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5 Best Scope Mount for Savage Axis

Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis

Savage Arms is a popular American brand that manufactures firearms. And among their series of rifles, Savage Axis is the most affordable option you could get. This is truly a 21st-century weapon with several high-end features and benefits.

You might want to upgrade it a bit more by installing a scope on it to increase its accuracy. To do the same, you need a good quality mount that is well-suited to the Savage Axis rifle. And if you’re finding it hard to select the best mount as per your preferences, then we do understand why.

Top 5 Best Scope Mounts for Savage Axis

NameSepcsUSPToday's Price
Weaver Savage Axis 48347 Multi Slot Mounting9x 3x1 InchesPortable, InexpensiveClick Here
DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube10 x 3.6 x 0.2 InchesDurable, LightweightClick Here
Monstrum Picatinny Rail Mount7x1.1x0.8 inchesOverall PerformanceClick Here
Evolution Gun Works Savage Edge Axis Mount9x4x1 InchesStylishClick Here
DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge9.8 x 3.5 x 0.8 inchesStrongClick Here

The market is brimming with all kinds of mounts at various prices and advertising several promising things. In such a situation, it does become quite difficult to understand which mount is truly good and would serve the purpose.

In this blog, we give you the 5 best scope mounts for your Savage Axis gun followed by a buying guide stating all the aspects you should consider while buying a mount.

1. Weaver Savage Axis 48347 Multi Slot Mounting Base Aluminum

Weaver Savage Axis 48347 Multi Slot Mounting

The Weaver scope mount is one of the lightest mounts you’ll find on this list. It is quite focused on saving weight since the rifle and the scope already weighs quite a lot. Also, it is quite compact which increases its portability.

You can adjust this mount easily on your gun with the Weaver cross-lock design. This design also ensures that the mount stays secure on your rifle. The multiple-slot mountain base aims to make it smaller so that it is easier to carry around.

The multiple slots also allow you plenty of room to mount your scope anywhere you feel like to ensure optimum eye relief. Also, it handles recoil pretty well and your scope won’t be thrown away every time you fire a shot.


  • Easy to carry because it is compact
  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Low price


  • Screws may be too long


If you want a portable and well-fitting scope mount that is lightweight too, then this is the best scope mount for Savage Axis in the current market. Moreover, if you can’t afford expensive mounts, then this is a cheap variation that does not compromise on the quality.

2. DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube

DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube

DNZ is famed for providing the lightest gear ever. This is a one-piece scope mount that weighs 67% lesser than the rest of the scope mounts in the market. It has a 4x thread to ensure that the mount stays put in its position and is not thrown away in a recoil.

Moreover, the precision socket head cap screws add to the secure fit. Hence, your scope will receive the utmost security when mounted on the rifle. It is highly shock-absorbent and it handles recoils better than the steel mounts.

It is one of the toughest mounts you’ve ever come across. This mount can tolerate very extreme weather conditions like high or low temperatures. Crafted from top-grade billet aluminum, it boasts quality and reliability.

Also, you won’t need to buy rings for this mount because it is a combination of mount-base and detachable rings. And there aren’t any moving or wiggling parts between the gun and the scope.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Solid construction
  • Secure hold
  • Doesn’t need extra scope rings


  • Could get scratches


This is one of the best options for scope mounts with an array of great features. Besides having a strong body, it is resistant to extreme weather conditions, is a one-piece mounting system, and can handle recoil really well.

3. Monstrum Picatinny Rail Mount for Savage Arms Axis/Edge Rifles

Monstrum Picatinny Rail Mount For Savage Arms Axis Rifles

This is a Picatinny scope mount from the house of Monstrum built specifically for Savage Axis 1 and 2. It is very easy to install and supports both Picatinny and Weaver scope accessories like rings, mounts, red dot sights, etc.

This mount is quite long at 7 inches or 16 rail slots that allows you to flexibly position your scope to ensure optimum eye relief. It also allows you to place your cheek on the cheek weld to ensure maximum accuracy. The extra length is very beneficial because you can also install an additional magnifier on the mount.

With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that your product will last several years if not decades. The rail can be installed directly on the factory mounting holes of the rifle with the help of the set screws. Crafted from high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum ensures that you get the best quality and strength in your mount.


  • Easy to install
  • Weighs just 1.5 oz
  • Compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver-style scopes
  • 7 inches long
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Aluminum is too thin towards the base


This is one of the best scope mounts in the market that offers easy installation and extra flexibility to mount your scope wherever you want to. Moreover, it is also lightweight and supports almost all kinds of optic accessories.

