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6 Best Scope Mount for Ruger Super Blackhawk

Best Scope Mount For Ruger Super Blackhawk

The Ruger Super Blackhawk is a new and improvised version of the much famous Ruger Blackhawk. Built on the same frame as its predecessor, it is stainless and may or may not have a rib. Also, it has a wider grip and an unfluted cylinder that help it deal better with recoils. Moreover, the grip frame of a Super Blackhawk is made of steel instead of aluminum.

When it comes to heavy-caliber handguns, the top caliber by far is the .44 Mag. which needs a sturdy and powerful pistol to shoot it. And one of the best options here is the stout Ruger Super Blackhawk.

Besides bringing the reliability of a revolver, its design is also pretty simplistic. Now, this powerful gun requires an equally strong and sturdy scope mount that can handle the recoils of a .44 Mag pretty well.

As far as gun mounting is concerned, you need to put a considerable amount of time into your choice. Also, your needs like accuracy, reliability, budget, and several other factors come into the picture. So, getting the right scope mount for the amazing handgun could seem like a tough task.

Do not worry because we bring you a comprehensive review featuring the 5 best scope mounts for a Ruger Super Blackhawk. Once you are done with checking those out, you can proceed to our list of factors to consider before buying a scope mount. So, let’s start with it!

Top 5 Best Scope Mount For Ruger Super Blackhawk

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
Weigand Blackhawk Hunter Mount6 x 3 x 0.25Overall PerformanceClick Here
WEAVER Base 301/ Scope Mount for Ruger Blackhawk1 x 1 x 1Long Range ShootingClick Here
Ruger 90274 5B30 Single Scope Ring6 x 3.25 x 1DurabilityClick Here
OTW Scope Mount Rings20/21Low price and EfficientClick Here
AccuShot Picatinny / Weaver Medium Profile 2-piece 1-inch Rings8 x 3 x 2Budget-friendlyClick Here

1. Weigand Redhawk, Blackhawk Hunter, and Bisley Hunter Scope Mount

This one will fit both the new and the old style Ruger Blackhawks. It is extremely easy to mount because it has a no-drill installation mechanism. You just have to tap it to mount it and so, it can be installed within minutes.

The base is very stable and is made of top quality material. The sturdy build is strong and long enough to mount a total of 3 scope rings on your Ruger Blackhawk. Weigand Blackhawk Mount has the Weig-A-Tinny style configuration. This allows it to be compatible with almost all Weaver-style and Picatinny-style rings and other accessories.

It has a classy and stylish matte anodized finish and weighs only 1.3 ounces. So, it is pretty lightweight and won’t add much to the overall weight of the rifle once assembled with other accessories. Also, it comes in two different colors: silver and black, so, you can choose the one that suits your style.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with several rifles
  • No drill mount
  • Stable base
  • Travel-friendly


  • Screws might not be durable


You must have understood how awesome this scope mount is.  Besides offering versatile use, it is stable, and easy to install. So, this is the best mount you could get for Ruger Super Blackhawk when it comes to overall performance, for a reasonable price.

2. WEAVER Base 301/ Scope Mount for Ruger Blackhawk

Weaver Scope Mount is one of the best scope mounts for a Super Blackhawk. It is very stable and is famed for the strength it provides. The reason behind this is that it makes use of the already present rear sight screw hole and the barrel clamps. It stays rock-solid on your handgun even

after 500 rounds of shooting.

Mounting a scope base to your revolver gets easier with it.  You just need 10 minutes to mount it to your revolver. The procedure is very simple and it comes with helpful instructions. In fact, this one is as good as the no drill and tap mount.

It is perfect for all those handgun owners who want to install a mount easily but do not want to get a drill and tap one. Besides being a sturdy mount, it is also great for long-distance shooting and can tolerate both medium and light loads.


  •  Secure fit
  •  Strong body made of aluminum
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Great for long-range shooting


  • Very costly
  • Scope positioning is quite limited


If you are looking for a very strong scope mount for long-range hunting, then this is the right product for you. It is a bit higher on the price scale but offers totally worthy features like a tight fit, strong body, and quick installation.

3.  Ruger 90274 5B30 Single Scope Ring

What could be better than getting the original Ruger scope rings for your Super Blackhawk? It gives you a perfect fitting besides being very sturdy and stable. This one-piece ring could be very advantageous for your scope. It adds the required height to get your scope into a comfortable position.

It is light and perfect to go with a light rifle. Also, it allows the hunter to quickly access the chamber of the rifle. And for the same reason, it is great for a hunter rife. Besides, it is also easy to align.

If you have a bunch of different rifles, then you can use this ring for all of them or interchange them. On the other hand, a flat weaver style scope mount might not be that easy to change. However, this one is a bit towards the costlier side.


  • Easy to mount
  • Tight and secure fit
  • Can be used on a wide range of rifles
  • Long-lasting


  • Don’t come in pairs
  • Costly


This product offers a secure fit, easy installation, and is durable. Besides, it can be used on a range of rifles. So, if you are someone with a lot of firearms and putting a good amount of investment into a scope mount is not an issue for you, then give this a go.

