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Aimpoint PRO VS Trijicon MRO: Which One Is Better

Aimpoint PRO VS Trijicon MRO

There are tons of features that make a sight- sight. Apart from clarity and build, there come size and weight, reliability and not to say, pricing that users can stress on. Out of many established dot sight names that have proven a promising performance over time, there are some red dot sights that never lacked a chance to highlight their performances among the crowd. From battery to the lens and in terms of durability and reliability, this section has brought you some real-cool features of Trijicon MRO and Aimpoint PRO to use the scope of comparison.

Both come from renowned families of excellent manufacturers and feature fantastic (and quite similar) functions that make you think which one is better. Well, In this Aimpoint PRO VS Trijicon MRO comparison, you can expect the face-off between lens, battery, size, and pricing including a number of useful perks they have been engineered with. Let us roll down to each one by one and then start shooting comparisons. 

Overall: Trijicon MRO

Trijicon MRO Patrol (Miniature Rifle Optic) is one the feature-rich optics to be offered by Trijicon. If you are anywhere near or into the world of firearms and weapons, then you may already have this idea about the durability of Trijicon products. 

If compared to the Aimpoint PRO sight, the Trijicon MRO is newer to the world of optics and it does come with a promising deal of features that are as powerful and durable as you expect them to be.

First things first, you can easily mount a Trijicon MRO on your rifle to experience a fast-paced target acquisition and be rest assured as this optic renders you an incredible promise of reliability. 

The fact that Trijicon optics have been contributing to the military purposes for many years now, the reliability and trust with ruggedness and durability on Trijicon’s services have only amplified over time.

Besides, this sight features a hard-anodized functionality and comes with a metallic coating. Since there is the fixation of the elevation turrets and the windage, there is the assurance of protection against knocks and snaps, unlike other sights.

Trijicon MRO comes with the ability to let you fix the windage whenever you want using a screwdriver and keep moving it until the clicks that move the 0.5 MOA reticle make it to zero.

Apart from these features, Trijicon MRO offers protection with waterproofing capability. This sight features a waterproof function for up to 100 feet which allows you to let the operations run despite the rainy, or snowy surroundings. 

Noteworthy Features of Trijicon MRO

  • Trijicon MRO is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • It features both red as well as green options.
  • This sight offers good longevity for battery performance.
  • It allows users an Ambidextrous control over brightness.

Overall: Aimpoint PRO

Aimpoint PRO

Now that we have run through what Trijicon MRO Patrol has in the store, it is time to count on a number of features that Aimpoint PRo has brought to the table and it is pretty safe to say that Aimpoint is great at durability and sturdy performance.

Aimpoints, just like the optics offered by Trijicon, offer reliable functionalities along with the assurance of durability and these optics majorly contribute services to law enforcement and military purposes for patrol rifles, shotguns and pistols.

If we come to the highlights of using Aimpoint PRO, then we should start by letting you know that this sight is housed on a highly-strengthened aluminium which makes it powerful enough to withstand the stresses and impacts.

You will find the elevation turrets and the windage located at lower parts on this sight. This sight allows you to adjust the windage and the elevation using a screwdriver, just the way you do it in the MRO, and move the reticle until its ideal dot. 

Like Trijicon MRO, you get the privilege of operating the Aimpoint PRO in different conditions as it provides waterproof functionalities. This sight is capable of handling rainy or snowy surroundings being waterproof up to 150 feet.

Accompanied by a QRP2 mount and an AR15 spacer that can easily be removed, the PRO is heavier on weight and bigger on size if you are comparing it with the MRO but then, it offers all-in-one features and it can be customized.

Noteworthy Features of Aimpoint PRO

  • Aimpoint PRO comes with flip lens caps.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It offers promising durability.

Field of View

In the world of attachments for firearms, one of the major areas to watch out for is a field of view and while we compare two major sights, the Trijicon MRO and the Aimpoint PRO, it is safe to say that there is slightly a difference to spot. 

Trijicon MRO sight possesses objective lenses that are larger with the diameter and thus, it provides a wider view along with an improved field of view and it reduces the tunnel vision. You can expect a fast pace while focussing your target with this sight. 

Aimpoint PRO comes with an objective lens that counts up to 38 mm and has protection and strength on the lens due to multiple coatings. Thanks to these coatings, Aimpoint PRO offers a crystal clear sight picture. 

