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5 Best One-Piece Scope Mounts

Best One-Piece Scope Mount

A good scope mounting system comprises of sturdy construction and securely fitted rings and base. While two-piece rings are lighter, the single-piece scope mounts are easy to align and stronger. The latter offers more support to the scope and also provides better accuracy. Moreover, single-piece mounts can be easily aligned and offer better vision which is much-needed for long-range shooting.

It turns out that buying a high-quality scope for your rifle is not enough if you don’t have an equally good base and rings. And with the market brimming with new products every day, it does become somewhat difficult to choose the ideal mounting system for your gun. So, here are the top 5 single piece scope mounts that you can get in the current market. We have also provided a buying guide for single piece mounts consisting of all the things you should look for while purchasing mounts.

Top 5 Best One-Piece Scope Mounts

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
Monstrum ZR253 Scope Mount2.4 inch - 3.0 inchAll-round Performance, CheapClick Here
Aero Precision Ultralight 30 MM Scope Mount30 mmStrong BuiltClick Here
Weaver Thumbnut SPR Mount30MmEye ReliefClick Here
SWFA S.S.A.L.T. 30mm Scope Mount30 mmBudget-friendlyClick Here
MIZUGIWA One Piece Scope Mount4x2.5x1.5 inchesEasy to installClick Here

1. Monstrum ZR253 H-Series Cantilever Offset Picatinny Scope Mount

Hunters and shooters usually prefer strapping their firearms and gear to their backs. And so, the weight of all the equipment you are carrying. This scope mount is one of the lightest mounts you’ll ever come across. It has a hollowed-out frame that makes it weigh only 5.7 ounces.

So, the high-grade aluminum body is very sturdy besides being light. The best part is that the low weight doesn’t compromise on the durability of the product. Besides, this single-piece scope mount makes use of hardened steel Torx for bolt construction. This prevents the screws and bolts from slipping and ensures a secure setup.

Moreover, the insides of the scope mount house 4 recoil lugs that are square-shaped. These not only make room for further weight reduction but also increases the recoil tolerance of the mount. You can mount these with riflescopes of 1-inch diameter, on Picatinny rail only.

Lastly, it features a forward offset of 2 inches in length. This ensures better scope adjustability and gives you proper visual relief. And it also comes with a warranty for a lifetime.


  • Lightweight
  • Eye relief
  • Strong and durable
  • Secure fit
  • Bolts don’t strip off
  • Warranty
  • Cheap


  • Compatible with Picatinny rails only


This is the perfect choice to go with your Picatinny rail base. It comes with amazing features at a pretty low price. Go for it if you are looking for a good and budget-friendly scope mount at a cheap price.

2. Aero Precision Ultralight 30MM Scope Mount

Aero Precision is a popular brand in the shooting world for its amazing engineering. This dual ring single piece scope mount has an offset of 2 inches that provides accurate vision and optimum eye relief. It weighs lesser than the other 30mm scope mounts and comes at a reasonable price too.

Built with extruded 6061 t6 aluminum, the mounting rings scream strength and durability. With a stylish design, the aluminum build is then hard coat anodized in a black matte color. You can trust the product blindly because it will hold zero even after hundreds of shooting rounds.

It is as good as the costlier brand items, if not better. A star screw wrench comes with the entire package that can also be used with other devices. Also, leveling is not that hard with the Aerospace scope mount but also not super easy.


  • Machined from 6061 t6 aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides proper eye-relief


  • Tightening screws is difficult


If you want all-around performance at an optimum price, then give this one a go. This mounting scope is built with 6061 t6 aluminum that gives it the required strength to tolerate heavy recoils. They are lightweight, strong, give you the optimum field of vision, and come at a reasonable budget-friendly price.

3. Weaver Thumbnut SPR 30Mm Mount

This one-piece scope mount for hunting is one of the best from the house of none other than WEAVER. It comes with thumb-nut screws that can turn leverage. It also has a forward cantilever that works great with AR platform scope bases.

The sleek design of the scope mount will make your scope set up a class apart. Also, you get the optimum visual height while shooting. The gripping power of the rings increases by the four holes positioned for the screws.

The rugged cross-lock base design provides a strong and secure fit. It will hold tight while facing heavy recoils and won’t loosen easily. These are lightweight and very durable while not being too bulky. It is constructed with airplane-grade aluminum and has a black matte anodized finish.

Moreover, spending over a hundred dollars might not be affordable for everyone. So, here’s a budget-friendly alternative with all the great features you were looking for.


  • Sturdy (made with high-quality aluminum)
  • Cantilever for eye relief
  • Rugged cross-lock scope base
  • Low price


  • For AR rails only
  • Could loosen easily


If you are looking for a single-piece scope mount for your AR platform, then this is a great pick. The rings are forward pushed to make room to give you better eye-relief. And its base has cross-locks for better security against heavy recoils. Besides having a strong construction with aluminum, it comes at an affordable price too.