4. OTW Scope Mount Rings

These will your best choice for scope mounts. Besides being made with aluminum alloy, it also has a rugged construction. With an anodized black matte finish, it will enhance the look of your rifle. The plastic gaskets on the inside give these mounts some extra flexibility and make them secure.

One of the great features of this scope base is the hollowed-out build between the rings and the base bottom. This configuration allows the release of heavy-duty when the scope is clamped to the mount.

Another point to note is that they come with extra screws just in case you lost some. So, there are 2 rail clamp screws and 6 scope clamp screws in the package. Moreover, they are very cheap but work pretty much the same as the expensive ones, if not better. Lastly, the OTG scope ring mounts come with a warranty of 6 months.


  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Has a warranty of 6 months
  • Pretty cheap
  • Flexible


  • Low accuracy
  • Might get stripped off while tightening


It is one of the best scope mounts you could get with a very low budget. So, if you want a scope mount at a cheap price but do not want to compromise on other specs, then buy this one.

5. AccuShot Picatinny / Weaver Medium Profile 2-piece 1-inch Rings

Constructed from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, these scope mounts look super stylish when clamped to your rifle. The aluminum alloy build provides the much-required strength to the mounts. It has hex screws that properly hold the screws in place and provides a secure fit.

The hex key, further, helps you to tighten the mounts and there is a spare screw as well, in case you lost one. You don’t have to worry about durability because it stays secure on your rifle even after 100 rounds of shooting.

This is a great deal for a cheap price. It comes for less than even $20 and gives comparable performance to the most expensive mounts.


  • Long-lasting
  • Cheap
  • Secure fit


  • Over tightening may lead to breaking or loosening.
  • Aligning them might be difficult


This is the best scope mount in the market with all the awesome specs and yet a low price tag. It is strong, durable, fits properly, and costs a lot less than other mounts. So, it is a complete package at a pretty cheap price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Scope Mount for Ruger Super Blackhawk

1. Compatibility

It is very important to ensure that the scope mount is compatible with your revolver if you want to buy the best scope mount. Otherwise, the fit of the scope mount on the revolver won’t be proper and as a result, you won’t get an accurate aim and the scope might get loose.

2. Height

The scope mount should be of a proper height so that it can easily clear the iron sight. The right scope height will allow you to view the target precisely.

3. Adjustability

Also, you need to make sure that the scope mount is adjustable. You should be able to adjust the scope mount base as and when required.

4. Type of scope mount

a. Fixed Mount

Fixed scope mounts are ideal if you want to use the scope mount for one gun only. Given below are the types of fixed scope mounts that you can get:         

i. Dovetail Type

This mount model comes with a wedge at the bottom of each ring, located at the base. You will be able to rotate the scope 90 degrees with this one. So, you get added flexibility here.        

ii. Universal Type

Despite not being as durable as the previous one, turns out that it is compatible with several guns.

b. Detachable scope mount

Detachable scope mounts are preferable for people who have plenty of scopes or guns. With a detachable mount, you will be able to use it for different guns.                 

i. Weaver Style

Weaver style mounts are quite popular with handgun enthusiasts. The reason being that the hunter can remove the scope without having to unscrew the mount off of your gun. So, this way you can just fit in another scope with your rifle. This makes it so much more flexible and versatile. Besides reducing the effort level for you, it also allows you to clean the area easily.              

ii. Clamp-on mounts

These are super easy to use and you just need to clamp them on to your pistol. On the other hand, you can’t use these with just any rifle. These are compatible with rifles with pre-drilled scope mounts.            

iii. Picatinny Style

These have wider base slots as compared to the weaver style mounts. Also, you can use a weaver ring with a Picatinny base but a Picatinny ring is not compatible with weaver bases.

5. One Piece or Two Piece Scope Mounts

a. One-Piece Mounts

The one-piece scope mounts can add some height to your scope and that would give you some proper eye relief. Also, the rings get automatically aligned with the one-piece mounts. These are strong, rigid, and offer a lot of support. But, these can weigh a lot and can also give rise to some chamber clearance issues with certain types of guns.

b. Two-Piece Scope Mounts

Although not equally tactical or fancy as the one-piece scope mounts, the two-piece mounts are quite popular amongst gun enthusiasts. These are lighter than the one-piece mounts and also provide ample clearance to the access chamber of a rifle. Unlike one-piece mounts, you’ll have to align the rings yourself here. But, these are much more affordable than the one-piece mounts.


To get the best scope mounts for a Ruger Super Blackhawk, you need to look for certain criteria in the mounts. Firstly, it should have the strength to tolerate heavy recoils. So, it should be strong, made of good-quality material, and sturdy. Moreover, the fit of the best scope mount should be very secure and tight to ensure that it doesn’t loosen and lasts long enough.

The alignment of the mounts is also important here, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to absorb the recoil pounding time and again. Besides, mounts are also responsible for bringing the scope to the correct height so that you get a proper and accurate aim without any eye strain.

So, hopefully, this listicle consisting of our picks for the 5 best scope mounts for Ruger Super Blackhawk has been fruitful to you. And you have received an idea about the kind of scope mounts you need to be looking for. It is quite evident that your requirements and budget play a big role here. So, don’t forget to consider that while purchasing a scope mount for your firearm.