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Best Rifle Scope for 300 Yards – Let us Make Distance Work

Any hunting veteran or even beginner, for that matter, would know that long-range hunting is completely a different game in comparison to short-range hunting. Let’s look at some of the best rifle scope for 300 yards.

While 300 yards is not the farthest extent of long-range shooting, it is “long” in essence to the definition of long as anything beyond 100 yards. So basically, a rifle scope that has to be used for 300 yards distance shooting should be, in essence, a mediocre long-range scope.

Best 5 Rifle Scopes for 300 Yards

NameSpecsUSPToday's Price
Leapers UTG4-16x44All Light ScopeClick Here
Trijicon AccuPower4-16x50Best for BeginnersClick Here
Vortex Crossfire II4-12x50Good quality, Cheap PriceClick Here
Athlon Optics Talos BTR4-14x44Quality ScopeClick Here
Leupold VX - 3i3.5-10x50Lightweight and Compact Click Here

Let us keep the definitions aside for a second. Well, what do you essentially need to shoot a target that is at a distance that cannot be easily located by the naked eye? A good optical system. You will undoubtedly require a scope that will enable you to locate the target and aim accurately. A good optical system, ample magnification, and features fo accuracy are a must. While these do remain as the very primary features, I can think of, and there are many others which we will encounter as we go about this listicle.

Yes, this listicle is all you need to know about and more on rifle scopes for shooting a target that is 300 yards away. So let us look at the top 5 best rifle scopes for 300 yards.

1. Leapers UTG 4-16×44 Compact Rifle Scope

Leapers UTG 4-16x44 Compact Rifle Scope - best rifle scope for 300 yards

This UTG scope is a must buy if you are looking for an accurate and well-lighted shooting scope. The scope is built keeping in mind, not just the 300-yard distance, which is our major concern in this listicle, but also other features that make long-range shooting and target shooting an easy activity.

The Leapers UTG scope has a 44mm objective lens. A lens of this size will ensure that maximum light gets absorbed into the scope. So basically, you will get brighter and clearer images. Add to this an additional Emerald coated lens and a sunshade feature, and there you get the best optics in town. The magnification range of 4-16x is also highly favorable for the 300-yard shooting.

One feature which stands out is the illuminated reticle. The dual light – red or green – EZ TAP Illumination makes shooting in low light conditions easy and smooth. The Mil-Dot reticle in the Second Focal Plane ensures ease in use along with accuracy, while the 36 multi-color mode of illumination makes the scope an all-weather scope.

Another factor that adds to the accuracy of the scope is the Zero Locking and Zero Resettable Turrets. So your windage and elevation turrets will remain in place and will not cause discrepancies dud to accidental shifts. Also, the Side Wheel Adjustable Turret for parallax removal makes long-range shooting at higher magnification less prone to optical illusions, making it one of the best rifle scope for 300 yards.

This strong scope is nitrogen filled and sealed. Thereby the scope is weather-resistant and shockproof.


  • Goop Optics
  • Versatile magnification
  • Illuminated reticle for all light vision
  • Easily sets and remains at zero.
  • Parallax adjustment features are prolific.
  • Durable
  • Pocket friendly


  • Eye relief may not be sufficient.
  • Weighs a lot

What’s The verdict?

On a whole, the scope is one of the best rifle scopes for 300 yards if you place a primary priority on lens quality and accuracy.

2. Trijicon AccuPower 4-16×50 Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPower 4-16x50 Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPower is the best scope for a beginner as it has some features that make targeting accurate and user friendly. Also, the objective lens and magnification range will guarantee a shot that goes beyond 300 yards, maybe up to even 600 yards.

The scope has a 50mm objective lens, which is the best in the market. This big lens would mean that the scope can trap in more light rays and thereby increase the clarity and brightness. The magnification range of 4-6x is more than enough to perfect that 300-yard shot.

This scope is provided with an illuminated reticle with MOA crosshairs. This 2 MOA tick mark crosshair ha the benefit of behaving like a BCD reticle at 16x magnification. So basically, your accuracy increases with magnification. Moreover, the scope has a special feature called the Binding Aiming Concept, which gives you the possibility of added contrast with its 11 brightness options. This makes zeroing on your target an easy task. The scope also has a reliable eye relief.

Made of 6061 T6 ALuminium, the scope is strong and durable. It is also weatherproof and shockproof, making it one of the best rifle scope for 300 yards.


  • High-quality optics
  • Good magnification
  • Easy to target
  • Good reticle function with illumination feature
  • Good eye relief
  • Binding Aiming Concept for better targeting


  • The dials are not of good quality.
  • Not the best-illuminated reticle

What’s The verdict?

This scope is basically ideal for a beginner who wants to try their hand on the best rifle scope for 300 yards. This ease in use comes from the ease in capturing the target.

3. Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×50 Rifle Scope

Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x50 Rifle Scope

Vortex scopes never let you down. That is the first thing you must remember. This is highly applicable for the Vortex Crossfire II riflescope because it comes in one among the top 5 scopes with respect to any category or listicle. Such is its performance and popularity!

