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ATN Thor 4 Review – Lets Overheat Those Targets

Tired of your regular night vision scope cause their performance ain’t as amazing as you expected it to be? Maybe it is time for you to switch to a thermal night vision scope. You may or may not perceive thermal imaging as an improvement on night vision scopes, but you will definitely appreciate a thermal scope for its guaranteed accuracy and usability. Hence, today we are going to do the ATN Thor 4 Review.

Why? Cause in comparison to a regular night vision scope, a thermal night vision scope can work with much more efficiency at day and night. They do not depend on light but take in thermal detections – like heat produced from a body – as indicators, and recreate that into images.

So not only can you detect an animal or human standing far away from the device but you can also detect them hiding behind a bush or a tree. Now that is what I would like to call a clean bowl! Moreover, these thermal scopes tend to be much more lightweight and compact in comparison to a regular night vision scope. So you need not fuss about the discomforts of carrying hunting devices for a long duration.

Within the many options for thermal scopes, ATN’s Thor 4 is definitely a big thumbs up! ATN Corps is one of the best in the field of night vision and thermal optics. Based in the US, they have carved a place for themselves within the optics market. A lot of this is owing to the smart and technologically advanced features that they mold their optics with. Let us get more specific and take a look at what makes Thor 4 as remarkable as it is vouched to be.

In a Nutshell

In a hurry? No worries. Here’s your capsule info:

Smile Wide! Cause this scope is all you need to shoot equally efficiently at day and night. ATN brings to you technologically advanced features for the better hunting experience.
The most celebrated features of ATN Thor 4 is its thermal sensor, ballistic calculator, and range finder. Beyond that, the scope has a strong and comfortable build, a highly accurate Mil-Dot reticle, and three modes of color pallets for thermal vision.

Watch Out! Cause the scope is a tad bit costly. Also, it is opinioned to have lens issues at higher magnifications.

Read the rest for a detailed dissection.

ATN Thor 4 Review

ATN Thor 4 Review


The first thing you will certainly look for in an optic is the size of the lens. This particular thermal scope has an objective lens with a diameter of 19mm. You need not dig deep into the light transmission efficiency of this model because that is not of much relevance for a thermal scope.

Instead, what we will be focusing on with respect to this ATN scope is the thermal sensor it is bestowed with. ATN Thor 4 has an Ultra Sensitive Gen 4 384×288 Thermal Sensor. There are two things that you need to know about this. One, you will be able to see in even total darkness with the help of this thermal imaging feature. Two, the images you see will be clear and crisp.

What more? There are three different modes of viewing within the thermal imaging feature. These three are named as White Hot, Black Hot, and Color Mode. These are basically color pallets that will fetch the thermal images in different color schemes. Most low budgets thermal devices have just the Color Mode which is good for locating but maybe a bit distracting of the human brain.

There are too many colors involved and chances are that you may be taken aback by it in the long run. The go-to solution then is the black or white mode which is much more calming for our senses. Not just that, such modes are best for hunting since it enhances our ability to detect and aim at a stagnant or moving target.

To aim properly through your lens, this scope provides a Mil-Dot reticle. Mil-Dot reticles help you aim and target your shot more accurately. Beyond that, this scope offers two distinct reticle options – Smart Reticle and One-Shot Zero reticle. These are differentiated based on the focus preferences. The Smart Reticle is more useful for a tactical environment wherein you can adjust the aim with respect to the surroundings.

It also lets you use the zoom feature as a distinct entity to the magnification. That is, you can adjust the magnification even while zooming. The One-Shot Zero reticle helps you make a single, precise shot with little effort in making external adjustments. Thus, the scope does most of the targeting for you.

Magnification and Range

The ATN Thor 4 model being discussed here has a magnification range of 1.25 to 5x. This means that the scope is good for over 750 yards and hence optimum for medium-range shooting. Nevertheless, there are other magnification ranges within the Thor 4 product range which you might want to know about.

There are 3 other optics that comes after the ATN Thor 4 product of 1.25-5x range. They are ATN Thor 4 384 models with magnification ranges of 2-8x, 4.5-18x, and 7-18x respectively. Depending on your personal needs and preferences you can check out any of these lines.

To make target acquisition easier, the ATN Thor 4 has two remarkable features – a Ballistic Calculator and a Laser Range Finder. If you are new to all these technologies or if you feel like you are not able to catch hold of all the reticle features the ATN Thor 4 provides, then don’t fret.

