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Aimpoint ACO vs Aimpoint PRO

Aimpoint ACO Vs Aimpoint PRO

Aimpoint ACO VS Aimpoint PRO

While the Aimpoint PRO has its reputation shining bright for delivering the superior quality of performance and reliable features, the ACO comes with a decent package of offers that an amateur may count on.

In this section, we are going to discuss the comparison between two of the best sights offered by the leading fabricator, Aimpoint- the Aimpoint Carbine Optic sight and the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic sight.

Let’s get started.

Overall: Aimpoint ACO & Aimpoint PRO

Before ruminating on which sight is better, let us take a walk down the specifications of each and see what competition these sights set for each other. 

Aimpoint ACO- Aimpoint Carbine Optic Sight

aimpoint aco vs aimpoint pro

Aimpoint ACO is one of the best sights that dedicates its infrastructure and functionalities to sporting rifles that are running in modern days. Aimpoint ACO comes with terrific optic to mount on the go and shoot right away.

This scope works by 2 MOA red dots which allows it to make use of the maximum target acquisition. The red dots on this sight makes sure the accuracy doesn’t fail to prevail despite the distances. 

Apart from the powerful optics, the Aimpoint ACO brings a promising use of battery life. This scope runs on a DL1/3N battery, allowing itself to be of use for up to one year at constant. 

The waterproofing power in this sight is a great hand in being able to operate throughout any environmental condition and the brightness settings also don’t lack in rendering great choices. 

Given the worthy service life, strong optics and features like waterproofing Aimpoint ACO does make a solid option for many sportspersons. 

While there’s always an introduction for what you are going to get in the sights here, it is best to just roll down to the features with advantages and the downsides of Aimpoint ACO. 


  • Aimpoint ACO has 2 MOA dot reticles that lets you maintain the maximum target acquisition.
  • It is every-ready to mount.
  • It features an incredible set of brightness settings. It offers 9 options to help you adjust brightness in order to better the accuracy during different circumstances. 
  • This sight works on a DL1/3N battery that makes it run up to constant use for one year.
  • It comes with waterproofing capability that allows stability throughout different weather conditions.
  • Since it is lodged on aluminum material, you can count on Aimpoint ACO for durability.


  • You may be despondent with its inability to support night vision settings.
  • This sight has its battery life limited to one year which isn’t really a pleasant feature one would like to hear.

Aimpoint PRO Optic

When it comes to Aimpoint PRO optic, there is no argument on the fact that there are tons of benefits one can expect out of the usability of this sight including sight performance and ruggedness. 

Loaded with extensive features, the Aimpoint PRO sight comes with neatly improved sight functionalities and does not disappoint when it comes to the set of multiple adjustments and settings.

This sight brings the ever-ready capabilities to function at your service and yes, that does mean that you don’t have to cross a pile of thresholds to set it up. Thus, you can grab it and put it into the action immediately.

Apart from that, this sight offers a deal on battery life that is definitely worth considering, as compared to other rifle optics. The 30mm tube in this scope makes it able to perform efficiently enough to run up to three years.

You can use the QRP2 rail grabber, located in Aimpoint PRO, on a Picatinny rail. All you have to do is turn the know until three clicks. The spacer in this sight can be removed and you can also lower the unit. 


  • Aimpoint PRO supports most of the night vision devices. You can use this one with the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier and Concealed Engagement Unit.
  • You can carry this optic around during a face off any environmental conditions because of its waterproofing capabilities.
  • PRO comes with front and rear flip covers that allow it to get protection and maintain the neatness of lenses. 
  • The retainer straps in this sight are strong enough to not let the components like battery and cap fall apart. 
  • Aimpoint PRO offers strong probability for first shot hit with robustness in speed. 
  • One can easily view the sight with both eyes open as the rear end of this scope is covered with transparent clip cover. 
  • This sight can be used with anti-reflection devices, thanks to the threaded opening on the front lens. 
  • It can work up to three years of battery life constant.
  • You get the privilege to adjust brightness with an adjustment knob.


  • Given that it is a feature-packed and powerfully engineered optic, the Aimpoint Point comes at higher expenses as compared to the other options in the market.

Comparison: Aimpoint ACO VS Aimpoint PRO


Since the Aimpoint ACO comes at cheap cost, there are curtain limitations on adjustments and settings with brightness level to expect. Know that ACO does not support the night vision devices and you will not find the lens caps in this one which may appear to be a notable con for many users. 

