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5 Best Scope Mounts for Marlin 30-30

Best Scope Mounts For Marlin 30-30

Marlin 30-30 is a famous American rifle with a classic design and an equally commendable performance. It is one of the two versions of the Marlin 336 and employs a lever-action mechanism with a 20-inch barrel. This is a short-range rifle and an absolute favorite among hunting enthusiasts.

If you want to mount a scope on your Marlin 30-30/Marlin 336, then you would naturally need a scope mount as well. The purpose of the mount is to hold the scope in position. While this may seem like a simple task and you would be tempted to pick a random mount, it certainly isn’t.

Top 5 Best Scope Mounts for Marlin 30-30

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
NcStar Marlin Lever Action Weaver Scope Mount6x2x1 inchesInexpensiveClick Here
Redfield Top Mount Base Pair7x1x9 inchesLightweightClick Here
Game Reaper Marlin 336-High MountNAAdjustableClick Here
WEAVER See-Thru 1-Inch Detachable Rings 1x1x1Overall performanceClick Here
Warne M864Two-Piece Bases Marlin Lever Actions Matte7x3x0.5 inchesLow-profileClick Here

The mount needs to fulfill certain criteria to be deemed as a good fit for your Marlin 336. In this blog, we give you the 5 best scope mounts you could get for your Marlin 30-30. Along with that, you’ll also get a buying guide that mentions all the things you should consider before buying a mount specifically for Marlin 30-30.

1. NcStar Marlin Lever Action Weaver Scope Mount

NcStar Marlin one of the best scope mounts for marlin 30-30

Machined with hard and anodized aluminum, this mount is very strong and durable. It can tolerate recoil forces easily and will also last long. You can bolt it directly onto the pre-drilled and tapped receiver of the gun.

It weighs only 1.59 ounces and so is pretty lightweight. So, it won’t contribute much to the overall weight of your rifle set up after being mounted. This is an advantage since traveling hunters wouldn’t be willing to carry too much weight around.

It fits just right on your Marlin 30-30 rifle and handles recoil fairly well. Moreover, the rail is a bit long which is a desirable feature for many hunters. You can install a red dot optic on the extra space and enjoy ultimate eye relief and accuracy with your shots. Lastly, it comes loaded with all the hardware you need to mount it.


  • Strong body
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Long rail
  • Comes with hardware


  • Screws are too long


This mount works the same as other expensive models, if not ever. For a little more than 10 dollars, you get everything in your mount, from a strong construction to an easy installation.

2. Redfield Top Mount Base Pair for Marlin Lever Action 336

Redfield Top Mount Base Pair For Marlin Lever Action 336

This mount is meant to perfectly fit a Marlin 336 lever action rifle. It has a unique design comprising of a two-piece aluminum base. While being solid enough to tackle recoil forces easily, it is very lightweight as well. With a weight of just 0.8 oz, you wouldn’t feel like you added anything to your gun.

Besides Marlin 336, this scope mounting base pair also fits other popular firearms and hence, is pretty versatile. It makes use of the Weaver cross lock system to fit securely on your rifle. The locking system ensures that the mount holds tight when experiencing recoils.

Machined with aircraft-grade aluminum, this mount base pair is rugged and highly wear-resistant. You can fit any pair of Weaver style scope rings on it. The screw holes are narrow which allows the fit to be even tighter and you can set it up in a matter of minutes.


  • Strong construction of aluminum
  • Very lightweight
  • Tight fit
  • Inexpensive


  • Compatible with Weaver style scope rings only


This is one of the top scope mounts you could pick for a Marlin 30-30 rifle. If you plan on using Weaver-style rings and are a bit tight on budget, then you should definitely give this mount a try.

3. Game Reaper Marlin 1894,1895 and 336-High Mount

Game Reaper Marlin 1894,1895 And 336-High Mount

This is a scope mount that imparts a good amount of height to your mount. It holds zero very well and is extremely durable. Rest assured because once set up, this mount will firmly hold its place and not wiggle at all.

The most unique and innovative thing about this mount is that it does not need separate rings. Because the scope rings are built on the mount base. Hence, you are saving the money required to buy additional rings with other mounts.

As the mount contributes a good amount of height to your scope, you get the optimum eye relief too. However, this mount cannot be used with a large objective scope lens. If the diameter of your Marlin 336 scope is 50mm or higher, then you might need to remove the sights too so that the scope works.


  • Durable construction
  • Scope rings not required
  • Keeps the scope in place
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suited for scopes with a large objective lens


If you are looking for a durable scope mount, then this is one of the best options to go for, provided you don’t want the mount for a scope with a large lens.

4. WEAVER See-Thru 1-Inch Detachable Rings

You’ll find too many hunters advising you not to use a scope with Marlin 30-30 rifle because that could obstruct your way to the iron sights. But, with Weaver see-thru mounts you get them both since it allows you to access iron sights comfortably. Hence, this model works well with the Marlin 30-30 model.

The mount is available in two types of material: aluminum and steel. We recommend that you buy the airplane-grade aluminum one since these turn out to be lighter besides being durable. The size of this mount is small and so it can hold small-sized scopes that provide low magnification. And that is fine because the Marlin 30-30 rifle can be accurate up to 200 yards only.