Cause the Ballistic Calculator does everything you need to in order to get a perfect shot. Enter the specific target data and it will calculate and aim the shot for you. The Laser Range Finder is surely an added advantage to this. The Range Finder works along with the Ballistic Calculator to give you the most favorable data. This way you do not have to carry an external range-finder device on your hunting expeditions.


We surely have dealt in depth with the magnification and range features, but how are these adjustments practically made? For zooming, the ATN Thor 4 has a Spin to Zoom Wheel. These adjustments are made manually with rotational clicks. These clicks are easy to feel and hence ideal to use while aiming a shot.

Furthermore, the ATN Thor 4 is indebted with a Remote Control feature. This means that all the data that has to be fed into the Ballistic Calculator and the Range Finder can be done with the help of a remote. Thus you can enter the data externally. Easy and quick!

User Friendliness

Before we talk about the structural benefits of ATN Thor 4, a must-mention aspect that makes it user friendly is the Dual Core Processor. This scope lets you record and play a video simultaneously. Combine that with the Recoil Activated Video feature and you can be rest assured to get a video of your shot.

So, you need not go home with mere memories of your hunt but you also get a solid video that is automatically generated at recoil. Well, what if I also tell you that the display screen is HD! That’s a big catch!

Coming to the structural aspects, the scope is made out of hardened Aluminum. It can handle hard impacts and recoil pressure with much efficiency and is hence strong. Further, the scope is weather resistant.

So, you need not worry about damaging your optics under the effect of water or fog. Unlike the regular night scope lenses, the thermal ones do not fog up easily. ATN Thor 4 makes use of an internal Li-Ion battery. This Ultra-Low Power Consumption scope gives you a battery life of 18 hours. The scope also has a remarkable eye relief which will ensure that you won’t get hurt.

ATN provides for this product a 3-year warranty. Any damage, wear and tear or defects that happen in this time period will be dealt with diligently.


As mentioned above, the ATN Thor 4 is strong and shock-resistant. This essentially mean that you can easily mount the scope to high-caliber rifles. Recoil power will not be an issue. To make mounting easier, ATN provides you with two external rings – a standard ring and an L shaped ring.

Also, in order to efficiently function the Smart features the scope can be synced to any WiFi or Bluetooth of any Android or iOS devices.


  • Good optics
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Three color pallets
  • Mil-Dot reticle with Smart or One-Shot Zoom option
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Easy adjustments
  • Low power consumption
  • Strong and durable


  • Lens gets blurry at higher magnifications
  • Customer Service is not completely reliable


Night Vision scope or Thermal Scope?

Definitely, thermal scopes! A thermal scope is bestowed with the ability to shoot efficiently in day and night times. The night vision scope, at the same time, is more or less limited to nighttime brightness if you take into hand the factor of efficiency.

Basically, thermal scopes do not require any external light features or resources to function. So there is no risk of an animal spotting you. Likewise, these thermal scopes tend to be lighter and compact hence making your hunting expedition truly convenient.

Can ATN Thor 4 be used at day time?

Yes! The day and night function of a thermal scope does not vary. Both situations are equally maintained. Also, there is no risk of damaging your device or no question of reduced quality during shooting.

What all can be seen with thermal imaging?

Well, blatantly, any and all animals and humans can be seen with the help of thermal imaging. In fact, thermal scopes are widely used for hunting hogs and deer. This is because these species roam around at night and upon accidentally noticing a possibility of the danger they use their speed and intelligence to dodge a shot. But with thermal scopes, this will not be the case. Because these species won’t be able to notice any light from your scope or device.

They would have to solely depend upon smell to detect human presence, which is less likely at a long distance. But, there is one exception to this! Thermal imaging cannot detect cold-blooded animals. Which is why snakes can not be seen on a thermal scope. They conveniently merge camouflage their body temperature with the temperature of the surroundings and hence they do not appear on thermal images.

Can thermal scopes see beyond bushes and walls?

Bushes – Yes! Walls – No! Thermal scopes can help you tag an animal or human standing behind trees or bushes. But not behind buildings or walls.


“Fortunately, I am mighty!” Not just that Thor. But our optic Thor too. The ATN Thor 4 Thermal Imaging Scope is much more beyond mighty. It is mighty, efficient, durable, and reliable. The scope might be at the higher end of priced scopes but it is not exorbitant. It is definitely worth the money being invested in it! It will surely give you a money-worthy experience – in terms of efficiency of performance as well as ease in use.

So what are you waiting for? Look at the models’ once more and pick the magnification that best suits your needs. Off you go. And do not forget to silently thank us once you blow off a perfect shot. Happy Hunting!