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Best Scope for 338 Lapua – You Won’t Miss a Target Anymore

Have you ever known what it feels like to have a powerful cartridge yet not possessing the best rifle and scope to pair it up with? It almost feels like owning the best rifle only to have your hunter’s license taken away. While the latter rests in your hand, we promise to take care of the former.

Anyone who possesses the .338 Lapua Magnum would have spent hours browsing, researching, and experimenting to figure out the best rifle as well as the best scope for 338 lapua magnum. 338 Lapua Magnum stole the limelight with the military expanse in the Afghan and Iraq war.

Top 6 Best Scope for 338 Lapua Magnum

NameSpecsUSPToday's Price
Vortex Crossfire II6-24x50Pocket FriendlyClick Here
Vortex Viper HS-T6-24x50Ultimate Long Distance ExperienceClick Here
Trijicon AccuPoint5-20x50All Rounder Click Here
Primary Arms Platinum Series 66-30x56Perfect Mid Range ScopeClick Here
Steiner T5Xi5-25x56Best Long Range Scope Click Here
Leupold VX-5HD3-15x44Best for all Light ConditionsClick Here

Its unmatchable accuracy at long-range shooting made it the ideal tool for any sniper. Furthermore, its capacity to dig its way through metallic armors made it much more reliable as well as target efficient.

While the .338 Lapua Magnum had unbreakable ties with the military field, it cannot be denied that the cartridge did work wonders for the long-range hunter as well. Its large size, as well as exceptional high-power, makes it a favorable tool for long-range animal hunting, especially for shooting targets that weigh considerably well and are marked as dangerous game animals.

The potential of .338 Lapua Magnus does not require debate, but the scope to pair it up with does. We must aim before we shoot. Hence the optical prowess of scope is deemed as significant as the capacity of a cartridge. Good optical capacity as well as good build in order to bear with the high recoil energy is equally essential. As promised, we will make this daunting task of choosing from the umpteen options in the market less of a nightmare with our compilation of best scope for 338 Lapua Magnum.

1. Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50mm AO Rifle Scope

Best Scope for 338 Lapua

Like all the various rifle scope models that come from the American veteran-owned manufacturer, Vortex Crossfire II is designed with an aerodynamically sound structure. This makes it solid in appearance as well as smooth in functionality.

With a fully multi-coated objective lens of 50mm diameter and a fast-focus eyepiece, the Vortex Crossfire II scope guarantees optimum light transmission and optical clarity. The long eye relief feature adds to its promise of user-friendly handling. Its Second Focal Plane reticle ensures better magnification as well as clarity without any alterations in the reticle readings.

Molded out of aircraft-grade aluminum and protected with nitrogen purged and sealed with an O-ring, the Vortex Crossfire II promises extended durability as well as waterproof and fog proof operation.


  • Well built – better product strength and durability
  • Unlike other scopes within the category its is cheap
  • Optical clarity at high magnifications
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle helps in accurate aiming for long-distance


  • Does not perform well in low lit surroundings
  • Eye relief and recoil retention is not satisfactory

What’s The verdict?

If in search for the best low price range and fairly high-quality functioning rifle scope for your .388 Lapua Magnum, then Vortex Crossfire II riflescope is your guy.

2. Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope

Another model from the Vortex products, Vortex Viper HST is best known for its possession of the additional feature of Hunting Shooting Tactical Riflescopes. The 24x objective lens magnification power and a combination of hunting, as well as tactical scope features, make it ideal for long-range clarity.

The advanced windage and elevation features along with the hashmark styles Second Plane Focal reticle ensures a clear and static image for long-range as well as moving target leads. The adjustable elevation and windage turret makes it easier to make continuous shots at varying distances. Like the aforementioned model, the Vortex Viper is also made out of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Well built and durable
  • Combines features of Hunting scopes as well as Tactical scopes
  • Ensures clear magnification and accurate target reading
  • High-quality parallax adjustment system
  • Easy to adjust horizontal and vertical turrets
  • Featured eye box and extended eye relief


  • Fine crosshair on the reticle makes it difficult to read a target

What’s The verdict?

The Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope is one of the best scope choices for .338 Lapua Magnum owing to its capacity to take clear long-range shots.

3. Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20×50 Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50 Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPoint is definitely an all-rounder! What makes this rifle scope unique and hence the best scope for 338 Lapua Magnum is the ability to make itself favorable not just for long-range shooting but also in all weather conditions.

With an Aluminum outer body, the Trijicon AccuPoint has a dual-illumination system that does not require any manual adjustments. Powered by fiber optic technology (battery-free!), it automatically adjusts the brightness based on the external environment. Thereby the scope ensures that there is no over-abundance of light.

A good magnification level coupled with a full multi-coated anti-reflective objective lens ensures optimum clarity and light transmission with zero distortion. The capped adjusters make sure that there are no accidental alterations in the windage and the elevation adjustments.


  • Suitable for all weather conditions and all sorts of external lightings
  • Three reticle options (MIL-Dot Crosshair, BAC Triangle Post, Standard Duplex Crosshair)with three choices of colors (red, green or yellow)
  • Suitable for better clarity at higher resolutions
  • Dual illumination system with added battery-free feature
  • The remarkable eye relief system


  • Turrets are difficult to manage

What’s The verdict?

In totality, the Trijicon AccuPoint is undoubtedly the best scope for long-range shooting and ensures maximum performance in fast ranging and holdovers.

If in search of an ideal hunters tool that works in all weather conditions and which pairs with the .338 Lapua Magnum without any friction, then do drop in for a Trijicon AccuPoint.