Both the Trijicon MRO feature and Aimpoint PRO feature a 2 MOA and red dot. But when it comes to clarity, you will notice the PRO being slightly ahead of Trijicon MRO in terms of clean view. 

Battery Life

Trijicon MRO, using a CR2032 battery, comes with a performance that is definitely comparable with the Aimpoint PRO. Know that you will find the battery pre-installed on this optic and it offers service life to run for about 5 years. 

Then we have Aimpoint PRO running on a 2L76 3V lithium battery that doesn’t require you to switch it on or off. Besides, this powerful sight offers 3 years of service. 

Settings and Adjustments

Thankfully, as we compare these two power-packed sights to load on firearms, one thing that you’d be delighted to know is that these both sights come with a set of settings for brightness adjustments. 

While you are offered 5 choices in daylight settings along with 2 night vision settings in MRO, the PRO sight treats you with 6 daylight settings and 4 night vision options and both sights offer once extra brightness setting. 

Performance and Durability 

Okay, this is somewhere both the Trijicon MRO and Aimpoint PRO appear to be a bit similar. The truth is, MRO and the PRO are rugged enough to have a face-off with unfriendly weather conditions or-dumps. 

On the surface, these two really belong to the sturdy and reliable clan when it comes to performance and the duration of the company they are going to keep you. But there are some differences here or there, if you may bother to check them out.

The windage and elevation turrets you find on the Aimpoint PRO rest low while the turrets on MRO have its fitment done in the sight housing which makes it more durable than the PRO.

When it comes to waterproofing, the Aimpoint PRO is 50 feet more capable with waterproofing as compared to the Trijicon MRO. While some users may count this difference, others really won’t. 

When it comes to calling one the better deal of durability, it is undoubtedly Aimpoint PRO. There’s no doubt that Trijicon MRO is a military-level optic and works up to durability, in the light of its comparison with PRO it is safe to say that the MRO loses the game.

One outstanding comparison between the Trijicon MRO and the PRO red dot sight has to be the front and rear flip covers. The Aimpoint PRO is clearly a winner here as it comes with a transparent rear flip cover and it is an amazing choice for users when they want to perform a few quick shots. 

Talk in records and the MRO gets slightly diminished with a higher number of failure results in front of the Aimpoint PRO. There is nothing really wrong with its features but as per the records, PRO can be called more reliable in terms of duration.


Weight can be one of the major points to factor the yes or no by many users. Given the number of points where the Aimpoint PRO and Trijicon MRO features get users confused, there is some relief in finding which one is lighter. 

The Trijicon MRO weighs about 5.1 ounces and has a length of 4.1 inches. On the other side, we have the Aimpoint PRO with a weight of 7.8 ounces and this sight features 4.5 inches length.

So, it is clear here. MRO is, obviously, way lighter than the Aimpoint PRO and it may entice many users as it helps keep the weight as quiet as possible. Besides, MRO is also shorter and more compact than the PRO. You know the winner.

Summary and Recommendations

If you look on at the surface, both the Trijicon MRO and the Aimpoint PRO sights are special in their own ways, not to say that they are similar in many terms but there are certainly some distinct qualities to consider if you are going to choose between these two sights.

When it comes to the price factor of the Aimpoint PRO and Trijicon MRO, it is safe to say that both come at a comparable cost. Besides, the functional features in these two sights are worth checking out. So, it will be interesting to find which one attracts you better.

Starting with the battery life, both the MRO and the PRO shine with longer service life. Both possess a strong battery life but the MRO still seems to be winning the game with stronger longevity. 

On another note, the Trijicon MRO comes with a bigger passage and has a narrow path that helps manage the viewability and allows users a quicker target acquisition alongside the relief of alertness about surroundings.

Then we have another important factor called size and weight where the MRO again is the winner. If you are deep into the size and weight of any sight then know, the MRO is way lighter than the PRO.

Both Aimpoint PRO and Trijicon MRO support night vision devices and you can count on their image performance as well. Apart from that, the MRO is 100ft waterproof and the PRO features 150ft waterproofing. 


Whether you pick the Trijicon MRO or you like the better clarity and durability of Aimpoint PRO, it is safe to say that both are great in their own feature-packed ways. In the end, it actually boils down to your purpose of buying a sight and what it is that you are looking for in a sight factors the final call greatly. Hopefully, you have chosen the best. 

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