What makes the scope highly suitable for 300 yards is its optics and magnification. The objective lens is 50mm, which is one of the best objective lens sizes within this category of scopes. This lens ensures maximum light transmission ad hence maximum clarity of the image. The fully-multi coat feature adds to this prowess. The 4-12x range for magnification makes it suitable for short to medium-range shooting. This obviously includes a distance beyond 300 yards.

The scope has a Dead-Hold BDC reticle placed in the Second Focal Plane. Add a fast-focus eyepiece to this, and accuracy is thus guaranteed. The turrets on the scope are easy to use and control. The scope also has an appreciable eye relief feature.

Made of hard-anodized material, the scope is durable and shockproof. It is also water and fog-resistant.


  • Good optics
  • Good magnification range
  • Fast Focus eyepiece for better targeting
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Good eye relief


  • Difficulty to hold zero

What’s The verdict?

This score is an overall ideal one. It is the best rifle scope for 300 yards if you have a low price and high durability as your primary concern.

4. Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4-14×44 Side Focus Rifle Scope

Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4-14x44 Side Focus Rifle Scope

Talos will surely add color to your life with its unbeatable quality – be it optical or durable quality. The scope is also the only First Focal Plane scope in this listicle.

To start with, the scope has a 44mm objective lens, which lets in ample light for image formation. This feature is supported by the fully multi-coated lens coatings. The magnification scale of 4-14x is also well suited for a 300-yard rifle scope.

The scope has an illuminated reticle, which is placed in the First Focal Plane. There are two benefits here. The illuminated reticle makes it easier for you to see and target properly in low light conditions. This feature is enhanced by the presence of eth hed reticle markings on the glass so that power or light conditions will not affect the target acquisition. The second benefit is that a First Focal Plane reticle can ensure with its advanced magnification that no holdover estimations are vague.

The scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is hence strong and durable. It is also water, shock, and fog-resistant.


  • Quality Optics
  • Good magnification
  • First Focal Plane illuminated reticle.
  • Glass etched markings
  • Durable


  • Eye relief is not sufficient.

What’s The verdict?

In totality, the scope is of the utmost quality and promises good performance. Hence it is one of the best scopes for 300 yards shooting.

5. Leupold VX – 3i 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope

Leupold VX - 3i 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope

Within the Leupold family, the VX 3i has been quite popular for its compact nature. This lightweight, the compact scope has promised better performance than many high en quality scopes.

The scope is not essentially meant for anything beyond300 yards. But up until that range, it promises high-quality performance. The 50mm objective lens is an example of this. This objective lens ushers in as much as light as possible and enables the production of crisp and clear images. It also has a DiamondCoat 2 lens coating for better image clarity and longevity. The magnification of 3.5-10x is suitable for 300 yards but not beyond.

The reticle in the Second Focal Plane is supported by a Twilight Max Lens System. This feature makes sure that light distribution is equal and light absorption maximum. It further has a twin erector spring bias system for precision shooting. The scope also has a lockable fast-focus eyepiece to make precision and target shooting optimum.

This strong scope is made for enduring heavy-duty ammo. It is also water, fog, and shockproof.


  • Good Optics
  • Twilight Max Lens System
  • Good eye relief
  • Durable
  • Fast Focus eyepiece


  • No parallax adjustment feature.

What’s The verdict?

The scope is the best rifle scope for 300 yards if you take into account Leupold’s reliability and the VX 3i’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What magnification is needed for 300 yards?

Well, ideally, this depends on your hunting target, style, and purpose. A starting range of 4x would be sufficient, provided you are engaging in big game hunting. A 6x or larger scale will be required for small targets placed at 300 yards away. That being said, I can’t emphasize more how important a perfect magnification scale is. The more is not always, the better.

What kind of rifle should we have?

Totally up to you. Anything that can fire strongly at 300 yards and is compatible with the scope you have in mind will work perfectly fine. Make sure that each feature of the rifle matches with that of the scope being used.

First Focal Plane or Second Focal Plane reticle?

Well, this too depends largely upon you. To state the fact, for long-distance shooting, a First Focal Plane will be more useful as the reticle markings also zoom in with the target. But that being said, the Second Focal Plane is easier to manage. It does not bring forth any confusion arising from reticle reading or holdover estimations.

Why is eye relief important?

Simply cause you do not want to hurt yourself while shooting. A good eye relief ensures that the ammo does not recoil into your forehead and cause bruises. Three or three and a half inches are standard eye relief for rifle scopes. Since the biggest in the market is four inches, it wouldn’t hurt you to try out a larger eye relief, especially if you plan to do big game hunting with high power ammo.


The best rifle scope for 300 yards has now been discussed through the five options in this listicle. While all of them work perfectly fine, make sure that the rifle and scope are compatible. Also, ensure that the 300 yards target is an easy one to catch and shoot. Well, that is all you need. Buckle yourselves and shoot them in. Make sure to get the scope that is ideal according to your uses. Grab that rifle and cart away! Hope you shoot 300 yards and farther off. Happy Hunting!