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Aimpoint Comp m4 Vs Aimpoint PRO

Aimpoint Comp M4 Vs Aimpoint PRO

Comparison: Aimpoint Comp M4 VS Aimpoint Pro

Whether it is about the modern sporting practices or the military purposes and whether you are an entry-level performer or an experienced one with the knowledge of premium specs, there are some incredible red dot sights out there designed specifically to make sure the users get the best of both worlds. Speaking of which, Aimpoint is a resounding name in the world of leading providers for red dot sights out there. You will find several such sights by Aimpoint that are capable of handling your requirements and keep up with your budget. 

In this section, we are going to compare the Aimpoint Comp M4 and the Aimpoint PRO(Patrol Rifle Optic), two of the major red dot sights by the manufacturer. These sights come with a noteworthy place among the most reputed, feature-rich, and durable models out there. While both the Aimpoint Comp M4 and the Aimpoint PRO share multiple features in common, there are several aspects of their design and performance that add contrast. Let’s roll down to each one by one, dig into the functionality, and see where the comparison takes us. 

Aimpoint Comp M4

If you are looking at some of the superior-quality red dot optics, you will certainly come across the Aimpoint Comp M4, and for the right reasons. The way its red dot optics work makes it look like the sight was specially made for those who cannot compromise on the optic. If you are thinking of adding magnifiers to a sight then it can be a compatible option for you. Besides, Comp M4 has an anti-flash functionality along with its ability to bear unsuitable weather conditions which is always a plus point. 

Features of Aimpoint Comp M4

Here are some feel-good features that the Aimpoint Comp M4 is going to give you:

  • Aimpoint Comp M4 comes with lenses that help cut off reflections.
  • This sight features covers for the lens and thus, there is a relief on the protection part.
  • There is robustness to find in everything about the way this sight is constructed.
  • It comes with a choice for customization.
  • Thanks to the lens, you will have the enjoyment of clarity and optimum light transmission.
  • It can be looked up to for durability.

Aimpoint PRO

Functioning ideally for sporting practices and the low-budget defense departments, this red dot sight is super easy to install and use. If there has to be one thing to be said for the Aimpoint PRO rifle optic, it certainly is about the features that won’t disappoint you. 

Features Aimpoint PRO

Here are the highlights of features offered by the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic.

  • The Aimpoint PRO features two MOA dots.
  • It gives you the privilege of tweaking settings as per your preferences with the 6 daylight settings and 4 options in the night vision settings which helps you maintain the brightness.
  • This sight comes with protection for the rear and front lenses featuring covers for both.
  • PRO offers usability for 3 years constant and it runs on a 3N battery.
  • There is a waterproofing and anti-flash feature to count on.
  • It has a remarkable performance with capabilities to combat cruel weather environments.
  • It is lightweight and has a neat construction. 

Both, the Aimpoint Comp M4 and the PRO run by the red dot operation that renders a promising deal of comfort to a user’s eyes, so take whichever. Due to the threading on the front lenses, both sights are supportive of the devices with anti-reflection features.

Apart from the fact that both are capable of repelling the itching on way to the view (despite the distance from the eyes), you will have the freedom of incorporating accuracy with the help of the parallax-free optical adjustment feature in Aimpoint. 

The Aimpoint Comp M4 and the Aimpoint PRO come with solid compatibility with other accessories. So you can freely accessorize them with options like an Aimpoint 3x magnifier and the Concealed Engagement Unit if you want the ability to bend for the view. 

These sights offer waterproofing up to 150 feet and feature a 30mm tube which is yet another amazing feature they share. Besides, you can operate both, the Aimpoint Comp M4 and the Aimpoint PRO, for about the range of 200 yards, given the MOA dots they feature.

Comparison: Aimpoint Comp M4 VS Aimpoint PRO

After looking at the major features that these sights offer, it is evident that both share a lot in common. Despite that, we still have tons of contrasting sides that set these Aimpoint red dot sights as two different options. 

It is probably a bit complicated to decide which sight is better on performance than the other, now that we have seen the sturdy qualities in each but in the end it all comes down to specific purposes. For that, we are going to look upon some differences between these two sights.


In terms of options for brightness settings, the eyes always hunt for a multitude of choices. The major reason behind the willingness to have multiple settings in any sight is the ability to withstand and operate during different phases of day and surroundings. 

There’s a lot to look for settings in the Comp M4 sight. This sight does amplify its worth by allowing the operations with a number of brightness settings. It gives you 9 options for daylight settings and 7 choices in night vision settings. On the other side, we have Pro with only 6 options in daylight settings and 4-night vision settings to choose from.

