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5 Best 34mm Scope Mounts for Your Rifle

Best 34mm Scope Mount

The top items you need for a successful hunting experience is a good-range rifle, an accurate scope, and a strong mount to hold the scope in place. But, it isn’t that easy to buy a scope mount. After all, you can’t be randomly picking a scope mount because that would lead to a blunder.

Some people don’t yet understand how important it is to choose the right mounting system for your scope. Scope bases and rings are available in different sizes, for example, scope rings for 30 mm and 34 mm diameter are of different sizes.

Top 5 Best 34mm Scope Mounts

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Optic Mount, Black 2.2Overall performanceClick Here
Leupold Dual Dovetail Scope Rings1Budget-friendlyClick Here
Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Rings1-0.76Tight tolerance, strongClick Here
Seekins Precision 34mm Tube 1.0" High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring34mmEasy to installClick Here
Burris 34mm, 1.50 Height, Pair, Matte, 34mm, 1.50 Height, Pair 42021134mmLightweight, good qualityClick Here

Not every scope is compatible with every mount and you need to select a scope mount while keeping your preferences in mind. In this blog, we discuss the 5 best scope mounts for 34mm diameter scope tubes. And to help you decide better, you’ll find a buying guide as well, catered specifically to meet your 34mm scope mounting needs.

1. American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Optic Mount, Black

American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Mount on of the best 34mm scope mounts

If you were on the lookout for a one-piece scope mount with a shaft, then this might be one of the very best choices you have at hand. It has its scope rings pushed off by 2 inches for extra eye relief and comfortable vision. You get enough room to install magnifiers too just behind the scope for those distant shots.

With a high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum construction, this scope mount is one of the strongest and most durable single piece mounts in the entire market. Moreover, it also features a superior clamping system that ensures that the scope doesn’t fall off due to heavy recoil while shooting. It holds zero even after several hundred rounds of shots and still looks pretty cool.

The best part about this scope mount is that it does not need any high-end tools for adjustment. In fact, you can adjust it with your finger or a simple flat blade screwdriver. Besides being lightweight, it is also very strong with a black hard coat type 3 anodize. And the direct lifetime warranty makes it a reliable product.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Strongly built with aluminum construction
  • Secure fit
  • Exceptional quality
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Costly
  • Does not come with a quick withdrawal instrument


If budget is not a problem for you, then you must give this mount a shot. Besides having a strong construction and great quality, this mount has other great features as well.

2. Leupold Dual Dovetail Scope Rings

Leupold Dual Dovetail Scope Rings

The Leupold is a pioneer brand in the firearm gears market due to its pristine quality products. It is rightly justified that these Leopold dovetail rings are in high-demand with gun enthusiasts. The two-piece design allows the hunters to gain maximum accessibility to the breech area.

It is machined with steel for maximum durability and reliability. You can blindly trust these, as they will last for a very long time. The package comes with a set of 4 screws for increased strength and an easy installation procedure. This is a low-profile scope mount that offers a tight hold along with optimum precision with your aims.

Besides being lightweight with a weight of just 4.64 ounces, it is elegantly finished off and looks very stylish. Moreover, it is budget-friendly with a reasonable price tag and so is affordable for everybody.


  • Light and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Available in different sizes
  • Low price


  • Compatible with Leupold dovetail rings only


If you want to buy a mount in the low price range without compromising on the quality, then here’s what you need. It also offers you several options as you can get it in different sizes.

3. Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

These would be your ideal pick for all those specialized rifles you love that help you fire long-range shots. A great plus point here is that these 2 piece scope rings offer you five different height options. So you can choose the one that would give you the best visual comfort and clearance for bolt action rifles. With a sleek and modern design, this product is great to be used with Picatinny rails.

Vortex has opted for an immaculate manufacturing process to ensure that you get the best precision scope rings ever that gives you a seamless alignment experience. This ensures that your scope doesn’t get damaged easily and you wouldn’t require lapping as well. These rings are built with high-grade aluminum that screams durability and strength.

It comes with a hex wrench and a total of 6 mounting bolts, 4 for the scope and 2 for the rails with a similar hex design. So, if anytime while shooting, you feel like the bolts could use a bit of tightening then you can have it done with the hex wrench and enjoy an accurate shot. You will have an amazing mounting experience as it comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, these are very reliable with an exceptional design that sets them a class apart in the market.

These rings have been curated with the Type III hard coat anodize, and are extremely lightweight yet flexible. You will find them worthy of the price since with all that these can do for you. Also, these are a good pick for bolt action rifles.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty from Vortex
  • Excellent alignment
  • Great for ultra-long-range shots with low tolerance levels


  • Cannot be used with Weaver-style bases


This is a good choice for hunters seeking a high-quality mount that is compatible with the long-distance shooting. It has great features and will provide you with a good overall mounting experience.

4. Seekins Precision 34mm Tube 1.0″ High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring

Seekins Precision 34mm Tube 1.0" High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring

This Seekins Precision scope is one of the few scope mounts in the market that can be installed comfortably on your precision rifle. It is a high-quality mounting option that has performed consistently and stays tight on your gun.

The Seekins Precision rings come with 4 cap screws to ensure that the scope is held tightly and doesn’t fall off while you are firing. Also, these heavy-duty bolts won’t strip off while installing and can tolerate recoils comfortably. You’ll have a quick and easy installation with this setup. Moreover, it comes with user instructions that make it even faster and effortless to assemble on your rifle.

With a range of height options from low to AR high, the Seekins Precision scope rings boast versatility. It can be used with any 1913 Picatinny rail and can accommodate almost every rifle optic with a tube of 34mm diameter. Being machined with 7075 T6 aluminum, the Seekins Precision mount promises to last long enough to provide you a satisfying scope mount experience.


  • Strong (Made from 7075 T6 aluminum)
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Superior quality precision


  • Doesn’t come in a pair
  • Heavy


Seekins Precision scope ring is extremely strong and provides accuracy to your scope. If you wanted a robust, durable, and long-lasting mount then this is a great product to consider. The only drawback with it is that it is a bit heavier than the rest of the mounts.

5. Burris 34mm, 1.50 Height, Pair, Matte, 34mm, 1.50 Height, Pair 420211

Burris 34mm scope mount

This is one of the paramount products out there for your 34mm diameter riflescope. A specialized hunting scope ring designed for the hunters. It weighs less so you don’t have to carry much and can conveniently fire shots.

With ample holding power, these scope rings ensure that your scope set up never gets loose regardless of how many rounds of shots you fire. It comes with a lifetime guarantee plan, so rest assured because you will get a sufficient scope mounting experience. Moreover, this scope mount does not require any lapping at all.

It is a unique mount made of superior quality aluminum with self-centering capability. The dual steel clamps assure complete cross-through connection and hold tight on your rifle. The best part is that you get plenty of freedom with adjustability.

And if you use these rings with a 20moa platform and a long-range scope, then you can get millions of configurations from that combo. Polished with Type III hard coat anodize, these are also vibratory tumbled, sanitized, and hand dot impacted.


  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great for long-range shooting
  • Secure fit
  • Strong construction
  • High adjustability


  • Not compatible with Weaver bases


If you are interested in long-range shooting and want rings to mount on Picatinny bases, then here is a great option for you. Besides being durable and strong, it is also very easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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