4. Primary Arms Platinum Series 6-30x56mm FFP Rifle Scope

Primary Arms Platinum Series 6-30x56mm FFP Rifle Scope

With a First Focal Plane reticle, the Primary Arms Platinum Series Rifle Scope ensures that the magnification level remains unaltered at all magnification levels.  The maximum magnification of 30x and an objective lens of diameter 56mm, Primary Arms promises the best light transmission as well as magnification prowess. The clarity of the lens is a much-praised feature

A unique feature of the product is high-quality night vision compatibility. The brightness adjustment of the scope works in such a manner that the first 2 of the 11 scales in brightness adjustment enables night vision compatibility. The multi-coated lens and glare shade ensures the best performance in all light settings. It has easy to adjust turrets that comfortably function at zero stop and zero-reset positions.


  • Ensured high clarity and good light transmission
  • Night vision capability
  • First Focal Plane Reticle reduces chances of errors at a magnification
  • Red reticle illumination is an added feature to the night vision setting
  • Easily resets to zero.


  • Not best for long-range shooting

What’s The verdict?

Backed by the strong reputation that Primary Arms holds within the firearms industry, this product in the Platinum series adds good worth as a high quality, light-adjustable scope fit for mid-range shooting.

5. Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle Scope

Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle Scope

Steiner has reserved a higher place for itself in terms of its exemplary precision even at high-end magnification as well as varied weather states. Built with a 5-25x magnification power, the Steiner has a First Focal Plane Reticle. The aspect of precision is guaranteed by its stellar accuracy which provides features like low profile side parallax adjustments and razor-edge image clarity.

Its battery-powered illumination system has an extensive option of seven levels of intensity for daylight and one of the four illumination options for nighttime. Moreover, its Special Competition Reticle not only enhances the ease and comfort in readings but also ensures accuracy. It is aptly designed for shooting co petitions as well as extensive practice sessions.


  • Unbeatable precision even at high magnifications
  • Comfortable and accurate reticle functioning
  • Battery-powered illumination with adjustable light systems
  • Easy to adjust turrets


  • Expensive

What’s The verdict?

If spending a considerable part of your earnings on a high-end scope for your 338 Lapua Magnum is not a problem, then pick the Steiner. It promises precision, clarity, magnification, and everything else you want in your scope. The price kept aside, it is one of the best scopes for 338 Lapua Magnum.

6. Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm CDC-ZL2 Side Focus Riflescope

Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm CDC-ZL2 Side Focus Riflescope

Leupold scope stands out owing to the power and precision it promises. The scope made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum has a magnification range of 3-15x which clearly doesn’t meet up with the others discussed in this list.

But the scope makes up for it with its 44mm objective lens with high light transmission capacity and Light Management System. The Blackened Lens Edges ensures that unwanted glare and diffusion do not affect the optical capacity and the Twilight Max Light Management System provides edge to edge HD lens clarity in low lit surroundings.

The windage and elevation adjustments are done through a zero lock custom dial system that can be set prior to suit the function of .338 Lapua Magnum. It also has an added feature of good eye relief capacity.


  • Remarkable light adjustment systems
  • Works in all light and weather conditions
  • Windage and elevation can be matched to the ammunition
  • Reticle illumination is optimum for high and low lit conditions
  • Custom Dial System
  • Motion Sensor Technology for illumination


  • The dial for the fire dot is prone to have complaints

What’s The verdict?

The Leupold VX-5HD makes use of remarkable all weather and all lighting suitable systems. With many user-friendly features, it can be easily paired with a .338 Lapua Magnum.

Things to look for when you are purchasing a scope for 338 Lapua Magnum

While personal preferences like kind of target and time of practice or even the amount of money one is willing to spend on a scope may vary, some universal factors must be considered while buying a scope for 338 Lapua Magnum.

  1. Magnification: Since the .338 Lapua Magnus is all about long-range shooting, remember that a scope that guarantees the best magnification is required.  The higher the magnification power, the better the view you get through the eyepiece of the scope.
  2. Lens: Merely getting highly magnified images is not enough. The clarity and accuracy of an image rest upon the amount of light that can be transmitted into the objective lens. A lens with a higher diameter value will have a higher transmission power. Along with this look for lens coatings and glare reduction features.
  3. Reticle: Since the target would be viewed from a long distance, proper reticle markings and accurate readings of reticles become necessary. Factors like holdover and bullet trajectory predictions are vital to make a good accurate shot.
  4. Eye Relief: This is undoubtedly a must check feature! You wouldn’t want to spend a lot on the scope and end up hurting yourself. Especially when the .338 Lapua Magnum has high recoil energy.   
  5. Durability: Given that you invest so much, assurance of longtime sustenance is not too much to ask. Look for good outer coating for your scope as well as your lens. This is to make sure that the scope will actually last in all weather conditions and is not affected by external conditions.
  6. Turrets: Know your needs before selecting a turret feature. While capped turrets avoid accidental changes, it is not easy to use for someone who needs to constantly change the adjustments on the scope. Since most long-distance shots require changes in scope adjustments, think before choosing a capped turret. Otherwise, go for a high profile turret knob that is easier to handle.
  7. Weight: Scopes of high lens diameter will weigh more. Hence calculate the amount of recoil effect that can be handled and choose accordingly. Make sure that the choice of scope is suitable for your mode of shooting – mobile or stationary.


Always remember that your .338 Lapua Magnum will fit equally well with all the aforementioned scope picks. What adds utility to a scope is the individual’s needs and specifications. The wand may choose the wizard in the wizarding world but in reality, the cartridge will not choose the scope. You need to do that.

Research well and figure out your needs. Accordingly, get a scope that best fits for a 338 Lapua Magnum. Keep factors like long distance and optical prowess in mind. The market is your playground. Dig in!