So, it is seamless to declare Comp M4 the champ on these settings. The additional options given in this sight adds value to functionalities with versatile capabilities to stand on the accuracy, not minding the nature of surroundings. This service gives a strong hand during operations that require resilience. 


You can count on the durability of the Aimpoint Comp M4 in case you have just dropped your weapon. This red dot sight features a promising ruggedness, toughness, and durability when it comes to optics. It is capable strongly enough of combating any scratches and stresses. The PRO version is good at being unbothered by stresses but when it comes to reliability, the Comp M4 has bagged more votes.

Service Life

There is no comparison out there that reaches the final inculcations without gathering insights on the lifelines of concerned products. When it comes to fetching yourself the best scopes, checking up on the battery life is one of the important throughs to make.

In the comparison between the Comp M4 and Pro, distinguishment between both in the light of battery life is easy. In fact, the service life is one of the prime differences to spot between these two sights. 

While the Comp M4 runs on a single AA, the common battery, the Pro makes an appearance with Lithium 2L76 and that is where the contrast features begin. The Comp M4 uses a battery that is way easy with pricing and conveniently available. Then, there is Aimpoint Pro with a battery that lacks this characteristic.

On the top, it turns out that the Comp M4 can be used for about 8 years which is something one definitely would set their eyes on. The Aimpoint Pro features the ability to run for a constant 3 years of duration. (Now, it is on you to decide which is the best). 


While some users do not count the weight factor under their consideration while looking for a perfect scope, for some the ounces matter as essential as any other feature out there. But what do these two scopes have in store concerning this point?

You are likely to experience a petit difference between the Comp M4 and Aimpoint Pro which you may think is not that important until you have it held into your gun for constant hours. 

Practically, the Aimpoint Pro features a weight lighter than the Comp M4. Besides, it is noticeably smaller in size. But the Comp M4 wins when it comes to more clarity of view, zero interruptions even if it is bigger in size. 

The battery compartment is mounted on the top in the Aimpoint Pro whereas the battery is to be fixed on the lower part in the Aimpoint Comp M4. In terms of preference, Comp M4 is slightly ahead of the Pro as its lower-mounted battery tube compartment allows a better field of view. 

Apart from that, you also get relief with security against the knocks which makes the operations less annoying and provides easy and fast access.

Shape and Usability

Many users give importance to the difference of optics during the comparison between the scopes. Both the Aimpoint Pro and the Aimpoint Comp M4 are red dot sights in which the newer version, the Comp M4, comes with toughness and durability.

The optics in the Comp M4 make a tough competition as they are stubbornly rugged and durable which washes off the worries of accidentally dropping them down.

When it comes to the Aimpoint Pro, there is no denying the fact that it works up to ruggedness too. But on the battleground of comparison, the M4 has been experienced as more tolerant.

In a Nutshell

The Aimpoint PRO is, in every aspect, capable of standing out and this is where the Aimpoint Comp M4 hops in and gracefully outperforms it. There is a lane of characteristics where these two sights become quite similar with each other but despite the popularity and strength of PRO, the slightly advanced offers by Comp M4 appear to be winning the game.

The Aimpoint PRO comes with a quality performance and it is an optic that can easily fulfill the standards of defense practices with a low-budget. This model is lightweight and features quite a compact design. It is definitely a go if you are into sporting and hunting. Besides, with an outstanding service like that, it becomes even easier to get hands on this one, knowing that it keeps up with your budget. 

As we have mentioned above, the PRO is surely a performer to look up to, but the Aimpoint Comp M4 red dot sight is way ahead of it in every aspect including- price. It is probably the best one from Aimpoint and it is for the right reasons. Every feature of Comp M4 optic makes it usable for military gunners. You have got a loyal durability and amplified version of usability compared to PRO. 

Everything plainly is up to you. Of course, choosing between two is super tedious of a task and comparing two powerful models by the same company takes a lot of digging into the major difference between them. Let us give you two: First things first, the PRO red dot sight is good at servicing the civilian purposes while Comp M4 goes well with the military use. Secondly, PRO is budget-friendly and the Comp M4, well, takes a lot more than that. 

Given the field of view and the reliability of toughness during that accidental drop of your object, the Comp M4 is certainly more beneficial. But are you really going to use it that often? If no, then you can always half of Comp’s price in buying the Aimpoint PRO. It will seamlessly meet your needs and expectations from a red dot optic sight.