4. SWFA S.S.A.L.T. 30mm Scope Mount

Here’s another Cantilever style one-piece scope ring mount for all the gun enthusiasts. You can use it with 1 inch and 30mm scope tubes. And it fits the 19133 Picatinny rail, weaver, and the 2009 NATO 4694 bases.

The quality of the mount is amazing and it works much better than other famed mounts like the American Defense and Vortex rings. It gives you the best fit, finishing, and the price is also worthy of the features it carries. And you also get a warranty of 4 years with the mount.

You just need to fit this rock-solid mount only once, and it won’t shift or require any adjustment for years. The finish will also stay shiny and just like new after several years of use. However, the mount is a bit on the heavier side weighing more than 9 ounces.


  • Rock-solid built
  • Cantilever design
  • Versatile fitting
  • Warranty


  • Heavy
  • Costly


If you want a mount that fits several types of mounting systems like Picatinny, weaver, and more. Then, give this a shot, provided you don’t have any problem carrying heavier scope mounts.

5. MIZUGIWA One Piece High Profile Scope Mount for Picatinny Weaver Rail

Another great one-piece scope mount that can fit both Weaver and Picatinny platforms. It comes with 3 clamping screws for proper installation. You can get three variations of the Mizugiwa scope mount: 1 inch, 30mm, and 34mm.

It has a full-length locking plate that ensures easy installation. Moreover, the plate also keeps the scope in place while the gun faces recoils. The design of the mount is slim and that makes it lightweight. But, the mount set up is still quite rigid and pretty convenient to use.

With an integrated quick detach mechanism, it can be attached and released easily from your gun. So, you don’t need additional tools to tighten the mount and it becomes pretty easy to install on your rifle. Hence, you will be able to quickly change mounts or use the same mount with different guns. Lastly, this entry is the cheapest on the list, with a price tag of less than even fifteen dollars.


  • Very solid
  • Can be mounted on both Picatinny and Weaver rails
  • Quick detach and attach mechanism
  • Tight fit with 3 bolts
  • Cheap


  • Might face a problem with the rear sight
  • Scope positioning might be difficult


One of the best mounting systems you could get at a low price range. The quick attach and detach mechanism is a total steal. This is a great scope mounting set up for a very cheap price. So, you’ll be at a loss if you miss it.

Things To Consider Before Buying One-Piece Scope Mounts

One-piece mounts are great when it comes to installing a quality scope on AR 15 rifles. Besides adding height to the scope for proper visual relief, such an optic mount also pushes the scope forward over the precision rifle. Thus allowing longer scopes to be placed in a proper position to give you a comfortable vision. And the best part is that these scope mounts are aligned automatically.

But, certain factors can help you judge what kind of single piece mounts you need for your rifle. Also, these will help you pick out the best mounts in the market. Given below are all the aspects you need to consider while looking for a single piece mount:


1 piece optic mounts could be quite heavy. Actually, they are much heavier than the two-piece scope rings. And while choosing gear for your firearms, every single ounce matters because most hunters prefer carrying their guns and gear strapped to themselves. So, make sure that the mount you choose does not weigh too much and also if you are comfortable carrying the weight.


Scope-mounts provide the required height at which the rifle scope should be placed to ensure optimum eye relief. Incorrect height of the scope would result in strained eyes and distorted aim. There would be chances of making errors and so, the shooting experience would be ruined.


The durability and strength of the scope mount is yet another factor you need to analyze. While shooting, the gun could experience heavy recoils. And if the mount is not of superior construction, then chances are that it would break or strip off while firing. So, you need to ensure that the mount is built of strong elements like aircraft-grade aluminum, 661 t6 aluminum, or steel that can hold zero even after several rounds of firing.


A secure and tight fit is yet another necessary quality you want with your mounts. The entire mounting system should be held tightly in place. While firing rounds, the mount is bound to experience the recoil force and it should be able to bear that. If the fit is not strong enough, then soon the mount will loosen and the whole purpose of installing a scope will go in vain.


You could also consider buying a cantilever scope mount. The difference between a cantilever scope mount and a regular mount is that the former has its scope rings pushed forward by some distance. This overcomes the problem of uncomfortable vision that you might face sometimes with the red dot scope. So, leaving some inches before the rings can allow you some space to install a magnifier.

Moreover, the center of balance of the rifle will also change and that will improve your aiming accuracy. And, as we mentioned earlier, your field of view also gets enhanced since the scope will appear a bit smaller in the long-range.

6.Chamber Clearance

There are not many disadvantages with the single mount scope rings, but one of these include chamber clearance issues when these are mounted on bolt action rifles. When such a mount is used with a bolt action gun, the hunter might face discomfort while clearing out malfunctions and also while loading single rounds. So, if you want to use a bolt action gun, then perhaps a single piece mount isn’t the right choice for you.


Scopes are used for magnifying the target that gives you better aim while firing shots. So, these increase your shooting accuracy and range. And to hold these in position, you need proper mounts. Now, there are several kinds of mounts and we have discussed the top 5 single piece mounts in this blog. Such mounting systems offer easy installation, automatic alignment, proper visual relief, and much more. Hopefully, you have found what you were looking for. Let us know your choice of mount in the comments below.