So, you don’t need a scope that provides higher magnification. The compact size of the mount will be beneficial to the hunter for carrying it around. Also, this mount can handle low scale recoils only. Heavy kickbacks can knock it off the gun making it harder to hold zero.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes in both aluminum and steel construction
  • Reasonable price
  • See-thru mounts that allow the usage of iron sights
  • Good for low-range scopes


  • Compatible with small scopes only
  • Does not hold zero very well


This mount is a pretty good option for low-range shooting only. The Weaver see-thru mount allows you to use iron sights without any obstruction and comes at a pocket-friendly price range within your budget.

5. Warne M864/864M Two-Piece Bases Marlin Lever Actions Matte

Warne Two-Piece Bases Marlin Lever Actions Matte

This is one of the best scope mounts for Marlin 30-30 rifle. In fact, it has been a favorite among lever-action rifle users. Built from very durable steel, it can hold zero even while you are doing 175-grain rounds.

Besides, it is fairly inexpensive and that makes it even more popular. Since, this mounting base comes at a cheap price, you could pair it up with standard scope rings that allow you to access the iron sights, to get a good deal.

These rings are detachable so you can detach and reattach them as and when the need arises. Moreover, these come with square cross locks that allow you to get a secure fit on your gun. And these rings are compatible with Weaver mounting bases only.


  • Low-profile build
  • Holds zero well enough
  • Budget-friendly
  • Secure fit


  • Difficult to adjust
  • Compatible with Weaver rails only


Besides being strong and providing a good fit, these rings allow you to use the iron sights as well while shooting. Also, its performance is much better than the expensive mounts. You should definitely give it a go if you want a scope ring compatible with Weaver bases and are looking for a budget-friendly mount.

Things to Look For While Buying a Marlin 30-30/ Marlin 336 Scope Mount

The Marlin 30-30 is a versatile rifle and is compatible with several types of scope mounts. But, you need to make sure that the mount you buy is a worthy investment and not a waste of money and time. Given below are some of the points you should consider while buying a Marlin 336 scope mount.


The recoil of a 30 30 gun depends on the type of round you are using. So, if you are utilizing one of the smaller rounds, then you can do just fine with a mount that is not quite strong. But, it is recommended that you get a very durable mount.

A tough mount will last way longer than a weaker one. Moreover, it will absorb recoil forces better making your scope hold zero for longer periods.


One of the first things to check in a mount is the material it is made of. Scope mounts are generally constructed with two kinds of materials, namely, aluminum and steel. While aluminum gives good quality and strength to the mount, it is also fairly lightweight which is a desirable feature. On the other hand, steel is highly sturdy and durable, but it is also pretty heavy.

It depends on the hunter as to whichever type of material he wants to pick. Most hunters prefer aircraft-grade aluminum since it is both lightweight and durable. But, if weight is not an issue for you, then steel is a good choice too.


Generally, a mount of low profile/height is recommended for all standard rifles. The reason being that it can help you use a cheek pad comfortably and also leave less footprint. But, a low-profile mount might not help you clear your barrel, and that in turn, would make it harder to aim.

Marlin 30 30 is available in several variations so you have plenty to choose from. But, it mostly exists in 2 different barrel lengths 20 inches and 24 inches. If you get the 24-inch barrel, then a low-profile scope, i.e. if the scope is placed at a low height, then clearing the barrel would be difficult.

But, with a 20-inch barrel, you can comfortably use a low profile mount. Again, a shorter barrel length means that your bullets will be shot at less velocity. So, it is preferable to get a mid-height mount as a 30-30 scope mount base/ring.

Rail Type

You can get any of the two types of rails for your Marlin 30 30 rifles: Picatinny or Weaver. Both of these have their own perks and flaws. But, technological advancements have made it possible for you to get both types in one.

Another thing to look for is a long rail. The longer the rail platform, the more freedom you get when it comes to deciding the position of your scope. Versatility in this regard is necessary to ensure that you get the optimum eye relief.

Picatinny rails are heavier than Weaver rails. And Weaver-style platforms do not allow you to make a lot of adjustments. If you are looking for a Marlin 30-30 scope mounting base, then both Picatinny and Weaver rails will work fine.

One-piece or Two-piece scope mount

One-piece scope mounts are a combination of both the mount base with the rings attached to them. These are stronger, hold zero better, and have better recoil resistance. You wouldn’t need to adjust them too much. But, single-piece mounts are also quite expensive.

On the other hand, two-piece scope rings are cheaper and hunters prefer these more since they allow clearance between the receiver and the body. But, there is cantilever style one-piece mounts available as well that have the rings pushed towards the front. Hence, this allows you to place a red dot magnifier and also makes room for better clearance.


That was all about scope mounts for Marlin 30-30. Our top pick from the list of mounts is the Weaver See-thru, since it is exclusively built for the 30-30 model. The rifle in question, i.e. Marlin 30 30 is ideal for short-range shooting. So, it won’t generate too heavy kickbacks for your mount to handle. Hence, even if the mount isn’t extremely sturdy, it won’t be a problem at all and your objective will be fulfilled. Hopefully, you must have found the one ideal mount for your 30-30 rifle from our list.