4. Evolution Gun Works Savage Edge Axis Mount 0 MOA

Evolution Gun Works Savage Edge Axis Mount 0 MOA

EGW or Evolution Gun Works is a popular brand name among hunters. It fits comfortably with both Savage Axis 1 and 2. Besides being compatible with scopes, it doesn’t obstruct you from viewing the factory iron sights as well. It is quite bulky and heavier than other scope mounts in this list.

And if you purchase the silver finish option, then it is more expensive as well. This mount base supports both Picatinny and Weaver based riflescopes. So, you can freely pick your favorite scope and position it comfortably.

Moreover, this mount comes with hex screws and a wrench too. The silver anodize protects the scope mount from getting corroded. You can also mount a red dot sight or a laser on it easily. With a matte black coating, it looks very stylish on your rifle. The channel is located in the center that reduces the overall weight on the mount to 2 or 3 oz. Lastly, the shell ejection is also fine with this mount.


  • Great for short-range rifles
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Compatible with all kinds of scopes
  • Stylish look
  • Lightweight


  • The silver anodizing option costs more
  • Bulky and heavy


This is a great option for you if you don’t mind the extra weight. Also, it is a good fit with amazing overall features for short-range rifles.

5. DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge

DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge

The Game Reaper series is the ultimate game-changer in the scope mount market. This is a combination of scope base and ring system which implies that you don’t need to buy extra rings with this mount.

Crafted from a one-piece high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum, this mount is very strong and durable just like other DNZ products. It has a simple design and is very easy to install on your gun. Also, no lapping is required with this product. And the all the hardware components required for installation come along with the package itself.

It has four times more thread that gives your scope the maximum security when mounted on your gun. Being rugged and durable, it is also very lightweight and helps you fire accurate shots.


  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Enhance accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Extra rings not required


  • Screws are not long enough
  • More screws required for installation that what is provided in the hardware kit
  • Costly


This is an all in one scope mount you can get in the market. If your budget is not tight, then you should definitely go for this unique mount with great features.

Things to Consider While Buying a Scope Mount for Savage Axis Rifles

The Savage Axis rifle has changed the way we look at modern-day rifles with its attractive look and high-end functionalities. While the Axis series sure inherited all the good features of the Savage weaponry, it also included certain modifications that set the series apart from any other gun. Here are all the essential aspects that you need to check on while purchasing a scope mount for Savage Axis:


The first thing to look out for in a scope mount is the material it is made of. The two most common mount building materials in the industry are aluminum and steel. The difference between the two is that aluminum is both strong and lightweight but steel is heavy and sturdy. Keep in mind that most hunters desire lightweight scope mounts more to reduce the overall weight of their guns. So, it is better to get the industry-standard aluminum mount.


Scope mounts are generally adjustable. This means that you can place your scope flexibly on them as per your preference. Some mounts come with 4 slots, some 8, and some even 16. The number of slots can vary, and the more slots the mount has, the better you can position your scope and other accessories. You can also change their position from time to time.

Rail type

There are two types of mounting rail bases available in the market: Picatinny and Weaver. You need to choose the one that fulfills all your requirements and also is compatible with the scope mount and scope. If you scope rings that go with Picatinny but decide to buy Weaver base instead, then the purchase wouldn’t be of any use to you.

Mount Type

There are different types of mounts available. The major two types are Fixed mounts and detachable mounts. Fixed mounts, as the name suggests, cannot be removed from the gun. While this means that the mount will stay affixed on your rifle and not move, it also implies that you cannot change your scope mount if the need arises.

On the other hand, a detachable mount can be removed and reinstalled on a gun. So, if you suddenly broke your mount but immediately need a new one, then you can replace it with a detachable one. These are easy and quick to install and can be used with several guns and not just one.


The quality of your mount is very important too. The reason is that it needs to stay strong even after handling several rounds of recoils and stress. You can’t have your mount fly away every time your gun recoils. So, look for good quality, sturdy mounts. You can also do deep research by checking out the reviews to know which mount is better in terms of durability and strength.


You obviously want to look at the cost while buying anything. The same goes for your mount base and rings as well. If you want a high-quality mount that lasts long, then you should try to invest more in the mount. On the other hand, there are mounts available in the market that do the exact same thing as the expensive ones at a much lower price.

So, you don’t want to spend too much on the functionalities that you could otherwise have had for a lesser price. Hence, to avoid overspending, you need to research and compare a couple of mounts to choose the best deal.


Savage Axis is a modern-age rifle with attractive ergonomics and features. It is very likely that you want an equally high-quality scope to match its excellence. Keep in mind that the scope wouldn’t be of any use if you don’t have a strong enough mount to hold it.

Hopefully, our list of the best scope mounts will help you choose the right scope. Also, you could use our buying guide for scope mounts as a reference while looking for mounts.