector system, and metal on metal turret offers an option to zero resets after sight-in. The one-piece tube has a hard-anodized finish ensuring its shockproof and durability.

At the rate at which they are available, we found the turrets to be really sturdy, and all zoom planes easy to adjust with an unbeatable glass quality. The Diamondback is by far the ablest scope for a lever-action rifle at this price range, even when we compare it to a brand like BSA.


  • Accurate up to 300 yards
  • BDC reticles
  • Easy to calculate rollover adjustments
  • Works like a charm in any location
  • Doesn’t fog and is waterproof
  • Max elevation and windage adjustment: 60 MOA
  • 100 yards parallax settings
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Low-glare surface for the perfect camouflage


  • Cloudy around the edges
  • A little hard to feel turrets and mushy
  • Poor eye relief

Suitable For?

A perfect friend to have along with your Henry h001 while slug shotgunning, brush hunting, or to catch your next big game. Weighing at 1.3 pounds, and available in-between $179 to $299, it is the most value for money scope in the market.

4. BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope

BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope

BARSKA provides magnification even up to 40x with a 50mm objective lens. The light transmission in this scope is at the finest due to the large objective and fully multi-coated lens.

The scope is fog, water, and shockproof. The 1-inch tube comes with an adjustable objective for parallax corrections for catering to the distance you are shooting at. Equipped with extra-high windage and easy-gip, it also provides elevation corrections and 1/8 MOA finger clicks. 

1/8 MOA turret, windage, and elevation adjustments with Mil-dot reticle for accurate range estimation and rollover points. A quality scope for your Henry h001 at this value range. Though it does come with a few defects, which we will cover in the negatives. Overall, we found it to be a trailblazer in this category.

You could use it during your competitions as well for a few seasons, after which, you might have to replace it. Known to hold zero position for at least a few years without making any significant adjustments.


  • Adjustable objective for parallax corrections
  • Soundest budget buy
  • Up to 40x magnification
  • 50mm objective lens
  • Multi Coated lens for brightness and clarity
  • Long-range mil-dot reticle scope
  • 1/8 MOA finger clicks
  • 1/8 MOA Windage and turret adjustments
  • 1-inch eye relief


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t hold zero after a few years
  • Not for high powered guns
  • Starts to blur a bit on the higher power

Suitable For?

The brand provides riflescopes at all budgets for their customer, the Varmint Mil-Dot is priced from $70 to $120, depending on their power and the magnification.

5. Tasco Red Dot 1 x 30mm

Tasco Red Dot 1 X 30mm

This red-dot rifle has an 11 position rheostat for controlling the resistance and the light, with an illuminated 5 MOA red-dot. The parallax setting extends up to 50 yards with a 1 x 30mm riflescope for accuracy. A black matte finish gives it the finishing touch and makes it an eye-pleasing piece of equipment to have on top of your rifle.

Pretty accurate up to a 100 yard, and the lenses are multi-coated for extending a clear vision. This red-dot scope is known to be durable for a long time, in some cases even up to 5 years. 

The red-dot sight itself is easy to adjust, and crystal clear, unlike other entry-level compasses for Henry 22. Only one of the downfalls being the rimfire scope, which does not offer a large zoom (only 1x field of vision) as compared to others, but works perfectly as a peep sight.


  • Good for fast shooting
  • 5 MOA for easy sight pickup
  • Holds zero for long-term and doesn’t flicker
  • Crystal clear red-dot
  • 30mm multi-coated objective lens
  • Fixed focus type
  • 50 yards parallax settings
  • 11 position rheostat 
  • 5 at 50 yards windage/elevation
  • Unlimited eye-relief


  • 1x field of view magnification
  • Red-dot gets a bit dizzy at 5 MOA
  • Relatively weak battery

Suitable For?

We were amazed by the features and the quality this offered at the estimated range set by the brand. The thing is, there are very few models under $100 that go well with Henry h001, and this is by far the most reliable among them. Truly a budget buys that you shouldn’t regret. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the perfect magnification?

Like you would have already guessed, there is no perfect magnification that exists. A large part of this depends on the situation, location, and the kind of game you are hunting for with your lever gun.

For instance, if you are aiming at a small sport or an object that’s not moving, you can use high power and magnification. Something you find in scopes such as BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot and Steiner T5Xi. 

On the other hand, if it’s a big game you are after, you could use medium or low magnification/power, depending on whether your target is on the move or not. The fittest scope for this activity would be any of these two: Vortex Optics Diamondback or Vortex Strike Eagle.

Finally, if you are out hunting on a close-range or your quarry is constantly on the move, it is advisable to use low power and zoom on top of your gun. Something that Tasco Red Dot 1 x 30mm or Vortex Diamondback can provide you.

If we had to go with one from this list, it would be Vortex Diamondback hands down. Well, because of the hybrid convenience it provides to lever-action rifles. It is the perfect equipment for a short and long-range hunting location. And most importantly priced right at a level, which might not come across as too aggressive or light for your pockets. 


Cost is one of the biggest factors we look at while buying anything. Keeping that in mind, we have tried to cover the most suitable scopes for the Henry Golden Boy gun through these reviews. The scopes mentioned above start from as low as $60 and go up to $2000+ so that you can choose as per your appetite for price.

We have also tried to explain which would be the most appropriate scope to choose depending on the conditions you are expecting to hunt in. But we do realize it’s just one factor among the multiple while selecting a range for your lever gun. Therefore, as you know, you can always reach out to us and we will help paint a more in-depth picture for you. Happy hunting and stay safe!