Aimpoint ACO may be of some appeal to you, even if it does not come with any night vision support, as it has 9 options for you to adjust brightness settings. On other hand, you have PRO that only offers 6 choices to you in order to adjust brightness levels. But wait, it also offers 4 night vision options. 

It is totally up to you to decide which one attracts you in terms of settings and adjustments. Aimpoint PRO does cost you more pricing than ACO, but here you get compatibility with night vision devices which you can have, only of course if you really need them. 

Service Life

Another subject of comparison that can affect your decision between the Aimpoint ACO and the Aimpoint PRO is the battery life they both offer. And guess what? The Aimpoint PRO certainly becomes the winner here.

The Aimpoint ACO sight comes with the ability to walk up to 10,000 hours constant. The PRO outperforms that feature with its ability to go up to 3 years of life. Although it may not be much significance to you, depending on the purpose you are buying the attachment for. 


The type of mount is yet another major difference between the two sights, the Aimpoint ACO and the Aimpoint PRO. The Aimpoint ACO features a stabilized mount and thus is always ready to be at service quickly. On the other side, the PRO comes with a bigger room for versatility.

Given the fixed mount, there is elimination of adjustments. So, if you want to set the views according to your preference then this mount is probably not the solution. In that case, you will probably thank the PRO for it comes with a better scope for reveling in the kind of shooting you’d like to have. 


A strong part of the final call is factored by the pricing of the product and the question if you can afford it at your convenience affects everything. When it comes to the pricing of Aimpoint Carbine Optic and the Aimpoint PRO, there is a difference to watch out for. 

Aimpoint ACO made its entry as a rifle optic that was specially infrastructure and functionalized with an idea to fulfill the standards of those who were looking for options to try at entry level. This one was made ideally at the idea of sporting and civilian purposes. 

Aiming at the accomplishment of meeting standards of sporting weapons in modern times, the Aimpoint ACO’s specifically designed features don’t make buyers spend a big cost and hence it comes at a cheap price and affordability. On the other side, the magnificent features of Aimpoint PRO makes buyers shell out cash at expensive cost. 

In a Nutshell

Now that we have found the highlights of the Aimpoint ACO and the Aimpoint PRO, it is pretty clear that these optics are terrific with a quality performance and a long road of reliability and durability. Now it all boils down to one question- Which one should you go for?

If you want fascinating and super handy features like compatibility for night vision, accelerated battery performance and a kind of mount that gives you a choice of throwing in some tweaks whenever you want then you have got to consider the Aimpoint PRO.

Okay, now that rolls down to affordability. If it is a matter of budget then the ACO is an answer for you. It certainly won’t be able to entertain your admiration for exciting features that are available in PRO but for the price it comes at, it will give you the ease at brightness settings, an easy-to-use functionality and waterproofing. 

And then comes the purpose of using a sight. If you are heading in as a beginner then you can pick the ACO to start off with. It is made to perfectly fulfill the purposes like home defense and sporting. On the other hand, the PRO is good at working up to wider defense practices.

Final Thoughts

Unless it is about buying an optic out of an amateur action, the grand vote stands by the Aimpoint PRO. It has an extensive range of high-quality performance and incredible experience and not to mention, it is compatible with other devices which amplifies its impression.

But if you are just an amateur who has recently begun as an entry-level user then you can start off with using the Aimpoint ACO. Spending extra money on the Aimpoint PRO is good for those carrying on with defense practices. All the best choosing your pick. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic sight worth spending my money on?

Take settings and adjustments or battery life, the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic sight makes sure you are able to make the most of everything. The Aimpoint PRO is one of the topmost products by the company and has earned a healthy reputation for its capabilities to be operated during diverse conditions. Some of the impressive features of the Aimpoint PRO include long battery life, covers for lenses and compatibility with the night vision devices. 

Which one is better, the Aimpoint ACO or Aimpoint PRO?

The Aimpoint PRO, hands down. But you need not to burn a hole through the wallet for no reason. Aimpoint PRO does have a set of unbeatable performance but that isn’t necessarily required for that amount if you are an entry-level shooter. While the PRO is plainly the winner in every aspect, the ACO will do no harm if it is just about modern day sporting. 

What are the major differences between the Aimpoint PRO and ACO?

The Aimpoint Aco features 9 choices at brightness settings and the PRO comes with 6 brightness settings which seems less. But PRO beats ACO with 4 night vision settings. The optic in ACO is quite simpler than that of PRO and it doesn’t feature a spacer like the mount on PRO.